Energy Science and Applied Technology ESAT 2016 : Proceedings of the International Conference on Energy Science and Applied Technology (ESAT 2016), Wuhan, China, June 25-26, 2016 book cover
1st Edition

Energy Science and Applied Technology ESAT 2016
Proceedings of the International Conference on Energy Science and Applied Technology (ESAT 2016), Wuhan, China, June 25-26, 2016

ISBN 9781138029736
Published September 26, 2016 by CRC Press
774 Pages

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Book Description

The 2016 International Conference on Energy Science and Applied Technology (ESAT 2016) held on June 25-26 in Wuhan, China aimed to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, and academicians, as well as industrial professionals, to present their research results and development activities in energy science and engineering and its applied technology. The themes presented in Energy Science and Applied Technology ESAT 2016 are:

Technologies in Geology, Mining, Oil and Gas;
Renewable Energy, Bio-Energy and Cell Technologies;
Energy Transfer and Conversion, Materials and Chemical Technologies;
Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development;
Electrical and Electronic Technology, Power System Engineering;
Mechanical, Manufacturing, Process Engineering;
Control and Automation;
Communications and Applied Information Technologies;
Applied and Computational Mathematics;
Methods and Algorithms Optimization;
Network Technology and Application;
System Test, Diagnosis, Detection and Monitoring;
Recognition, Video and Image Processing.

Table of Contents

1 Technologies in geology, mining, oil and gas exploration and exploitation of deposits

Numerical simulation of integral fracturing parameters in an ultra-low-permeability oil field
C. Lu, B. Luo, J.C. Guo, Z.H. Zhao, X. Xu, S.W. Xiao, Y. Wang & B.G. Chen

Preparation of porous micro-electrolysis material and treatment of acid mine drainage
S. Feng, X. Xu, K. Wang & H. Sun

Influence of different cooling techniques on the mineral composition of the zirconia metering nozzle
X. Wang, Q. Xue, L. Zhao & Y. Zhou

Optimization of horizontal well multistage fracturing in offshore gas reservoirs
Z. Jia, J. Bai, S. Chen, P. Zhang, C. Zhou & W. Huang

Paleogene strata pathway system and its control on hydrocarbon in Gaoyou Sag
S. Dai, Z. Chen, S.S. Macateer & Y. Liu

The characteristics and geological implications of the sporopollen fossils in bauxite in Zunyi, Guizhou
T. Cui

Research on a type of mud pulse communication method in a rotary steering drilling tool
D.S. Lin & D. Feng

2 Renewable energy and cell technologies, energy recovery, engines, generators, electric vehicles

Recovery and utilization process of a vertical tank for sinter waste heat
J. Feng, H. Dong, J. Gao, J. Liu & H. Li

A modularized DC-DC converter used in low-power PV-battery power supply applications
Q. Liu, T.C. Li, D.L. Zhang & Z.Z. Zhang

Comparative study on the dynamic characteristic of an internal combustion compressor
Q. Wang, J. Zhang, M. Zhao, X. Yu & Q. Lu

Diesel common rail pressure control based on feed forward fuzzy PID controller
S. Xiang, Z.M. Ji, G.Q. Mo & D.A. Sun

Analysis of the urban electric bus operation parameters under battery replacement
J. Wang, X. Zhang & H. Zhai

Performance and economic evaluation of the photovoltaic–thermal system for BIPV applications
X.L. Ma, Q. Zhang, X. Zhang & R.J. Hong

Effects of the leading and trailing edge shape on the aerodynamic performance of a vertical axis wind turbine
Q. Yao, G.D. Zhao, C. Wang & C.Y. Zhou

Research on the generation of the bubble and the bubble pump characteristics of different diameters
H.T. Gao, D.J. Kong, C.B. Wang & H.R. Liu

Photoelectric properties of sol-gel-derived TiO2 films
G.C. Qi, F.J. Shan, S.L. Zhao & Z.W. Li

Research on power matching and simulation of a pure electric bus
J.F. Song, W. Xia & H. Chen

3 Materials science and chemical engineering

Microstructure and high-damping property of sintered Mn-Cu alloy
F.S. Lu, B. Wu, J.F. Zhang, D.L. Zhao & P. Li

Methanol aromatization reaction on ZSM-5 zeolites at different conditions
J.Y. Xun, K.M. Ji, J.M. Deng, H.P. Deng, K. Zhang & P. Liu

