1st Edition

Encyclopedia of the History of Arabic Science Volume 3 Technology, Alchemy and Life Sciences

By Roshdi Rashed, Régis Morelon Copyright 2004
    364 Pages
    by Routledge

    Ever since the history of science emerged as a discipline at the heart of the Age of Enlightenment in the eighteenth century, Arabic science or at least certain sectors of it - have constantly been cited by the philosophers and historians of science. In this book the editors have tried to restore to Arabic science its true aspect and place by emphasizing the analysis of ancient sources and by devoting some chapters to its extensions in Latin and Hebrew. The book as a whole covers the history of Arabic science over about seven centuries.

    VOLUME 1: Preface 1 General survey of Arabic astronomy 2 Eastern Arabic astronomy between the eighth and the eleventh centuries 3 Arabic planetary theories after the eleventh century AD 4 Astronomy and Islamic society: Qibla, gnomonics and timekeeping 5 Mathematical geography 6 Arabic nautical science 7 The development of Arabic science in Andalusia 8 The heritage of Arabic science in Hebrew 9 The influence of Arabic astronomy in the medieval West. VOLUME 2: 10 Numeration and arithmetic 11 Algebra 12 Combinatorial analysis, numerical analysis, Diophantine analysis and number theory 13 Infinitesimal determinations, quadrature of lunules and isoperimetric problems 14 Geometry 15 Trigonometry 16 The influence of Arabic mathematics in the medieval West 17 Musical science 18 Statics 19 Geometrical optics 20 The emergence of physiological optics 21 The Western reception of Arabic optics. VOLUME 3:22 Engineering 23 Geography 24 Botany and agriculture 25 Arabic alchemy 26 The reception of Arabic alchemy in the West 27 Medicine 28 The influence of Arabic medicine in the medieval West 29 The scientific institutions in the medieval Near East 30 Classifications of the sciences, Postface: approaches to the history of Arabic science


    Edited by Roshdi Rashed in collaboration with REGIS MORELON