Energy and Environment: Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Energy and Environment (ICEE 2014), June 26-27, Beijing, China, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Energy and Environment

Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Energy and Environment (ICEE 2014), June 26-27, Beijing, China, 1st Edition

Edited by Dawei Zheng

CRC Press

280 pages

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The 2014 International Conference onEnergy and Environment (ICEE 2014) was held June 26-27 in Beijing, China. The objective of ICEE 2014 was to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics as well as industry professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Energy and Environment research. The program consisted of invited sessions and technical workshops and discussions with eminent speakers, and contributions to this proceedings volume cover a wide range of topics in Energy and Environment studies.

Table of Contents

Field investigation and measurements

Correlation analysis on large-scale wind power—with Qian’An base’s field data

H.Y. Cai, C.H. Wang, P.S. Gao, Y. Sun, L. Guo, Z.J. Li, A.C. Xue, & T.S. Bi

Optimized benchmark electricity price mechanisms for AP1000

Yonglan Xu, Dongxiao Niu, Bingyi Liu, Jingpeng Liu, Xiaoyu Wang, & Hao Feng

Analysis of saline water intrusion during the dry season in modaomen waterway

S.G. Fang & S.B. Wang

Mine pressure behavior law and hydraulic support suitability of high cutting coal mining face in shallow depth seam

Ting-Feng Cui & Xiang-Ling Tao, Dong-Sheng Zhang & Gang-Wei Fan

Eco-efficiency evaluation of different sectors in Fushan industrial park

W. W. Lu, C. Chen, M.R. Su, M.Q. Zhang, R.Z. Liu, & Y.Q. Shen

Research on the influences of E-Gas gasification parameters on igcc power plant performances

G.Y. Deng, L. Han, X.S. Ma, J.K. Wu, & Y. Zheng

Analysis of bacterial community in high-temperature heavy oil reservoir

L.J. Chai, F. Zhang, D.J. Hou, Y.H. She, F.C. Shu, & S.J. Yi

Characterization of microbial community in heavy oil Dongxin oilfield

L.J. Chai, F. Zhang, D.J. Hou, Y.H. She, F.C. Shu, & S.J. Yi

Biosurfactant-enhanced phytoremediation of Pb-contaminated soil by brassica juncea

L.D. Gao, R.J. Zheng, N. Kano, & H. Imaizumi

The design of portable electric machine parameter acquisition card

Wenhui Liu

Numerical study on film cooling and wall temperature of vectored axial-symmetric nozzle

H.D. Chen, X.Y. Chen, & X.Y. Zhang

Numerical study on gas radiation and wall temperature in axial-symmetric vectored nozzle

H.D. Chen, Z.W. Li, L. Qiao, & X.Y. Zhang

Research on forest biomass inversion based on the data of sub-compartment

X. Zhang, Z.K. Feng, M. Ding, X. Gao, J.Y. Gu, & L. Auala

Characteristics of flow patterns and vortex core movement in a uniflow cyclone separator

Jeongseog Oh, Sangil Choi, Gyoungtae Jin, Jeonggeun Kim, Sangho Lee, & Hyunseol Park

Adsorption of lead by zeolite/chitosan hybrid composite

Meiling Pang, Yanling Deng, Naoki Kano, & Hiroshi Imaizumi

Environmental characteristics of lagoon waters in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, and the effect of precipitation on the water quality of lagoon

A. Tiemuer, C. LI, M. Pang, N. Kano, H. Imaizumi, & N. Watanabe

Performance of phosphorus and nitrogen removal for the low cod/n ratio in urban wastewater by modified a2/o process

Junguo He, Mingchao Liu, Xiaodong Xin, Huizhi Hu, & Cong Zhao

Adsorption of cr(vi) from aqueous solution by sulfuric acid and thermally treated attapulgite

L. Tao, J.L. Yuan, Y.Q. Zhao, Y.Z. Zhang, & J. Ren

Research on strategies on economic development of Binhai New Area based on the ecological service value

Hongmei Gao & Chaomin Liu

Innovative competitiveness evaluation of typical cities of China: a study of factor analysis

Y.C. Peng & A.Y. Yu

Factors influencing the formation and fast cultivation of aerobic granular sludge

Yiruiwen Xie, Yanhong Li, & Yuhui Wang

Trace elements of cloud water in an acid rain region in southern China

Lei Sun, Yan Wang, Taixing Yue, & Lingren Jin

Influence of sandstorms on levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (pahs) in PM2.5 in southern China

Minmin Yang, Yan Wang, Hongli Li, & Yuhua Li

Selection of neural network model in soot-blowing optimization system for coal-fired utility boilers

Y.X. Chen & X.Y. Wang

A design of the networking soldier portable power system

L. Cheng, K. Wang, Z.Q. Pan, & Q. Sun

Modeling and optimization of a portable hybrid power system for the dismounted soldier

K. Wang, L. Cheng, Z.Q. Pan, & Q. Sun

Risk evaluation on green chemical energy source project: In the perspective of wind power project

Na Zhou, Chang-Ming Ji, & Ping Shi

Hydrodynamic performance and interaction effect of a vertical-axis tidal-current turbine

Guangnian Li, Weiguo Wu, Yonghe Xie, Zhanjie Lao, & Bo Zhang

A study of acidity on PM2.5 for four forest areas in the southwestern China

Hengqin Mo & Li Li

Study on the rules of ozone dissolution and decomposition in different types of solutions