Study on the migration amount of Bisphenol A and the thermal stability of polycarbonate with photo-oxidation aging
Y. Zhao, Y. Zhao, W. Xu, C. Zhou, Y. Huang & J. Gao

Influence of sintering temperature on microstructure and magnetic properties of Ni0.26Cu0.16Zn0.58O(Fe2O3)0.985 ferrite
C. Dong, D. Liang & W. Li

Effect of a stabilizer on the phase composition and mechanical properties of ZrO2 materials
Y. Zhou, Q. Xue & B. Liu

The effect of heat treatment on the microstructure and properties of M40/ZM6 composites
M. Song, Y. Zhang, X. Zhang, L. Jiang & G. Wu

Fabrication of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 films with the magnetron sputtering method
G.C. Qi, Q. Wu, J. Xiang, S.L. Zhao & Z.W. Li

Study on the electrochemical property of a pure titanium plate in a corrosive medium after anodic oxidation treatment
Z. Xu, S. Liu & H. Zheng

Research on photo-degradation of typical sulfonylurea herbicides-nicosulfuron
F. Chen & W. Jiang

Electrical conductivity of carbon nanotube fibers synthesized by chemical vapor deposition
J. Zhu

Preparation and properties of dredged sediment baking-free bricks
R. Jia, P.Q. Yang, H. Liu, X. Peng & Y. Wu

Baotou fluorite component analysis and the possibility of market application in Banyan Obo, China
Z. Wang, H. Ren, X. Li, W. Meng, G. Yan, Y. Zhang & T. Huang

Effect of stabilizers on the electrical conductivity of zirconia materials
L.P. Tian, Q.H. Xue & L. Zhao

Research of the Cu/Ti overlapping region produced via friction stir lap welding of dissimilar copper and titanium
B. Li, Y. Shen & L. Yao

Research on the prediction of the storage life of HTPB propellant
Y. Du, J. Zheng, W. Peng, X. Zhang & Z. Gu

Numerical study of complex rheological behaviors of polymer melt past a cylinder
W. Wang & W. Li

Effect of stacking faults on twinning in hexagonal close-packed crystals
S. Jiang

GGA+U Study of the elastic, electronic, and optical properties of Ceb6
L.H. Xiao, Y.C. Su, F. Shao & P. Peng

CuSO4 E 5H2O catalyzed N-H homocoupling of N-monoalkylanilines in air: Facile construction of 1, 2-diphenylhydrazines and o-semidines
H. Zhang & X. Yan

The influence factors of fluorite for making hydrogen fluoride and its additional value
Z. Wang, H. Ren, X. Li, G. Yan, W. Meng, Y. Zhang & T. Huang

Surface modification and mechanism of a calcium sulfate whisker treated by calcium stearate surfactant
H. Wang, M. Wang, Y. Zhao & J. Li

Influence of unidirectional hot-stretching on the mechanical and dielectric properties of polymer-based composites
Z. Pu, R. Wei & X. Liu

Influence of an electron-donating active group on the properties of organic nonlinear optical chromophores containing multiple cyano-based acceptors
X. Tang, K. Jia, X. Tang & L. Chen

Polyarylene ether nitrile/zinc tetraamino-phthalocyanine nanofibrous mats with high visible-light photodegradation performance
X. Huang, K. Jia & X. Liu

Enhanced drug loading and encapsulation efficiency of microencapsulated herbal medicine via an optimization process
W. Wang, P.C.L. Hui, F.S.F. Ng, C.-W. Kan, C.B.S. Lau & P. Leung

Electrochemical deposition of Fe2O3/graphene composites for energy storage
K. Ma, D. Zhang & Q. Zhang

A facile one-step solvothermal method to prepare morphology-controlled [email protected] core-shell nanocomposites
M. Fu

Synthesis of alginate bonded with zinc (II) phthalocyanine and their fluorescent property
M. Xu, A.C. Grimsdale, K. Jia & X. Liu

4 Environmental engineering and sustainable development

Evaluation method of the fast-charging infrastructure service capability based on the demand of electric vehicles
L. Xia, C. Liu, B. Li, K. Li & L. Yu

Study of the influence of coal exploitation on groundwater resources and the environment in the Hanglaiwan mine of Northern Shaanxi
Z. Dong & S. Wang

Sorption characteristics of soil absorbing β-HCH
H. Li, H. Zeng & Y. Liang

The economic feasibility analysis of an integration air source heat pump system based on an energy management contract
S. Li

