1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Government and Politics 2-volume set

    1408 Pages
    by Routledge

    This is a brand-new edition of the critically acclaimed Encyclopedia of Government and Politics which has been fully revised and updated to provide a systematic account of politics and political studies at the beginning of the new millennium. Providing a penetrating analysis of government and politics at a global, regional and nation-state level, the Encyclopedia assesses both traditional and contemporary approaches, and projects the paths of future research. The articles provide a degree of critical analysis far beyond a simple descriptive outline of the subject. Internationally respected contributors have been carefully selected to present contending approaches to related topics, both to clarify the political implications of the various methodologies and to enrich the portrayal of political life. With its expanded, revised and updated coverage, Encyclopedia of Government and Politics is more than ever an indispensable tool for students, teachers, professional analysts and policy-makers.

    Introduction; Conceptions of the State; Conceptions of Power; Conceptions of Law; Conceptions of Justice; Conceptions of Human Nature; Conceptions of Legitimacy; Postmodernism and the Repudiation of Grand Theory Liberalism; Conservatism and Neo-Liberalism; Marxism and Socialism; Fascism; Fundamentalism; Liberal Democracies; Communist and Post-Communist Systems; Authoritarian Regimes; Military Dictatorships; Islamic States; Executives; Legislatures; Courts; Bureaucracies; Intergovernmental Relations; Personality and Politics; Interest Groups and Non-Governmental Organizations; Political Parties; Campaigns, Elections and Electoral Systems; Political Participation and Voting Behaviour; Political Socialization; Political Communication; Recruitment of Elites; Political Cultures; Religion and Politics; Race and Politics; Class and Politics; Ethnicity and Politics; Identity Politics; Language and Politics; Gender and Politics; Social Movements; Development Theories of Policymaking; Economic Policy; Education and Training Policies; Environmental Policies; Equity Policy; Health Policy; Immigration Policy; National Security; Ethnic Policy; Science and Technology Policy; Urban Policy; Social Welfare Policy; Budgetary Processes; Privatization and Public-Private Partnerships; International Relations Theory; International Law; International Institutions; The United Nations; The International Court of Justice and Other International Tribunals; The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund; Transnational Organizations and Global Civil Society; Conflict Management; Diplomacy; Military Alliances; War; Revolution; Terrorism; Global Politics After the Cold War; Globalization; Democratization; Nationalism; European Integration; The Middle East; Africa; Asia; Latin America; Eastern Europe; Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States; Arms Control and Disarmament; The Politics of Limited Resources and North/South Relations; The Politics of International Trade; The Politics of Cyberspace; AIDS Policy; Refugees and the Politics of Resettlement; Genocide; Human Rights


    Hawkesworth, Mary; Kogan, Maurice