Endophytes of the Tropics : Diversity, Ubiquity and Applications book cover
1st Edition

Endophytes of the Tropics
Diversity, Ubiquity and Applications

ISBN 9780367508876
Published July 27, 2020 by CRC Press
126 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Endophytes of the Tropics: Diversity, Ubiquity and Applications® is a presentation of consolidated information on endophytes from the tropical region. It provides a glimpse of the various species of endophytes in the tropics, their host plants, their applications in the various field, and some of the challenges in endophytic research. In short, this book presents an overview of and the future of endophyte research in the tropics.

The book offers comprehensive coverage of the most essential topics, including:

  • Diversity of endophytes in the tropics
  • Beneficial application of tropical endophytes or their derivatives
  • Highlights on some valuable endophytic species from the tropics
  • Some commercialized products based on tropical endophytes
  • Challenges in researching endophytes
  • Remedial strategies to advance research on tropical endophytes

This books stands apart from others as it highlights on endophytes of the tropical regions, associating the uniqueness of tropical endophytes with the rich plant diversity and ethnobotanical history. There is therefore greater possibility that novel metabolites can be isolated from the endophytes, which can be explored and harnessed for the benefit of mankind.

Table of Contents


Foreword ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgment xiii

Author xv

Introduction xvii

1 Endophytes in the Tropics 1

1.1 Diversity and Ubiquity 1

1.2 Endophytes and Their Tropical Host Plants 4

1.3 Factors Driving Endophyte Communities in the Tropics 14

1.4 Spread of Tropical Endophytes and Their Endophyte-Host

Plant Association 15

1.5 Endophyte Research in the Tropics 18

2 Applications of Endophytes from the Tropics 21

2.1 Introduction 21

2.2 Tropical Endophytes for Agriculture 22

2.3 Tropical Endophytes for Biomedicine and Biosynthesis

of Valuable Compounds 28

2.3.1 Antimicrobial Compounds 28

2.3.2 Anticancer Compounds 30

2.3.3 Functional Polysaccharides 36

2.3.4 Other Valuable Compounds/Metabolites 36

2.3.5 Biotransformation of Valuable Compounds 39

2.3.6 Biosynthesis of Nanoparticles by Tropical

Endophytes 42

2.4 Tropical Endophytes for Industrial Use 43

2.4.1 Enzymes from Tropical Endophytes 43

2.4.2 Pigments (or Colorants) from Tropical Endophytes 45

2.5 Tropical Endophytes for Bioenergy and Biocatalysis 48

2.6 Tropical Endophytes for Bioremediation 49

2.6.1 Metal Bioremediation 49

2.6.2 Hydrocarbon Bioremediation 54

2.6.3 Other Xenobiotic Pollutants 55

3 Valuable Endophytic Species from the Tropics 57

3.1 Endophytic Actinobacteria 57

3.2 Diaporthe and Phomopsis Species 58

3.3 Lasiodiplodia Species 59

3.4 Muscodor Species 60

3.5 Trichoderma Species 60

3.6 Xylaria Species 61

4 Commercialization of Endophytes from the Tropics 63

4.1 Introduction 63

5 Challenges in Endophytic Research in the Tropics 65

5.1 Challenges and Limitations 65

5.2 Remedial Strategies to Challenges 67

6 Conclusions 71

References 73

Index 105

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Adeline Su Yien Ting holds a PhD in plant

pathology from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Her work highlighted the significant value of

endophytes as biocontrol agents to suppress

Fusarium wilt development in banana plants.

Upon graduation, she continued her research

on endophytes, diversifying into expounding

the potential of endophytes in many areas; for

metabolite production, biofungicide application,

bioremediation treatment, and biosynthesis

of metal-nanoparticles. She leads her

applied microbiology research team, and they

pursue this interest together. In recent years,

she has blended the omics technologies, physical approaches, and instrumentation

techniques, such as metagenomics, next-generation sequencing, electron

microscopy, Fourier-transformed infrared microscopy, into her research.

Adeline is now with Monash University Malaysia, and is the head of the

discipline (Biological Science). She has been awarded 12 external grants, published

over 50 journal articles, 10 invited book chapters, and more than 60

conference papers. She has hosted international interns from the RISE-DAAD

program and from SupBiotech Paris. The numerous awards conferred have

recognized her excellent research work. This includes the prestigious National

Outstanding Researcher Award (Biological Science) (2018), Gold Medal for the

International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) (2018),

ProVice Chancellor Award (Research Excellence) for Postgraduate Research

Supervision (2019), and ProVice Chancellor Award (Research Excellence) for

Early Career Researcher (2013).