1st Edition

Engineering Technology, Engineering Education and Engineering Management Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Engineering Technology, Engineering Education and Engineering Management (ETEEEM 2014), Hong Kong, 15-16 November 2014

Edited By Deyao Tan Copyright 2015
    1214 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This volume contains papers presented at the International Conference on Engineering Technologies, Engineering Education and Engineering Management (ETEEEM 2014, Hong Kong, 15-16 November 2014). A wide variety of topics is included in the book:
    - Engineering Education
    - Education Engineering and Technology
    - Methods and Learning Mechanisms in Engineering Education Engineering Technologies
    - Mechanical and Materials Engineering
    - Financial Engineering
    - Energy and Environmental Engineering
    - Social Engineering
    - Information Engineering
    - Bioengineering and Chemical engineering Engineering Management
    - Decision Support System
    - Project and Quality Management
    - Human Resource Management
    The book will be of interest to academics and professionals in Engineering Technologies, Engineering Education and Engineering Management.

    Organizing committees

    1. Engineering education

    1.1. Education engineering and technology

    Present situation and analysis on the training of Chinese basketball talents 3
    H. Bai
    Emotional factors affecting studentsf self-learning ability of students in learning English 7
    X. Chen
    The impact of the Olympic spirit on college studentsf sports quality education 11
    J. Chen & R. Zou
    A study on English teaching for postgraduates in the background of "the Silk Road culture"h 15
    L. Dang & Y. Li
    Study on university PE teaching based on the guidance of mental health 19
    Q. Dong
    A preliminary study of english.chinese translation teaching under the enlightenment and internalization model based on web 23
    Z. Duan & L. Hu
    An examination of the impact of business ethics teaching on Chinese undergraduates using an experiential learning model 29
    C.Y. Feng, D.D. Schein, W. Song & R. Collins
    An analysis of the current situation of vocational college students and coping strategies at the present stage in China 33
    L. Guan, N. Yuan & L. Li
    Education based on necessary and important principles P1 and P2 37
    M. Habib
    Evolution and the impact of development policies and Japanese education system 43
    J. Hao
    College admissions: Problems and countermeasures 47
    Y.-P. He
    Information passing functions of negative sentences in EST.Function to compare topics 53
    L. Hu & Z. Duan
    Musical Event Structure Metaphors in Beckettfs Ghost Trio 57
    L. Huang
    Influence of Greek mythology on modern art 61
    J. Huang
    On evaluation of Chinese college English textbook from learnersf perspective 65
    D. Ji & R. Zhang
    Immature thought on the application of the two-factor theory in college physical education administration 71
    H. Jing
    The education problems of special family and path analysis of problems resolution 75
    J. Kang
    Survey on the satisfaction of preschool pre-service teachersf education 81
    Y.J. Liang
    Analysis on the modal meaning of modern chinese word "laizhe"h 87
    S. Liu
    Discussion on the fuzziness of Chinafs legislative language 91
    S. Liu
    A comparison of Yanfu and Nidafs translation standard 95
    N. Liu
    Study on the physical education in colleges and universities based on the utilitarianism perspective 99
    B. Lu & L. Zhang
    Analogy. a friend or fiend when solving math problems? 103
    J. Novotna, P. Eisenmann & J. Pr.ibyl
    Discussion on incentives of physical education teaching methods 109
    H. Pan
    How to write a scientific thesis in the field of phonetics.La lengua espanola es una lengua tonal [Spanish is a tonal language] 113
    A. Sanchez & D. Buenfil
    Improving organizational performance through training function 119
    C. San Long & T. OweeKowang
    Application of positive psychology in classroom management 123
    X.-F. Shao, Z. Wang & S.-F. Tian
    The impact of thinking differences between English and Chinese on translation 129
    J. Si
    On the model education targeted at college students 133
    M. Song
    Practice on continuous learning of mechanical graphics course 137
    S.N. Sun, Y. Huang & X.H. Li
    Study on the construction of outside-school productive practice base under the "mutually beneficial and win-win" mode between college and company 141
    L. Tang, Y.-H. Zeng, G. He, S.-S. Jiang, H. Ma, L.-J. Tang, S. You
    G. Wu & L. Gu
    Examining the system changes in Chinafs centenary higher education 147
    L. Tian
    Mathematics is not just an abstract subject but an economic and effective methodology: A viewpoint for education reformation 151
    W. Wang
    Holism is a basic appeal of literary creation 155
    Z. Wang
    Theory origins of Susanne Langerfs aesthetic ideology and Whiteheadfs holism 159
    Z. Wang
    Exploration and practice of teaching reform about explosive theory course 163
    Y.L.Wang, T. Wang, W.L.Yu & S.Q. Dong
    An analysis of intercultural communicative competence among business english majors 167
    F. Xu
    Discussion on the construction of original music system platform in colleges or universities 171
    Y. Yang
    The design and application of the flipped classroom model in English viewing, listening and speaking 177
    Y. Yang & H. Li
    Study on compressed sentence teaching 181
    L. Yuan
    Modern CMC technology for English language learning: blessing or nightmare 185
    L. Zhang
    Exploration and practice on the role of high-level sports teams of colleges and universities in
    promoting the physical health of students 189
    L. Zhang & B. Lu
    Construction and development of higher teaching education quality assurance system 193
    N. Zhao & Y. Wu
    Empirical study of TAF English reading model guided by CBI 197
    S. Zhao
    Research on high-level applied talents training. Shenzhen "characteristic colleges" model 201
    R. Zhou, J. Song, Y. He & Y. Li
    Theoretical study of international cooperation in higher education 205
    Y. Zhu
    Research on the physical teaching model in cultivating studentsf innovative ability 209
    R. Zou & J. Chen

