Encyclopedia of Supply Chain Management - Two Volume Set (Print)  book cover
1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Supply Chain Management - Two Volume Set (Print)

Edited By

James B. Ayers

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ISBN 9781439861486
Published December 21, 2011 by CRC Press
1528 Pages

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Book Description

With coverage that touches on all aspects of supply chain management (SCM) the Encyclopedia of Supply Chain Management offers a comprehensive overview of fundamental topics, recent advances, and future directions. Comprised of more than 300 entries written by over 30 experts in the field, it provides authoritative insight on the tools available for implementing sustainable improvements to your supply chain.

Illustrating essential concepts with case studies and roadmaps, it presents industry best practices and time-saving tools to help you maximize supply chain efforts—including collaborative relationship, project process, and strategy templates. This authoritative SCM reference examines project management approaches to supply chain change, globalization of supply chains, the drivers of supply chain change, retail supply chains, the use of modeling to improve SCM, as well as the impact of the Lean and Six Sigma movements on contemporary SCM.

The encyclopedia’s comprehensive coverage facilitates the well-rounded understanding required to deliver value and quality to stakeholders in the most cost-efficient manner. It will arm you with the methods to identify needed change, the tools to implement them, as well as the confidence needed to become an effective change agent.

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Table of Contents

Topics Covered Include:

