1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing and Design
Volume 46 - Pumps: Bypass to Reboilers

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ISBN 9780824724962
Published November 12, 1993 by CRC Press
552 Pages

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Book Description

"Written by engineers for engineers (with over 150 International Editorial Advisory Board members),this highly lauded resource provides up-to-the-minute information on the chemical processes, methods, practices, products, and standards in the chemical, and related, industries. "

Table of Contents

"Pumps, Bypass, Irving Taylor Pumps and Compressors, Efficiency Monitoring, Thomas A. Walton Pumps, Conversion Monograph, F. Caplan Pumps, Efficiency, S. Yedidiah Pumps, Flow Estimates, F. Caplan Pumps and Motors Cost, Armando B. Corripio and Lawrence B. Evans Pumps, Performance from Motor Data, V. Ganapathy Pumps, Plastic, Selection of, Edward A. Margus Pumps, Testing Pitfalls, S. Yedidiah Pumps, Unusual Problems, S. Yedidiah Purge Vessels, Selection, Dale J. Herron Purging, Blanketing and Transfer, Philip G. Blakey and Gary Orlando Purging Problems, Graphic Solutions, John D. Constance Purging Requirements Estimating, F. Caplan Quality Control, James M. Ramey Quality Improvement, Donald J. Brown Quality Management, Blanchard L. Pritchard, Jr. Quartz Crystal Supply-Demand Relationships, Joyce A. Ober Quenching Oils, Reclamation of, R. P. Patel, A. G. Telpande, and K. Ethirajulu Rare Earths, James B. Hedrick Rare Gas Separation and Purification, Philip G. Blakey Reaction Engineering, Jozsef M. Berty Reaction Kinetics, Heuristic Approach, J. B. Cropley Reaction Order Estimation, Sorab R. Vatcha Reactions, Runaway, David W. Smith Reactive Distillation, Ven Pinjala, J. L. DeGarmo, and Vivek N. Parulekar Reactor Conversion Efficiencies, Adam Zanker Reactors and Chemical Kinetics, Stanley M. Walas Reactors, Controlling and Optimizing, Béla G. Lipták Reactors, Cycle Optimizing, G. C. Shah Reactors, Fouling Reduction, Emerson C. Sanford and Roger P. Kirchen Reactors, Particle Size Calculation, Miguel Larocca Reactors, Recycle, Systematic Errors, J. B. Cropley Reactors, Three-Phase Slurry, R. V. Chaudhari and P. A. Ramachandran Reactors, Trickle-bed, K. M. Ng and C. F. Chu Reasoning in Design, Heuristics, L. T. Fan, M. M. Gharpuray, and Y. W. Huang Reboilers, James R. Fair "

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"High acclaim from worldwide authoritative journals . . .an ambitious work indeed. . .a valuable addition to many college and industrial libraries. . . . . .highly recommend[ed]. . .to any student of the chemical process industries. . .provides a valuable starting point for any specific design-related project. "
---American Scientist
". . .a useful and valuable addition to all technical, professional, and university library collections. "
---IEEE Journal
". . .A wealth of information is presented on a number of processes, each keyword is followed by extensive bibliographies, unit operations are illustrated by practical problems, and case studies are presented of design exercises. "
---Chemistry & Industry
"A very attractive series of volumes. "
---The Cost Engineer