    1.2. Methods and learning mechanisms in engineering education

    Practice and thinking for teaching graduate course of Artificial Neural Networks with Applications 215
    K. Cai
    The research of novel practical teaching system on higher vocational business English based on job skills on small and medium sized foreign trade enterprises 219
    C. Chen
    Typological thinking of the contemporary creative knowledge space: A teaching experiment of the Chinese-dutch international joint design 223
    Y. Chen, Y. Dong & K.S. Tang
    Study on research-type teaching method of the course titled "signal processing in mechanical systems" 229
    Z.S. Chen, Z. Hu & Y.M.Yang
    Preliminary study on full English teaching of soil mechanics 233
    K. Cui, H.H. Li & Y. Yang
    The negative effects of the Bologna process in practice 239
    D. Barton.k
    Spatial teaching via spatial experiential guiding: Teaching practice in foundation courses of architectural design 243
    Y. Dong, Y. Chen & Y.N. He
    Empirical study on influencing factors of college English network teaching.Relationship between college English network teaching, self-identity and micro-systems of virtual environment 247
    J. He
    Exploration of 3D printing teaching and practice in metalworking 251
    X. Hu, Y. Xia & H. Wu
    Teaching reform and practice in the course of numerical control technology 255
    D. Hu & Z. Wang
    Discussion based on Pro/E of teaching mode in mechanical drawing class of vocational colleges 259
    M. Li
    The cultivation of traditional culture in plane design teaching 263
    Q. Li
    Practice on classroom teaching reform for Mechanical Design Fundamental based on TRIZ 267
    X.F. Liang, J. Zhang & W.H. Sun
    Research and development on the training mode of the innovative professional photography personnel 273
    H. Liu
    EFL teaching from the perspective of Computer-Assisted Language Learning 277
    H. Liu
    New exploration for the characteristics and skills of scientific English translation in mechanical engineering 281
    X. Liu, W.Y. Zhang & J.L. Cui
    Industry-Education-Research-Application.A new model for talent cultivation 285
    C.H. Lou, X. Zhang, X.J. Liu & Q.M. Zhu
    Investigation and analysis on learning motivation of new police recruitment reform talents in police academy 289
    W. Rong, X. Wei & L. Jing
    Application of engineering examples surrounding the teaching clues on engineering courses teaching 293
    H.C. Sun
    Discussion on the skills of sports news photography 297
    L. Wang
    Improvement strategy based on oral business English in higher vocational college 301
    H. Wang
    Research on quality assurance system of training professional master degree postgraduates of ethnic universities 305
    W. Wei
    Exploration of multi-level experiment teaching based on open laboratory 309
    L.M. Wen
    Problems of primary and secondary school teacher training quality assurance and countermeasures 313
    L.Z. Xiao
    The action-oriented teaching design about highlighting the core competence of students of vocational education 317
    J. Yang
    Exploring the music in the film 323
    L. Yang
    A research on approaches and practices of cultivation of the professional core competence for vocational
    college students 327
    L. Yang, X. Ning, L. Liu, D. Wang & X. Zhang
    Research on the guidance system building for the development of graduate students with characteristics of engineering laboratories 331
    B. Yang, B.Q. Ma & B.Q. Wu
    Study on the industrial design teaching model of professional group, under the background of industrial cluster 337
    Y.H. Zeng, G. He, H. Ma, L.J. Tang, S. Yao, G. Wu, L. Gu, J.C. Li & Z.Y. Xiong
    Study on the influences of animation development on the physical education in colleges and universities 341
    L. Zeng
    Discussion on hierarchical training of accounting vocational core competencies 345
    L. Zhou & A. Zong