Activity System Methodology
Advanced Planning and Scheduling Overview
Balancing Supply and Demand
The Role of Benchmarking
Bicycle Manufacturer's Internet Strategy: Case Study
Buffer Management: Traditional and Simplified Theory of Constraints
TOC Approach
Business Practice and Performance
Buyer Metrics for Performance Improvements: Case Study
Capability Assessment
Cash Flow and Performance Measures
Cause and Vision
Change Management
Closed Loop Supply Chains
Collaboration in Product Design
Collaboration in Strategic Sourcing
Collaboration with Partners in Design and Manufacturing
Collaborative Relationships Templates
Communications Management
Competitive Advantage
Compliance Program
Constraints Management/Synchronization
Container Security
Continuous Improvement Imperative
Corrupt Practices Act
Cost Management
Cost Reduction
Cost Visibility
Costing: Activity-Based by Retail Product
CPFR Collaboration Model
Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategy
CTP/ATP Planning: Validation
Customer Order Process Improvement Action Plans
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Service Moves to Proactive Matched Care
Customer Value Assessment
Demand Management
Demand-Driven Supply Chain
Design Principles for Remanufacturing
Design: Case Study
Dimensions of the Supply Chain Effort
Discovery-Driven Planning
Disposition Decisions for Recycled Products/Components
Distributor's Role: Case Study
Drivers of Change
Emerging Partnership Model
Enablers of Change
Environmental Legislation
Environmental Management and the Closed-Loop Supply Chain
Evolution of Supply Chain Management
Export Compliance
Extended Product Design
Failed Supply Chain Initiative: Case Study
FDA/EPA Regulation
FDA: Record Keeping
Financial Analysis in Retailing
Financial Performance Basics
Flexibility Sufficiency
Flow versus Batch
Grading Recycled Products/Components
Hardware Design Principles for Remanufacturing
Hazardous Materials
Hospital Reverse Supply Chain Case Study
Human Resources Management
Implementation: Manufacturing Plant Case Study
Importation and Sourcing
International Commercial Terms
Information Technology as the Engine for Change
Information Technology Project
Innovation: Retail Change Driver
Integration Management
Inventory Management
IT Best Practice Tools
JIT and Pull Systems
Keiretsu Network Roles for Technology
Lean Supply Chain Consolidation Centers: Case Study
Lean System Improvement Methodology
Lean: Strengths and Limitations
Levels of Supply Chain Maturity
Linked Processes for Engineering and Manufacturing
Little's Law for Material Flow
Logistics Advanced Levels of Maturity
Logistics Improvement Case Study
Logistics Maturity at Levels 4 and 5
Logistics Models for Levels of Supply Chain Maturity
Logistics Moves to Virtual Systems
Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Operations: Case Study
Market Environments
Market for Remanufactured Products
Market Mediation Costs
Marketing, Sales, Customer Service Role Changes
Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)
Maturity Levels for Supply Chain Evolution
Maturity Models
Merchandise Budgeting: Financial Success in Retailing
Merging Improvement Disciplines into SCM
Metrics: Retail Supply Chains
Models for Purchasing, Procurement, and Strategic Sourcing
Motion Picture Industry Recycling Case Study
MTA, MTS, MTO Issues
Multi-Company Collaboration
Multiple Supply Chains
Operations-Centric Enable Processes
Order Processing
Organization Roadblocks: Project Failure Root Cause
Partnership Types
Partnership Templates
Plan Communications
Performance Measures and Structure
Planning and Control Systems
Planning Supply Chain Execution Overview
Port Security Program
Pricing is a Special Problem
Problem Solving Methodology
Process Documentation
Process Evaluation
Process Improvement Implementation
Process Links: Case Study
Process Management Scope
Process Standard Application
Process Standards and Reference Models
Process-Centered Management
Processes and Systems Templates
Procurement Management
Product Design for Remanufacturing
Product Life Cycles
Product Take-Back and Recovery Practices
Product Tracking: Retail Supply Chains
Project and Process Innovation
Project Management
Project Process Template
Projects Inputs and Outputs
Purchasing/Sourcing Transition from Tactical to Strategic
Quality Control Tools
Quality Function Deployment
Quality Management
Quality Standards
Retail Activity Systems and Process Definition
Retail and Comparative Advantage
Retail Businesses
Retail Collaboration among Partners
Retail Continuous Improvement Cycles
Retail Decision Makers
Retail Demand-Driven Tools and Techniques
Retail Performance
Retail Return Loops
Retail Supply Chain
Reverse Logistics Network
Risk Management
Root Cause for Cost
S&OP Models
Scope Management
SCOR Model Methodology
Security and Compliance Implementation
Security: Legislation, Acronyms, and Glossary
Six Sigma
Software Implementation for the Multi-company Environment
Sourcing Tactics Based on Strategic Sourcing Matrix
Spheres (Businesses within a Business)
Stage and Gate Process
Strategic Sourcing Matrix Model
Strategy Templates
Supplier Partnering Process
Supplier Relationship Management
Supplier Relationships
Supply Chain as an Umbrella Process
Supply Chain Manager’s Role
Sustainable Improvement Roadmap: Case Study
Sustaining Performance
Teams and Their Tasks
Technology and Security
Technology Applications
Technology Risk Management
Terrorism Impact
Theory of Constraints
Time Management
Top Management Abrogation
Top Management Involvement
Total Cost of Ownership
Total Quality Management
Trading Partner Compliance and Security
Transfer Pricing
Ultimate Consignee
Using ATP and CTP as Distinguishing Network Features
Value Creation for Customers
Variance and Dependent Events
Virtual Networks and Supplier Relationship Management
Wholesale Grocer Supply Chain Streamlining: Case Study

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About the Editor:

James B. Ayers is a principal with CGR Management Consultants in Los Angeles, California USA. (www.ayers-consulting.com). He consults clients of all sizes across the manufacturing, distribution, and service industries on strategy development, supply chain process, organization design, profit improvement, and new product development. Mr. Ayers has authored, co-authored, or edited a number of books and articles on supply chain management, including the Handbook of Supply Chain Management first and second editions, Supply Chain Project Management first and second editions, Making Supply Chain Management Work: Design, Implementation, Partnerships, Technology, and Profits, and Retail Supply Chain Management.

Jim holds a BS with distinction from the U.S. Naval Academy and MBA and MS Industrial Engineering degrees from Stanford University. As a naval officer, he served on submarines. Jim is a member of the Project Management Institute and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. He is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) by the Institute of Management Consultants.