Energy Revolution and Chemical Research : Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Energy Science and Chemical Engineering (ICESCE 2022), Zhangjiajie, China, 22–24 April 2022 book cover
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Energy Revolution and Chemical Research
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Energy Science and Chemical Engineering (ICESCE 2022), Zhangjiajie, China, 22–24 April 2022

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Book Description

The primary goal of the book is to promote research and developmental activities in energy, power technology and chemical technology. Besides, it aims to promote scientific information interchange between scholars from top universities, business associations, research centers and high-tech enterprises working all around the world.

The conference conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on relevant topics such as energy engineering and chemical engineering, aiming to provide an academic and technical communication platform for scholars and engineers engaged in scientific research and engineering practice in the field of energy materials, energy equipment and electrochemistry. By sharing the research status of scientific research achievements and cutting-edge technologies, it helps scholars and engineers all over the world comprehend the academic development trends and broaden research ideas. So as to strengthen international academic research, academic topics exchange and discussion, and promote the industrialization cooperation of academic achievements.

Table of Contents

Committee members
1. Energy development and utilization and green environmental protection and energy saving
Research on energy-saving technologies and countermeasures for public buildings Dexia Kong & Jun Liang
Energy consumption and carbon emission study of heat pumps with different working fluids for residential buildings heating Yuan Zhao, Ke Sun, Chenghao Gao, Dabiao Wang, Chen Liu, Ruirui Zhao & Baomin Dai
Research on the equilibrium of carbon trading income under the “source-load” scenario incorporated into the aggregator Ren Qiang, Zhiruo Meng, Qinglin Yuan, Linlin Yuan, Xiying Gao, Xinyi Lu & Gangjun Gong
Experimental research on the effects of different aquatic plants and their combinations on the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus in polluted water in the Poyang Lake area  JiaWang, Minghao Mo, Xiulong Chen, Qing Li & Lingyun Wang
Research on the application of interception engineering in the treatment of blue algae in South Taihu Lake Yaolan Zhang & Yuyu Ji
Research on evaluation of green energy transformation in China  Xinli Xiao & Junshu Feng
Mathematical modeling and capacity configuration of heating system in high altitude area  Meixiu Ma, Wenzhuo Yao, Gaoqun Zhang, Bo Qu, Wenqiang Zhao, Linhai Cai, Wei Kang & Guobin Lei
Study on power grid maintenance and operation cost based on combined weight TOPSIS model  Li Huang, Zebang Yu, Lijian Zheng, Shaohong Lin, Jing Yu & Shaojun Jin
Analysis of runoff characteristics of non-point source pollutants of different land use types in Yinma River Basin Chun Zhe Li & Mei Qing Fan
Analysis and discussion of “zero discharge” technology for high saline wastewater Zhan Liu, Na Li, Mei-fang Yan, Yu-hua Gao & Hai-hua Li
Research on the implementation path of building a green and low-carbon port Zhongfei Kang, Wei Du & Teng Tian
A brief review of thermal management technologies for new energy vehicles Jiansheng Guo, Liang Qi & Jiao Suo
Simulation study on minimum spatial relation of electric field for sensor size Yudan Wang, Li Zhang, Guo Zhao & Haoran Song
Analysis and research on the influencing factors and influencing mechanism of environmental protection facilities in power transmission and transformation project Xiaoyan Yu, Min Yu, Xiaoyong Yang & Fuyan Liu
Research on the prediction of power energy consumption of campus buildings with ARMA model X.X. Hong & W.Y. Wu
Asteroid mining predictions based on logit model Yudan Guo, Meixi Lin & Maolin Cheng
Shale gas development area optimization model based on order relation – TOPSIS method Haipeng Gu, Tie Yan, Yuan Yuan, Xiaowei Li, Shihui Sun & Yang Cao
Design of clearing mechanism for renewable energy in spot market Fan Zhang & Zechen Wu
A rapid calculation method of the cost of temporary power supply project based on modular technology: A case study of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games Yanfeng Guo
