1st Edition

Encyclopedia of American Poetry: The Nineteenth Century

Edited By Eric L. Haralson Copyright 1998
    550 Pages
    by Routledge

    552 Pages
    by Routledge

    With contributions from over 100 scholars, the Encyclopedia of American Poetry: The Nineteenth Centry provides essays on the careers, works, and backgrounds of more than 100 nineteenth-century poets. It also provides entries on specialized categories of twentieth-century verse such as hymns, folk ballads, spirituals, Civil War songs, and Native American poetry. Besides presenting essential factual information, each entry amounts to an in-depth critical essay, and includes a bibliography that directs readers to other works by and about a particular poet.

    Henry Adams, Jane Remus  John qunicy Adams, Guy R. Woodall  Amos Bronson Alcott, Guy R. Woodall  Washington Allston, Lorin Stein  Joel Barlow, Anita M. Vickers  Ambrose Bierce, M.E. Grenander  Bejanmin Paul Blood, Lynda S. Boren  Manoah Bodman, Edward Halsey Foster  George Henry Boker, Lucy Rinehart  Augusta Cooper Bristol, Matthew Parr  Charles Timothy, Laura Barrett  Maria Gowen Brooks, Geofrilyn M. Walker  Henry Howard Brownell, Jonathan Veitch  William Cullen Bryant, Paul Bray  Josiah D. Canning, Christine A. Modley  Alice and Phoebe Cary, Jonathan Hall  Madison Cawein, Jane Gentry Vance  William Ellery Channing, Krista Walter  John Jay Chapman, Karen A. Weyler  Thomas Holley Chivers, Barbara Cantalupo  Thomas Cole, Joy S. Kasson  Philip Pendleton Cooke, Welford Dunaway Taylor  Rose Terry, Karen L. Kilcup  Christopher Pearse Cranch, Lisa Honaker Stephen Crane, Daniel Hoffman  Richard Henry Dana Sr., Doreen M. Hunter  Emily Dickinson, Judith Farr  Samuel Henry Dickson, David Aiken  Joseph Rodman Drake, Barbara Packer  Paul Laurence Dunbar, Shelly Eversley  Ralph Waldo Emerson, Paul Kane  Ernest Fenollosa, Joseph Donahue  Philip Freneau, Julie Norko  Margaret Fuller, Jeffrey Steele Hamlin Garland, Joseph B. McCullough  Richard Watson Gilder, Henry B. Wonham  Louise Imogen Guiney, Barbara Ryan  Fitz-Greene Halleck, Nicholas Birns  Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Melba Joyce Boyd  Francis Brett (Bret) Harte, Allene Cooper  Nathaniel Hawthorne, Patricia Crain  John Hay, Philip B. Eppard  Paul Hamilton Hayne, Rayburn S. Moore  Josiah Gilbert Holland, Edward Halsey Foster  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Thomas Wortham  George Moses Horton, Deshae E. Lott  Richard Hovey, Bruce Meyer  Julia Ward Howe, Wendy Dasler  William Dean Howells, Julie Bates Dock  William Reed Huntingdon, Janice McIntire-Straburg  Helen Hunt Jackson, Cheryl Walker  Sarah Orne Jewett, Gail C. Keating  Frances Anne Kemble, Mark P. Brodie and Kathleen Motoike  Sidney Lanier, Jane S. Gabin  Emma Lazarus, Cheri Louise Ross  James Mathewes Legare, Scott Romine  Charles Godfrey Leland, Kathryn B. McKee  George Cabot Lodge, Joe Pellegrino  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Gary Schanhorst  James Russell Lowell, Angus Fletcher  Maria White Lowell, Cheryl Walker  Edwin Markham, Paul J. Felazzo  Cornelius Mathews, Donald Yannella  Herman Melville, Robert C. Ryan  Adah Isaacs Menken, Dorsey Kleitz  Stuart Fitz-Randolph Merrill, Gerard DeFoe  Joaquin Miller (Cincinnatus Hiner), Benjamin S. Lawson  Harriet Monroe, Molly M. Munro  William Vaughn Moody, Kenneth M. Price  John Neal, Fritz Fleischmann  Nineteenth-Century Versions of American Indian Poetry, Matthew Parr  James Kirke Paulding, Lucy Rinehart  James Gates Percival, William Crisman  John James Piatt and Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt, Paula Bernat Bennett  John Pierpont, Nicholas Birns  Edward Coote Pinkney, Rayburn S. Moore  Edgar Allan Poe, Daniel Hoffman  Popular Poetry, Janet Gray  Alexander Posey, Daniel F. Littlefield Jr. Lizette Woodworth Reese, Maria Russo  John Rollin Ridge, James W. Parins  James Whitcomb Riley, Gerald Weales  Edwin Arlington Robinson, Alan Shucard  George Santayana, Scott Romine  Epes Sargent, Glenn M. Reed  Clinton Scollard, Joe Pellegrino  Lydia Huntley Sigourney, Patricia Crain  Edward Rowland Sill, Susan Johnston Graf  William Gilmore Simms, George C. Longest  Songs and Ballads, David H. Evans  Spirituals, Mason I. Lowance Jr.  Edmund Clarence Stedman, Henry B. Wonham  Trumbull Stickney, John Hollander  William Wetmore Story, Renee Tursi  John Banister Tabb, Kevin J. Hayes  Bayard Taylor, Dorsey Kleitz  Henry David Thoreau, Elizabeth Hall Witherell  Henry Timrod, David S. Sheilds  Frederick Ridgely Torrence, John Samonds  John Townsend Trowbridge, Michael R. Little  Frederick Goddard Tuckerman, Robert Regan  George Boyer Vashon, James C. Hall  Jones Very, Helen R. Deese  Edith Wharton, Jennie A. Kassanoff  James Monroe Whitfield, James C. Hall  Albery Allson Whitman, James Robert Payne  Sarah Helen Whitman, Barbara Ryan  Walt Whitman, Jerome Loving  John Greanleaf Whittier, Christopher Beach  Carlos Wilcox, James Hazen  Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Allison Giffen  Richard Henry Wilde, Edward L. Tucker  Nathaniel Parker Willis, Karen A. Weyler  Byron Forceythe Willson, Joseph Csicsila  Constance Fenimore Woolson, Caroline Gebhard


    Eric Haralson is Associate Professor at the Department of English, Stony Brook University, USA.

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    "This excellent Encyclopedia is brilliant in a way so many intellectual projects are not: it is readable... The scope of this book is truly amazing: it gives evidence not only of the tremendous explosion in scholarly 'recuperation' that has taken place in the past three decades, but also of the great effort of editing and compilation in these areas necessary to bring into being works such as this Encyclopedia...This creative and learned book is more than useful: it's stimulating." Reference & User Services Quarterly