1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology Volume 2 - AN/FSQ-7 Computer to Bivalent Programming by Implicit Enumeration

By Jack Belzer Copyright 1975

    "This comprehensive reference work provides immediate, fingertip access to state-of-the-art technology in nearly 700 self-contained articles written by over 900 international authorities. Each article in the Encyclopedia features current developments and trends in computers, software, vendors, and applications...extensive bibliographies of leading figures in the field, such as Samuel Alexander, John von Neumann, and Norbert Wiener...and in-depth analysis of future directions."

    "AN/FSQ-7 Computer, Edward Wenzel Analog-Digital Conversion, Barbara Stephenson Analog Signals and Analog Data Processing, Walter J. Karplus Analysis of Variance, H. Ginsburg And-Or-Not-Nand-Nor Logic, Marlin H. Mickle APL Terminal System, Harry Katzan, Jr. Aproximation Methods, George D. Byrne Argonne National Laboratory, M.K. Butler Arithmetic Operations, Charles E. Donaghey, Jr. ARPA Network, Howard Frank Arrays, George F. Badger, Jr. Artificial Intelligence, B. Chandrasekaran and M.C. Yovits Artificial Languages, Jean E. Sammet and R. Tabory ASCII Code, Sumner E. Mendelson Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Herbert S. Bright Associative Memories and Processors: A Description and Appraisal, Jack Minker Astronomy, Frank Bartko Atomic Energy Commission (Energy Research and Development Administration), Sidney Fernbach Audition, Lawrence F. Feth Auerbach Corporations, Milton Strassberg Autocorrelation, J. R. Zelonka Automata Theory, Michael A. Arbib Automatic Indexing: Progress and Prospects, Betrand C. Landry and James E. Rush Automatically Programmed Tools - Numerically Controlled Machine Tools, J.L. Goodrich and Robert D. Thrush Automation, John M. Evans, Jr. Babbage, Charles, B. Sendov Bivalent Programming by Implicit Enumeration, Egon Balas "


    Belzer\, Jack