Analysis of the distribution characteristics of audible noise of UHV AC transmission lines Li Zhang, Yudan Wang, Guo Zhao & Shulin Li
Research on energy efficiency evaluation model in typical energy system scenario Liang Song, Xiaolong Xu, Xiaoguang Tang, Tong Liu, Peng Gao, Lin Liu & Hao Liu
Analysis and countermeasures of safety management of crude oil transfer in Ningbo Port Majing Lan & Pan Shao
Cost assessment of clean energy in a country in Northeast Asia based on LOCE model Jing Chen
Research and practice of tank risk management based on tank overhaul data statistics Xixiang Zhang, Yufeng Yang,Wuxi Bi, Qiang Zhang & Shuo Liu
Research on the development of environmental energy efficiency in Liaoning province under the goal of carbon neutralization Gao Huan & Sun Bo
Practice of underbalanced drilling technology in oilfield Chunlai Chang, Jielei Cui,Wen Li, Yubo Sun, Fu Tao, Huijun Zhang, Graciela Daniels & Shiela Kitchen
Hydrocarbon accumulation environment and geological resource potential in jizhong depression Yuqiong Li, Yuxi Yang, Fengming Zhang, TingWang,Wenhui Cai, Siqi He, Graciela Daniels & Qiang Qin
Research on environmental impact assessment and ecological protection in hydropower planning Dazhuang Wang, Hengyu Chen & Na Cao
Evaluation of national rainwater development and utilization potential based on Geoclimatic zoning Ying Wang, Junde Wang, Zhenjuan Su & Li Qin
Research on calculation method of construction management cost based on improved technique for order preference by similarity to an ideal solution Min Yin, Hui He & Tianrui Fang
Development of an egg incubator with PID closed-loop control Binhao Luo & Jiyi Liang
Annual publication trend and reference co-citation analyses of hydrogen safety-related publications Wenwen Duan, Shuo Wang & Ruichao Wei
Investigations and considerations of the current energy development in Zhejiang province Kang Zhang, Gaoyan Han, Wei Wang, Lijian Wang, Liwei Ding & Hongkun Lv
Variation characteristics of meteorological drought in Taihu Lake Basin from 1981 to 2016 Shouwei Shang, Xiting Li, Yintang Wang, Tingting Cui, Leizhi Wang & Jiandong Chen
Evaluation index system and evaluation method for multi-energy systems Long Zhao, Donglei Sun, Dong Liu, Bingke Shi, Liang Feng & Rui Liu
Application of horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland in initial rainwater treatment Yucheng Ding, Wei Ding, Yuechen Wei & Yang Wang
Numerical analysis of water environment improvement of river and lake based on two-dimensional flow dynamics and numerical simulation Yanfen Yu, Pingping Mao, Lili Li, Fuqing Bai, Yishan Chen, Feng Xie, Le Yang & Mei Chen
2. Research on energy chemical properties and material structure
Study on detoxification property of H2O2 decontaminants against GD under subzero environment Shaohua Wei, Hongpeng Zhang, Shaoxiong Wu, Haiyan Zhu, Lianyuan Wang, Nan Xiang, Yuefeng Zhu & Zhenxing Cheng
Experimental investigation on pyrolysis and combustion of sewage sludge: Pyrolysis and combustion characteristics, product characteristics Chengxin Wang, Shunyong Wu & Guanghui Zhang
Effect of different aeration levels on the wastewater treatment performance of an externally circulating electrically enhanced bioreactor Bowen Wang, Hongguang Zhu & Kejia Wu
Performance evaluation and optimization of methanol steam reforming reactor with waste heat recovery for hydrogen production Min Zuo & Zhenzong He
Study on pyrolysis characteristics of large-scale metabituminous coal in underground gasification based on thermogravimetric tests Xiaojin Fu, Jing Wu, Bowei Wang, Mingze Feng, Kaixuan Li & Jiaze Li
Determination of iodine in food by sodium nitrite-iodine-starch system Changqing Tu & Xinrong Wen
Organic chemistry retrosynthesis strategies, research on basic rules of breaking bonds and fine tuning Kaixiang Liang, Jinyu Wei, Song Wang, Mohan Chen & Siyuan Zhang
Research progress and application status of polylactic acid Yuezhou Kang & Ruixiang Hou
Reactivity of Ca2Fe2O5 oxygen carriers for chemical looping steam methane reforming X.Y.Wang, M. Chen, Y.H. Hou, X.Y. Gao, Y.Z. Liu & Q.J. Guo
Research progress of FASnI3 for tin-based perovskite solar cells Jingbo Wang
Optimal allocation of heat storage device based on thermal load and distributed new energy power Meixiu Ma, Mingjun Jiang, Mengdong Chen, Fan Luo, Lanlan Xu, Kun Hou & Wei Kang