    2. Engineering technologies

    2.1. Mechanical and materials engineering

    A review on high-precision and high-speed devices for feeding applications of thin sheet metals 353
    R. Akhtar Razul
    Study of the feeding mechanism and influential parameters in strip feeding in micro-stamping. Positional overshooting 359
    R. Akhtar Razul
    Research on modeling method of ship magnetic field based on magnetic minesweeping gear 363
    X. Chen, L. Li, W. Zhang, Z. Tian, C. Zeng & X. Li
    Hypersonic air transportation: problems and possible solutions 367
    A.I. Danilin
    Study of clothing design status under the trend of personality 371
    Q. Deng
    Extension synthetic evaluation for the straightening mechanism of capacitor encapsulation 375
    H.W. Fang, G.Q. Zhang & J.Q. Jian
    Dynamic electrical impedance measurement methods 379
    G. Giannoukos & M. Min
    Theoretical analysis on osmotic pressure and experimental research on reverse osmosis 385
    X.W. Gong, Y.J. Shen, Y. Zhang & Q. Shi
    The current situation and improved test method of ice-melting equipment 391
    W. Huang & S.-J. Tian
    Conceptual model for synthesis of purposeful system and manufacturing processes of complex engineering products 395
    A.A. Koptev & A.N. Koptev
    Design and experimental research of axial skewed rotors 401
    Y. Li
    Study on stability of fluid hydrodynamic lubricative system 405
    Z. Li
    Study and design of laser acupuncture instrument based on SCM 409
    C. Li, D. Cong, Z. Huang & C. Gao
    On the research of the material in the modern interior design 415
    S. Liu
    The research on nano patent literature based on patentees 419
    N. Ma & Z. Chang
    A four-element framework for research on the composite materials supply chain 423
    E. Mastrocinque, A.E.C. Mondragon & P.J. Hogg
    A pitch detection method based on harmonic-tone theory and variable sampling rate technique 427
    Z.S. Pan & Y. Feng
    Adsorption of Cu(II) from aqueous solution by sulfuric acid and thermally treated attapulgite 431
    J. Ren, Y. Gao, Y.Q. Zhao & L. Tao
    Plow bottom surface stress test and research based on farmland soil conditions in southern Xinjiang region of China 435
    W. Wang, J. Zhang, M. Dai & M. Ni
    Unity: The beautiful and charming principle for the construction of scientific theory 439
    Z. Wang
    Application of laser processing technology in the metalworking practice 443
    H. Wu & Y. Xia
    Talk about the practical application of soft furnishings in interior design 447
    L. Yang
    Corrosion and protection technology of reinforced concrete structure under the marine environment 451
    X. Yang & J. Tang
    Study on the cultural and aesthetic characters of national costume design 455
    Z. Zhang

