Encyclopedia of Microcomputers : Volume 11 - Management Studies to Multiprocessing and Multitasking book cover
1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Microcomputers
Volume 11 - Management Studies to Multiprocessing and Multitasking

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ISBN 9780824727093
Published November 25, 1992 by CRC Press
408 Pages

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Book Description

"The Encyclopedia of Microcomputers serves as the ideal companion reference to the popular Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology. Now in its 10th year of publication, this timely reference work details the broad spectrum of microcomputer technology, including microcomputer history; explains and illustrates the use of microcomputers throughout academe, business, government, and society in general; and assesses the future impact of this rapidly changing technology."

Table of Contents

"Management Studies, Yogendra P. Dubey Maps and Mapping---see Computer Graphics: Maps and Mapping, Volume 3, pages 151-170 Marketing Automation---see Information Technology in Marketing, Volume 9, pages 67-83 Materials Handling in the Automated Factory---see Factory Automation, Materials Handling in, Volume 7, pages 101-113 Medical Informatics, Bruce I. Blum Medical Information Systems---see Information Systems, Medical, Volume 9, pages 39-65 Medical Office Management Systems: More than Billing, John M. Long Medicine, Artificial Intelligence in, Michio Yoshida and Toshiyuki Furukawa Memory Allocation, Antonio Fernandes Memory Overlays, Richard Grehan Menu-Driven Systems, Eric S. Lee and Darrell R. Raymond Message Handling Systems---see Electronic Mail Message Handling System X.400, Volume 6, pages 33-70 Microcomputer-Aided Maintenance Management---see Evolution of Computerized Maintenance Management, Volume 7, pages 1-20 Microcomputer Software Protection, Amir Herzberg Microcomputers in Civil Engineering---see Civil Engineering, Microcomputers in, Volume 2, pages 266-291 Micrgraphics Technology, Yogendra P. Dubey Microprocessor Circuits---see Circuits, Microprocessor, Volume 2, pages 250-265 Microprocessors, Architecture of---see Architecture of Microprocessors, Volume 1, pages 245-282 Microprogramming---see Control Function: Microprogramming, Volume 4, pages 149-178 Microsoft Word---see Evaluation of Software: Microsoft Word Version 4.0, Volume 6, pages 407-414 The Minimal Description Length Principle, Jorma Rissanen Minitab Inc., Elisabeth Edmonston Clark Modelling, System Level, Paul J. Drongowski Models and Languages for Abstract Objects, Gunter Saake and Ralf Jungclaus Models for Human-Computer Interaction, Michael B. Spring, Wesley Jamison, Katherine T. Fithen, Patricia M. Thomas, and Roberta A. Pavol Molecular Modeling---see Enhanced Graphics: Molecular Modeling, Volume 6, pages 238-273 Molecular Representation: Substructure Systems and Structural Retrieval Systems, Roger Attias Monitors---see Computer Output Devices, Volume 3, pages 345-363 Motion of Robot Mechanisms: Robot Kinematics, Jadran Lenarcic Motorola Inc., Robert A. King and Laura Patterson MSDOS---see DOS, Volume 5, pages 151-240 Multimedia Electronic Mail, Nathaniel S. Borenstein Multimedia Information Systems, A. Desai Narasimhalu Multimedia Information Systems: Standards for CD-ROM Retrieval, Blaine Victor Morrow Multipoint Videoconferencing, Basil R. Halhed Multiprocessing and Multitasking, Michel Dubois "

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