1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing and Design Volume 31 - Natural Gas Liquids and Natural Gasoline to Offshore Process Piping: High Performance Alloys

Edited By John J. McKetta Jr Copyright 1990

    "Written by engineers for engineers (with over 150 International Editorial Advisory Board members),this highly lauded resource provides up-to-the-minute information on the chemical processes, methods, practices, products, and standards in the chemical, and related, industries. "

    "Natural Gas Liquids and Natural Gasoline, Warren E. White, Jr. Natural Gas Processing Hydrocarbon Separation, Mehra Process, Yuv R. Mehra Natural Gas Upgrading, Cyrogenics, Harvey L. Vines Negotiating, Robert D. Rutherford Net Present Value Calculation, Gordon W. Neal Nickel Alloys in Chemical Use, Charles M. Schillmoller Nickel and Cobalt Recovery from Lead Smelter Residues, David C. Kennedy, Albert P. Becker, III, and Anthony A. Worcester Nickel Steels, Use in Artic Service, Charles M. Schillmoller and Bruce D. Craig Nickel Supply-Demand Relationships, Peter G. Chamberlain Nitration, Ernest O. Ohsol Nitric Acid, Ernest O. Ohsol Nitriles, Aromatic, Morgan C. Sze Nitrobenzene and Nitrotoluene, Alfred A. Guenkel Nitrogen Generators, Calvin A. Ayres, Joseph M. Abrardo, and Lyn M. Himmelberger Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon Production from Air, P. G. Blakey and R. A. Mostello Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon (ultra pure), Robert DiNapoli and A. M. Sass Nitrogen Resistance of Fluid Catalytic Cracker Catalysts, Julius Scherzer and Dennis P. McArthur Nitrogen Supply-Demand Relationships, edited by John J. McKetta Nitrogen, Water Content at Low Temperatures, John D. Constance Nitroparaffins, Robert F. Purcell Noise from Flare Stacks, N. D. Narasimhan Nomography, Perry P. Dawson and John J. McKetta Nonlinear Equations, Solutions, Marijana Gjumbir and Zèarko Olujic Nuclear Energy, Dale Klein Nuclear Industry, Process and Economic Simulation, Ivan V. Klumpar, Akin A. Adewole, Richard A. Novak, and Lawrence B. Evans Nuclear Pressure Equipment, Welding of, M. R. Srinivasan Nuclear Waste Management, James A. Buckham, Alan S. Goldfarb, Lawrence T. Lakey, A. G. Croff, and T. H. Row Nuclear Waste Reprocessing, John J. McKetta Nylon Salts and Nylon Intermediates, I. K. Miller Octane Boosting, John J. Lipinski and Jack R. Wilcox Octane Catalysts, John S. Magee, Bruce R. Mitchell, and James W. Moore Octane Options, Joseph A. Weiszmann, James H. D'Auria, Frederick G. McWilliams, and Frederick M. Hibbs Odor Control, Jack D. Brady Offshore Process Piping, High Performance Alloys, Charles M. Schillmoller "


    JohnJ. McKettaJr

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