Effect of the reduced Ca-Fe oxygen carrier on products distribution during Chlorella chemical looping pyrolysis M. Chen, X.Y.Wang, Y.H. Hou, J.J. Liu, Y.Z. Liu & Q.J. Guo
Effects of ankaflavin on fatty acid content of muscle in obese mice Huihui Li, Anni Su & Shenghong Zhou
Visual analysis of bamboo furniture research based on CiteSpace Sichao Li, Jianhua Lyu, Ming Chen & Hongjia Guo
Discussion on main occurrence characteristics of geothermal resources inYutai sag of West Shandong Peng Qin, Peng Yang, Yiping Li, Hongliang Liu, Zhentao Wang,Jia Meng & Taitao Liang
Synthesis and electrochemical performances of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 materials prepared by coprecipitation-hydrothermal method Junhua Fan, Yang Zhou, Zhiyuan Xu, Jiazhi Yang, Hao Wang,Guang Liu & Guojiang Zhou
Study on electrochemical performance of aluminum anode in seawater and intertidal environment of Shengli oilfield Chao Yang, De-sheng Chen, Qing Han, Peng Sun, Songxi Li & FengWang
Synthesis and properties of cross-linked starch-based flocculant H.H. Li, Y.H. Gao, L.H. Zhang & Z.F. Liu
Study on solving plasma equilibrium composition model with HLMA algorithm Zhongyuan Chi, Weijun Zhang & Qiangda Yang
Influence of head variation on the stability of Kaplan turbine Li Chen
Electrochemical behavior and mechanism analysis of lithium rich materials Li1.2Mn0.54Co0.13Ni0.13O2 coated with iron hydroxyphosphate MoHan Wei, Xu Xiao, Hui Sun, Tian Yi Ma & Wei Jian Hao
Modeling and analysis of hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell Benhai Chen, Dongchen Qin, Tingting Wang, Jiangyi Chen & Ruikang Zhao
Strength tests and mechanical characteristics of asphalt concrete in pumped storage power plants Qu Manli, Lu Shiquan & Ma Dong
Contents of five heavy metals in agricultural land soil in Hengshui and ecological risk assessment Zhongqiang Zhang
Effect of YSZ Addition on Electrochemical Activity of Pt/YSZ Electrode JixinWang, Jiandong Cui, Xiao Zhang, Wentao Tang & Changhui Mao
Study on sensory quality of Gaoxiangyihong Congou black tea Liangzi Zhang, Ziyue Zhang & Shenghong Zhou
Research of different scale materials for pesticide residue detection Lu Xin & Xinzheng Li
Research and application of comprehensive evaluation method for vehicle odor performance Chen Cui, Shujie Xu, Xuefeng Liu & Boyang Tian
A study on the magnetic powder enhanced flocculation of the hot rolling wastewater Hong Wan, Ao Chen, Ya Hu, Xiaoyu, Yang & Lin Wu
A control method of chemical composition based on fuzzy theory during recycling aluminum scrap process Xiaohui Ao, JiaHong Zhang &Yujun Bai
The mechanism analysis of H radical effect on ignition of methane/air mixture Yong Li,Weizhuo Hua & Conghui Huang
Application of low-temperature plasma and titanium dioxide improving new fouling resistant reverse osmosis membrane in water treatment Shiyu Zhang
Comprehensive utilization of red mud from the perspective of circular economy Han Lei
Research status and prospect of demulsification technology Liguang Xiao, Maiyu Li, Yanping Zhang, Di Luo & Jinxiang Fu
3. Electrothermal chemical engineering and chemical preparation technology
Thermal behaviour of unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine picrate Xiaogang Mu, Bo Liu & Jingjing Yang
Experimental study of MnOx-CeO2/AC-catalyzed air oxidation for sulfide removal from wastewater Ying Liu, Weixing Wang, Meng Du, Jianhua Zhao & Chenyang Xu
Study on recovery of platinum from waste ternary catalyst Yu Bo
Research on flue gas denitrification technology of natural circulation boiler Qiudong Hu
Study on recovery of soman from decontaminant of zirconium hydroxide Shao Xiong Wu, Haiyan Zhu, LianyuanWang, Xiaoyu Liu & Liang Ge
Preparation of Fe2O3 Supported N-doped carbon-based ORR catalyst by phthalocyanine polymer Yanling Wu, Ke Lu, Xianqi Mao, Liping Ma & Minghui Lu
A review on characterization technologies for chemical features of activated carbon YueWang
The development, technology principles, and implementation of biofuels Rui Wang, Yanlin Zhu & Binrui Huang
Experimental study on sludge combustion behavior and heavy metal migration Chengxin Wang, Shunyong Wu & Guanghui Zhang
Research progress on quick start-up of filter for manganese removal from groundwater Bing Leng, Sijia Zhang, Xing Jin, Xin Li, Yanping Zhang, Zhiyuan Zheng & Jinxiang Fu
Dechlorination of high-chlorine waste biomass by hydrothermal treatment with additives assistance Yousheng Lin, Pengwei Chen & Qing He
Study on the process of preparing C4 olefin by catalytic coupling of ethanol Xinkai Yuan, Hanqi Jiang & Lan Zeng
