Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders : Clinical Lab Testing Manual, Fourth Edition book cover
4th Edition

Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders
Clinical Lab Testing Manual, Fourth Edition

ISBN 9781420079326
Published June 17, 2009 by CRC Press
639 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Bottom Line Information to Effectively Diagnose Disorders

The diagnosis, management, and clinical testing associated with old, traditional, and new endocrine disorders have seen numerous advances during the past 10 years since the publication of the previous edition of this bestselling resource. Updating its classic predecessor in content and format, Endocrine and Metabolic Testing Manual, Fourth Edition provides an authoritative and comprehensive resource on the clinical, diagnostic, and laboratory testing for endocrine disorders.

Presents Relevant ICD-9 Codes for All Procedures and Tests

Written by two widely respected authorities with more than 60 years of combined experience in diagnostic endocrinology, this medical guide is organized by endocrine organ system into 12 chapters. All tests within each chapter provide accurate, brief, but adequate, information regarding indications for the test, the procedure for performing the test, instructions for how to interpret test results, suggestions for further reading, and useful ICD-9 diagnosis codes. The book is laden with tables, making the information easy to find and use.

Enhanced Features of the Fourth Edition:

  • Expanded Coverage: Includes most endocrine and metabolic disorders and the appropriate testing associated with their diagnoses
  • Improved Organization: Uses a more standardized format for easier use
  • Sample Calculations: Assists in calculating complex formulas with ease and accuracy
  • Highly Informative Tables: Summarizes critical information in a reader-friendly format

With detailed instruction on how to perform and interpret clinical test procedures, this practical reference is an essential resource for endocrinologists and pathologists. Newly designed and reformatted, the new edition enables quick access to complete and authoritative information about the diagnosis, screening, and management of traditional and emerging endocrine disorders.

Table of Contents

Thyroid Gland Testing

Thyroid Hormone Reserve

Thyroid Hormone Excess

Thyroid Malignancies

Pituitary Gland Testing

Corticotroph (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone) Reserve

Corticotroph (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone) Excess

Somatotroph (Growth Hormone) Reserve 65

Somatotroph (Growth Hormone) Excess

Gonadotroph Reserve

Gonadotroph Excess

Thyrotropin (Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone) Reserve

Thyrotropin (Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone) Excess

Prolactotroph (Prolactin) Reserve

Prolactotroph (Prolactin) Excess

Posterior Pituitary Arginine Vasopressin Reserve

Posterior Pituitary (Arginine Vasopressin) Excess

Detection of the Leakage of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)

in Pituitary Disease or after Transsphenoidal Surgery

Pancreas Gland Testing (Hypoglycemia and Diabetes)

Tests for Nonfasting or Random Hypoglycemia and Fasting Hypoglycemia

Tests for Fasting Hypoglycemia in Adult Patients

Tests for Hypoglycemia in Pediatric Patients

Insulin Reserve

Diabetes Mellitus: Diagnosis and Control of Hyperglycemia

Criteria for Identification of Insulin Resistance or Early Diabetes Mellitus

Risk Assessment for Complications of Diabetes Mellitus

Nonlipid Markers of Cardiovascular Disease

Lipid Markers of Cardiovascular Disease

Apolipoprotein (ApoB, ApoC, ApoE, and Lp(a)) Testing

in Disorders of Lipid Metabolism

Tests for Complications of Hyperglycemia

Retinopathy of Diabetes Mellitus

Nephropathy of Diabetes Mellitus (DM)

Neuropathy of Diabetes Mellitus

Ketoacidopathy of Diabetes Mellitus

Hepatopathy as a Complication of Diabetes Mellitus

Adrenal Gland

Glucocorticoid Reserve

Glucocorticoid Excess in Cushing’s Syndrome

Determining the Etiology of Cushing’s Syndrome

Mineralocorticoid Reserve

Mineralocorticoid Excess

Catecholamine Excess (Pheochromocytoma)

Virilizing Gonadal Steroids of Adrenal Origin in Females

Bone and Parathyroid Glands

Assessment of the Axial Skeleton (Spine and Hip)

Bone Turnover Assessment

Calcium Metabolism Assessment

Parathyroid Adenoma Localization

Discriminating Between Osteoporosis and Osteomalacia

Male Reproductive Organ and Sexual Differentiation Testing


Male Infertility

Neoplasms of the Male Reproductive Tract

Sex Differentiation

Female Reproductive Organ Testing

Ovaries, Uterus, and Placenta 397

Female Infertility, the Menopause Transition, and the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


Female Androgens

Neoplasms of the Female Reproductive Tract

Gastroenteropancreatic (Noninsulinoma) Endocrine Tumors and Endocrine Tissue Tumor Markers


Carcinoid Tumors

Other Hormone-Producing Gastrointestinal Tumors

Gastroenteropancreatic Tumor Imaging

Tumor Markers Secreted from Endocrine Tissue

Tests for Nutritional Status

Body Composition Analysis and Nutritional Assessment

Nutritional Status as Marked by Levels of Vitamins,

Minerals, and Other Nutrients

Diagnosis of Eating Disorders and Nutrition-Related Diseases

Emerging or Historical Endocrine and Metabolic Tests with Potential Clinical Utility

Tests for Thyroid Disorders

Tests for Pituitary Tumors

Tests for Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia

Tests for Markers of Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Tests for Hyperglycemic Complications of Diabetes Mellitus

Tests for Determining Adrenal Status

Test for Bone Density in the Peripheral Skeleton

Male Reproductive System Test

Female Reproductive System Tests

Endocrine Tumor Test

Appendix 1: Questionnaires

Appendix 2: Specimen Collection Protocols

SCP-1: Urine Sample Collection: Patient Instructions

SCP-2: Saliva Sample Collection: Patient Instructions

SCP-3: Semen Sample Collection: Patient Instructions

SCP-4: Blood Sample Collection Protocol: Growth Hormone (GH) Testing

SCP-5: Blood Sample Collection Protocol: Bilateral Inferior Petrosal Sinus Sampling

SCP-6: Blood Sample Collection Protocol: Measurement

of Potassium [K+] in Nonhemolyzed Blood

SCP-7: Blood Sample Collection Protocol and Report Form: Adrenal Vein Sampling

SCP-8: Blood Sample Collection Protocol: Selective Venous Sampling

for Localization of Hyperfunctioning Parathyroid Glands

SCP-9: Blood Sample Collection Protocol: Measurement of Testosterone in Blood

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Dr. Robert F. Dons, Endocrinology Nuclear Medicine Associates, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Dr. Frank H. Wians, Jr., University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA


"Uniformly and remarkable scholarly for a two author treatise of this magnitude there are no weak sections or entries . . . This book should be on the reference shelves of every endocrinologist who uses clinical laboratory services . . . Overall Grading: Outstanding." – Lynn R. Witherspoon, Department of Radiology, Section of Nuclear Medicine and System Vice President and Chief Medical Information Officer, Ochsner Medical System, in LABMEDICINE, September 2009, Vol. 40, No. 9

"A compendium of laboratory tests used in the diagnosis of endocrine and metabolic disorders in childhood and adult age. Provides much general information for practitioners…."
—Zvi Laron, in Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews, Volume 7, No. 2, December 2009