P.J. Xue, W.W. Ji, & H.Z. Yang

Selective oxidation of glycerol with low concentrate H2O2 catalyzed by hydroxide-hosted chromium complex

X.L. Wang, G.D. Wu, X.F. Liu, Z.L. Zhai, & X.T. Zhang

Effects of Low-Molecular-Weight Organic Acids on heavy metals mobility of Pb/Zn tailings

Jie Zhou, Jing Li, Sheng-ji Wu, & Zheng-miao Xie

Study on the characteristics of phosphorus loss and the vegetation restoration measures in the phosphorus-enriched degraded mountain area in the Dianchi lake watershed, southwestern China

F. He, C.Q. Duan, K. Yan, D.G. Fu, F. He, J.S. Du, & F. Zhao

The rhizobacterium Exiguobacterium sp. Mh3 promotes chromium remediation by duckweed

Y. Zhang, J. Ma, L.Y. Zhou, & L.Q. Huang

Numerical simulation on water mist interaction with alcohol pool fire

C.Y. Lu & Y.G. Yu

Design of blade for megawatt tidal current turbine

Xiankun Ou, Baigong Wu, Hang Sun, Jingfu Guo, Xueming Zhang, & Jianyi Liu

Vigorously promoting green consumption and establishing ecological civilization

S.G. Xu, C.L. Chu, M.T. Ju, & G.M. Jiang

Flow conditions in the northern Gulf of Mexico: Using doppler current profilers from oil and gas platforms for ocean currents

Chunyan Li, Eddie Weeks, & Jun Lin

Effects of extractive from aged black garlic on the expression of Mvd and Vegf In H22-Implanted tumor in mice

Lingqin Wan, Guiqing Yang, Hanchen Liu, & Yishan Wang

Analysis of the sustainable development of tilapia export in China

Huanan Liu & Min Liu

Selective oxidation of carbon to carbon monoxide over reduced Ceo2 /Fe2O3 catalysts

Zhenhua Gu, Shan Qing, Hua Wang, Yonggang Wei, Xing Zhu, & Kongzhai Li

Impact of meteorological disasters on agricultural production and farmers’ income in Hainan province

Shiwei Xu, Xiaoxia Dong, Zhemin Li, Yumei Zhang, Chao Zhang, & Pei Wu

Preparing a GaMnN film by ECR-PRMOCVD for solar cell

F.Q. Quan, H. Huang, Q.Q. Zhao, P. Yin, & H.L. Li

Comparison of desorption of Cu by EDTA and NTA in soil

J.Y. Yang, Q.Q. Wei, & Y. Wei

Selection of refrigerant in solar-driven Vuilleumier cycle heat pump

Y.B. Xie, X.J. Sun, & X.D. Deng

Automatic operation design of tracking and data receiving system for remote sensing satellites

Zhao Jun & Li Ying

Degradation of monomethylhydrazine by VUV/O3

T. Xu, H. Zheng, D. Li, & P. Zhang

Influence factors and mechanism of removing phosphorus with porous iron-rich media

Zichun Yan, Yongchao Yang, & Nosakhareiseghayan

Treatment of molasses and alcohol wastewater using an integrated physical–chemical method

Y.W. Chen, Y.H. Li, S.L. Liu, X.G. Yan, S. Tang, & P. Zhang

Electricity generation by microbial fuel cell using a rotating bio-cathode

D.J. Zhong, X. Huang, P. Liang, & Z.Y. Hu

Farmland load and environmental risk assessment of livestock manure in Beijing

Xiaoxia Dong, Meng jiao Li, & Fanlin Ding

Overview of development and research progress of offshore wind power technologies

Xiaojing Gao, Yuan Zeng, Dongtao Wang, Jiasong Luo, & Xinlei Wang

Field study of the summer thermal environment on the urban pedestrian streets in a hot–humid city of China

J. Wei & J. He

Study of evaporation characteristics of droplets in high-temperature flue gas

D.L. He, W.Y. Wei, Y. Zuo, X. Jiang, & W.J. Jiang

Cyanobacterial bloom recognition and spatiotemporal change analysis based on remote sensing images

Y. Lin, J. Yu, M.G. Shen, C. Pan, M.Z. Qu, & W.W. Ren

Oxalate content determination in the hyperaccumulator Leersia hexandra Swartz by homogenate extraction–ion chromatography

J. Tian & H. Lin

Multi influence factor adsorption of 239Pu in gmz bentonite aqueous environment

Yangchun Leng, Jilong Su, Ping Yue, & Xianguo Tuo

Maximizing wind farm power using wake control system

Majdi M. Alomari, Mohammad S. Widyan, A.-W. Dirawieh, Hamza Alabdali, Afnan Saleh, Wessam Zaher, Maria Al-Hwamdeh, & Majd Louy

Dynamic relationship among economic growth, fossil energy, and clean energy consumption in China

X.M. Sun, J. Wang, & X.Q. Lu

A new optimal scheduling method of chp-based microgrid with renewable energy resources

N. Wang, W. Liang, Y. Wang, & N. Jiang

Co-sorption of Zn(ii) and as(v) by mixed Fe/Al-pilcs prepared at different Fe/Al molar ratios

W. Lin, T. Xu, H. Zheng, & P.G. Weidler

An empirical study on university English teacher’s roles in the web-based autonomous learning environment

Ling Zhang

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