Purification efficiency of Cr(VI) by constructed wetlands using six different substrates
Y. Bu, J. Liu, S. You & Q. Wu

Research on the operation modes of the microporous aerator for efficient wastewater aerobic biological treatment
F. Li, J. Zhang, C. Liu, Z. Qu, G. Duan & X. Li

Simulation of the multimedia fate of persistent environmental organic pollutants based on the fugacity theory
F. Li, J. Zhang, C. Liu, J. Yang, X. Li & X. Cui

Evaluation of water resources utilization based on AHP and the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method
Y. Kang, L.X. Ren, Y.Z. Chen, H.H. Zhao & H.W. Lu

Multimedia exposure risk assessment for lead in parts of the Xiandao district based on the IEUBK model
L. Zhu, J. Zhang, F. Li & C. Liu

Variation of stable isotopes of the precipitation at Kun Ming station in China
H. Hu & W. Li

Application of an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for the performance analysis of an air-cooled chiller
C. Lee, Y. Chang & Y. Lu

Kinetics of As desorption from soil aggregates by KH2PO4-aided soil washing
R. Zhao, X. Li & Z. Zhang

5 Electrical and electronic technology, power system engineering

Impact of the effective assets on the costs of power transmission and distribution of grid enterprises
L. Guo, H. Ren, J. Zhou & J. Xu

A novel power quality data reconstruction algorithm using compressed sensing
Y.T. Jia, T.C. Li, D.L. Zhang & Z.C. Wang

‘Oblique pulling method’ for live replacing V-type insulator string on UHVDC lines
L. He, Y. Long, H. Guo & H. Li

Design of a temperature control circuit for a semiconductor laser
L. Zhen

Calculation of the electromagnetic parameters in a dry-type air-core reactor based on FEM
L. Bo, H. Zheng, J. Hao & X. Hao

Shunt active power filter model predictive current control
S. Jiang, H. Chen, N. Jin, G. Cui, Y. Zhang & T. Tao

Study of the evaluation index system of fault-tolerant technology
W. Peng, S. Huang, H. Liu & X. Wei

City-type analysis of the electricity supply and demand matching degree
D. Wang

An application of the Adomian decomposition method for analysis of the SMIB power system
Z.H. Liang & J.F. Gao

Peripheral circuit design and electromagnetic shielding of the PLC control system
J. Liu

Research and application of the structure and model of the CCHP energy management system
Y. Li, Z. Wang, L. Huang, J. Yu & Y. Wang

Smart grid load forecasting of gray model with optimization of weight function
W. Zhu & Q. Guo

Research on relay protection device life cycle based on the gray Markov model
Y. Jia, L. Ying, J. Wang, Y. Wang & L. Yang

Research of the maintenance cost allocation of secondary electrical equipment based on nucleolus solution
L. Yang, L.M. Ying, Y.L. Wang, J.W. Wang & Y.T. Jia

Integrated custom-tailored model for RF power amplifiers
L. Zhai, Y. He & Q. Liu

Electronic and magnetic properties of NinAl (n = 2–13) clusters
W. Song, B. Wang, K. Guo & C. He

6 Mechanical, manufacturing, process engineering, fluid engineering and numerical simulation

Research of the cloud manufacturing resources based on the supply sub-chain
Q. Qiu, J. Tu & L. Yi

A method of part lightweight based on filling lattice structure
E.C. Liu, L.Z. Wan, G.X. Li, J.Z. Gong & B.Z. Wu

A comparative study of bearing radial stiffness with the analytical method and the finite element method
J. Li, Y.S. Tian, H.L. Zhang, Q. Gao & C.Q. Tan

The design and simulation of a fatigue wear testing system of the flexspline in harmonic drive
Z. Wu & L. Chen

The dynamic simulation of harmonic drive considering flexible ball bearing based on ABAQUS
Z. Fu, T. Gang & S. Liu

Analysis of the influence of groove size on the sealing property of hydraulically expanded joints
T. Li & C. Duan

Computational study regarding the evolution of volute noise radiation in a centrifugal pump under variable medium temperature conditions
P. Dong, M. Gao, D. Lu & C. Guo

Research on the structure optimization of air-cooled condensers
Y. Zhou, X. Dong, Y. Cheng & H. Hu