Enhancing the production of typical aromatic alcohols with three strategies Beisong Xu
A harmlessness and resource treatment of hazardous waste sludge:Wet oxidation of caprolactam sludge W.H. Ling, P.F. Guo, X. Zeng, Y.Y. Zhou, J.F. Zhao & G.D. Yao
Recovery of 1,1,2,2-Tetrafluoroethyl Ether from Polytetrafluoroethylene Waste—A preliminary study W.K. Lin
Production of ethanol and 1,3-propanediol from raw glycerol by a newly isolated Klebsiella pneumoniae from intertidal sludge Lili Jiang, Baowei Zhu & Changqin Li
Synthesis of 9-Borafluorene derivatives with steric modulation Li Cong & Xiaodong Yin
Preparation and properties of a molybdenum disulfide/graphene lubricating coating for aluminum alloy Yujing Hu, Chao Feng, Jufang Yin, Yan Peng, Xiaolan Tao, Rong Huang & Yi Xie
Experimental study on heat transfer of plate pulsating heat pipe with channels of different diameters at the evaporating and condensation ends and channels connected at the evaporating end Jiale Yuan & Guowei Xiahou
Determination of cations in paper-making reconstituted tobacco by ion chromatography Jieyun Cai, Chunqiong Wang, Haowei Sun, Jie Long, Ke Zhang, Xiaowei Zhang & Chao Li
Application of ultra-high pressure hydraulic slotting pressure relief and permeability enhancement technology in broken soft coal seam Lin-Dong Guo
Determination of bisphenol in disposable tableware by solid phase extraction and supercritical fluid chromatography Yue Qiu, Genrong Li, Jiaxiong Zhao, Mei Long & Chaolan Tan
Application of modified atmosphere packaging technology in pre-conditioned fish products Liangzi Zhang, Jiangting Yue, Xin Zhang & Hongbing Dong
Optimization and application of parameter identification error algorithm for electro-hydraulic servo and actuator system of the turbine-based on slip window sampling Longfei Zhu, Paiyou Si, Shuangbai Liu, Changya Xie, Teng Zhang,Yuou Hu & Xiaozhi Qiu
Selective synthesis of sulfinic ester from sulfide by photocatalytic oxidation Qian Li & Xinrui Zhou
Calculation and research on transition process of hydraulic interference in tailrace tunnel hydraulic power generation system shared by two units Haiyang Liu
Preparation and characterization of Mo-doped In2O3 thin films with magnetron Co-sputtering Jianping Ma, Jingjing Chen & Jiayu Qi
Determination of fatty acid content in liver and kidney of obese mice induced by a high-fat diet Huihui Li, Jiayi Zhu & Shenghong Zhou
A conceivable new method of sulfation roasting of spent lithium-ion batteries: Together with industry SO2 gas Kaixuan Li, Chuanjin Zhao, Xinyao Zhang, XuefeiWang, Zichen Tian, Chenguang Ma & Huaqing Ding
The economic evaluation of the improvement of the reheating system of the secondary reheat steam turbine Tongyang Pan
Analysis of hydrogen liquefaction industry in China Feng Chen & Zixuan He
Supported PdNPs catalysts prepared by MAO for highly efficient silane oxidation Li Hua Zheng, Xin Yu Yang, Zi Xuan Wang & Jun Zhou
Carbon-catalyzed etching of porous silicon structures Zhiyuan Liao, Ling Tong, Ying Liu, Baoguo Zhang, Ao Chen, Xiaoyu Yang, Ya Hu & Hailiang Fang
Preparation and property analysis of polyether polyol two-component rubber repair material Pengfei Nie, Zhiqiang Liu & Zhiyuan Liu
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Kok-Keong Chong received B.Sc. (Hons) 1st class degree from University of Malaya in 1998 and Ph.D. (Optical Engineering) degree from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2002. He is also Fulbright visiting scholar in Princeton University, USA for the period of Sep–Dec 2015. Currently, he is full professor in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and a chartered engineer registered under the engineering council, United Kingdom. To date, he has produced 108 publications, including high-impact journal articles, conference proceedings and book chapters, with H-index = 23 and total citations of 1856.

Zhongliang Liu works as the chair professor of power engineering and engineering thermophysics in the Power and Energy Engineering Department of Beijing University of Technology. He is the ex-deputy director of the Chinese Society of Heat Transfer under the Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics. He has been committed himself to teaching and research in the field of thermal fluids and energy engineering. He has published more than 400 academic papers on various academic journals and conferences.