Influence of vortex shedding of H-vertical axis wind turbines on the structural dynamics of rotors
Q. Yao, J.Y. Wang, C. Wang, C.Y. Zhou & Q.L. Xie

Product integration process of the CMMI grade 3 model
C.M. Su, Y.G. Li & L.B. Guo

A novel cohesive zone model for the finite thickness of adhesive layers
L. Chen, B. Gu, X. Yu, B. Zhang & J. Tao

Stamp forming of commingled GF/PP fabric with vacuum technology
Z. Zhou, B. Jiang & W. Wu

Characteristics research of a low-specific-speed centrifugal pump with splitter blades and a vaned diffuser
C. Qiu & X. Fang

Research on the microstructure of WC-Ni-Fe-cemented carbides
J. Wang & X. Jiang

Numerical simulation of the force by particles acting on the blades of a rotary valve
X.S. Zhu & L.W. He

Numerical simulation of the elastic stability of cracked plates under uniaxial compression
C. Geng

Numerical simulation research on the natural convection heat transfer of diamond-water nanofluid in a rectangular enclosure
Y. Wan, C. Qi, D. Han & C. Li

7 Control and automation, system simulation

Current sensorless control system of PMSM based on a hybrid system
W. Peng, S. Huang, H. Liu & X. Wei

Hierarchical modeling method for intelligent plant simulation
Z. Zhang & X. Hu

8 Communications and applied information technologies

A GDOP-weighted AOA localization method based on ray-trace
F.Z. Kong, X.K. Ren & N.E. Zheng

Military agent framework with multi-layered intelligence
J. Zhu, Y. Wang, J. Feng & C. Wen

Comparison of performances of variational mode decomposition and empirical mode decomposition
Y. Yue, G. Sun, Y. Cai, R. Chen, X. Wang & S. Zhang

Costas loop effect from the demodulation on space optical communication of the BPSK scheme with atmospheric turbulence
Z. Wang, M. Liu & S. Ye

Design and implementation of key modules of the OFDM receiving system based on FPGA
H.Y. Li, G.H. Cai & J. Yang

Blind estimation of satellite wideband background noise based on statistics
B. Yu, C. Liao & L. You

Research of a height measurement system based on information fusion
Y. Cheng, T. Gao & S. Zhu

Research on the synchronization clock of an electricity information acquisition terminal based on minimal commuting time difference algorithm
Q.Y. Shen, Y. Zhou, X.L. Gao, Y.H. Yan & P. Li

Study on the fusion of index weight based on AHP and entropy
X. Sun, Q. Liu & H. Chen

GPS/SINS integrated navigation system using an innovation-based adaptive Kalman Filter for land-vehicles
S. Zhu, T. Gao & Y. Cheng

Review on data visualization of the equipment support concept comprehensive evaluating system
Y.Q. Chen & L. Zhang

9 Applied and computational mathematics

A hybrid WENO/CPR method for the shallow water wave equations
S. Lin & S. Song

Website usability comprehensive evaluation based on gray relational analysis
H. Zhang

Combination of big data analytics and traditional marketing analytics to predict sales of products
P.Y. Zhao & Y.M. Shi

Coal logistics demand forecast based on an integrated prediction model
Y. Pan & E. Liu

Research on initiator inversion data processing on the Bayes estimation
Y.D. Wang, Z.L. Xuan, W.B. Yu, K. Yao & T.P. Li

Application and transition of the velocity gradient tensor from a rectangular coordinate to a spherical coordinate
H. Deng, P. Xu & R. Huang

Prediction of membrane protein types using an ensemble classifier
P.Y. Zhao & G.F. Yang

Digital information classification based on singular value decomposition
C.S. Yuan, J.M. Wang, B.Z. Li, R. Lin & G.M. Lu

10 Methods and algorithms optimization

Optimization of algorithm and performance simulation of electric air conditioning based on ADVISOR
H.L. Lin, J.R. Nan, W. Zhai & Z. Yang

Improved Dijkstra algorithm for ship weather-routing
Z.H. Shen, H.B. Wang, X.M. Zhu & H.J. Lv

Multiobjective route guidance systems based on real-time information
Z. Zhou, X. Zhang & Y. Dong

The application of brain electrical signal filtering based on the matrix-coded intelligent algorithm
Z. Jiao & C. Feng

Design and application of a three-dimensional direction recognition algorithm based on a hardware platform
F. Lu, W. Xie, H. Wu & D. Wang

Improved genetic algorithm to avoid premature convergence
X.G. Li, H.B. Wang, Q. Wu & Z.P. Sun

The methods to remove space debris
A. Lin

Research on public key certificates
C. Cheng

Optimal scheduling scheme selection model and algorithm based on the Bayesian game of cloud computing resources
K. Niu, H. Zhang, J. Wang, N. Wang & T. Li

Clustering based on skew-based boundary detection
Q. Han & B.Z. Qiu

Community detection in networks based on an immune genetic algorithm
Y. Yao & J.Q. Zhou

Linear time approximation algorithms for the tree-sparse model
H.X. Tou

11 Network technology and application

SDN-Specific DDoS/LDDoS and the machine learning based detection
X.F. Chen & S.Z. Yu

Design and implementation of a staff training system based on JavaEE
M. Bin

Security technology of a wireless sensor network based on chaotic encryption
Y. Hu

A new architecture for a medical internet of things
G. Hu & Y. Yang

Design of the ZigBee gateway for an agricultural environmental parameter monitoring system
Z.Y. Zou & M. Zhou

12 System test, diagnosis, detection and monitoring

Multi-lane vehicle detection method based on magneto-resistive sensors
S. Yang, C. Xu, J. Shen, W. Zhao & W. Wang

Influence of weather factors on weather-sensitive power load in the non-central city
Z.Y. Yin, J.J. Fan, X. Liu & J. Jiang

The method of long-time integration for radar echo on a shipborne platform
H.W. Cao & M.G. Gao

Experimental study on the in-plane shear properties of Kevlar fabric reinforced epoxy composite material
J. Zhao, H. Wang & L. Liu

Design of the fault diagnosis terminal of an inertial navigation system based on ZigBee wireless communication technology
Z. Zhang, G. Li, X. Wang & C. Zhao

High-voltage circuit breaker online monitoring and fault diagnosis technology
W. Niu & J. Zhang

Present status and principle of heavy metal detection
H. Li, H. Chen & H. Wang

Latin square test design and data analysis in SAS
H. Gao, F. Yang, Q. Zhang & Y. Lu

Simulation analysis on factors affecting PM2.5 monitoring
T. Wei, J. Ma, Z. Nie, F. Zhang & L. Wang

13 Recognition, video and image processing

Combination measurement method using laser tracker and 3D laser scanner
L. Yang, G.X. Li, B.Z. Wu & M. Zhang

A popular keypoint-based method for effective image feature extraction
Y. Gan, J. Zhong & J. Young

Digital pull image model based on smooth Bayes
T. Yu

A survey on deep neural networks for human action recognition in RGB image and depth image
H. Wang

License plate recognition technology in the Chinese license plates
T. Su & S. Liu

The research on color grading of green jade based on HSL chromaticity analysis
L. Zhang & X. Yuan

Detection and location of copy-move forgery based on phase correlation
J. Yang & M. Xu

Detection of lane lines for vision-based micro-vehicles
Y. Li & Y. Zhu

Applying polar sine transform for detecting copy-move forgery
P. Lin, Y. Gan, J. Young, J. Zhao & H. Lian

HEVC intra-frame error concealment based on texture synthesis
X. Li, J. Zhao, X. He & W. Jing

14 Civil engineering and geotechnical engineering

Property research of high performance cement-based rapid repairing material
J. Yuan, F. Liu, Z.C. Tan, Y. Liu & Y.Z. Wang

Analysis on the behavior of base-grouted bored piles embedded in various bearing layers
B.J. Li, H.M. Zang & X. Zheng

Seismic behavior analysis of plan irregular reinforced concrete frame building structures
D. Musonera & J. Zhu

Estimating mechanical parameters of rock mass relating to the coal-bearing formation
Z. Li & J. Du

15 Traffic and transportation engineering

Research on the text mining model of the database of the system in railways
G. Jia, F. Wang, L. Bai & Y. Chen

Research on driving risk discrimination based on the Fisher analysis method
X. Bao, L. Yan, S. Zhu & J. Zhou

Research of coordinated relation methods of land use and urban traffic for unit regulatory detailed planning
J. Wang, Z. Yuan & Y. Zhang

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Zhigang Fang received his doctorate in 2013, his interests include vehicle dynamics, vehicle chassis control technology, vehicle energy-saving technology, energy conversion. He participated in the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project no. 51075312), responsible for the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (WUT: 2014-IV-036), and published 19 papers in his research field.