    2.2. Financial engineering

    Research on Chinafs financial development mode on low-carbon economy background 461
    W. Lv
    The shortcomings of the current definitions of an asset and the substance of an asset 467
    X.-P. Ao
    A rational approach to the acquisition, valuation and holding of assets 471
    X.-P. Ao & R. Collins
    Study on status and countermeasures of rural endowment pattern in sichuan province 475
    J. Gao, J. Li, Y. Xiang & L. Li
    Customer satisfaction in social commerce: The driving role of customer experience in social commerce components 479
    Z. He & A. Chen
    International financial institutes and labor rights in economic recession 485
    Y. Hu
    The analysis of French SMEsf present situation under the environment of Chinese macro market 491
    W. Hui
    The value chain of crowdfunding: Reflecting backersf perspective in the stages of crowdfunding process 495
    S. Jegelevi.i.t. & L. Valan.ien.
    A new analysis: Do multilateral trade rules promote green technology transfer? 499
    J. Jiani
    The study of marketing tactics for SoLoMo-mode-based handset banks 503
    J. Liu
    Tourism quality assessment in Poyang Lake ecological, economic region 507
    Y. Liu, M. Liu & C. Zhu
    Discuss construction of the theory of multi-level capital market 513
    H. Qin
    Research on enterprise financial management problems and improved method 517
    W. Shan & L. Chen
    Economic growth and unemployment: Is macroeconomic dependence valid? 521
    S. Vojtovic & E. Krajnakova
    Internal logic between the inclusive financial system development and poverty reduction 527
    N. Wang
    A study on Chinese foreign direct investment, trade and export demand 531
    N. Wang & Z. Liu
    A literature review about demonstrating whether Chinafs stock market has reached weak-form efficiency 535
    Y.L. Xu & C. Zhan
    Ranking the impact of world financial crisis on China 539
    Y. Zhou
    Competition relationship among big shareholders 545
    J. Zhou, D. Ming & L. Wang
    Price transmission in different swine products by ECM in China.with the Beijing market as example 549
    Z.Y. Zhu, F.Y. Nie, C.H. Qu, L. Zhang & X.B. Zhang

    2.3. Energy and environmental engineering

    Study on ecological climate theory and its application 555
    X. Cai
    Discussion on the relationship between industrial economy growth and environmental pollution of Sichuan province.An empirical analysis on cointegration and Granger causality test 559
    B. Fan, W. Li, Y. Yang & H. Zheng
    Sitting and watching the clouds and mountains.Lijiang Xianglu Health Valley landscape design 565
    T.-T. Feng & S.-W. Yang
    Analysis on governance of heavy metal soil contamination 569
    F. Guo & X. Hu
    Study on city residential area entrance intercourse space 573
    Y. Hao
    Cultural representation of the semiotics in the environment of art and design 577
    M. Hou
    Assessment of changes in characteristics of runoff of Africa for various climate scenarios 581
    V.V. Kovalenko, E.V. Gaidukova, M. Kuassi, H. Diawara & E.S. Bongu
    Domestic tourism development planning research review 585
    G. Li
    Analysis on the style and aesthetic effects of decorative arts in environment space 589
    Z. Lv
    Sustainability requires innovation toward atmospheric carbon reuse 593
    S. Petters
    Ecological effects of Tongren City land transferring 597
    J. Piao & K. Jin
    Ideas for innovating historical heritage and tourism culture of the folk songs in south Shaanxi - take Zhenba folk song in southern Shaanxi as an example 601
    J. Su
    Research and simulation on constant illumination intelligent lighting control system based on genetic algorithms 605
    Y. Wang, L. Cui & H. Qian
    Evaluation of downward surface solar radiation of three reanalysis products over China from 1979 to 2008 609
    X. Wu, W. Ju, Y. Zhou, B. Zhou & Y. Liu
    Research on landscape design of the university campus under environmental psychology 619
    C. Wu & W. Xia
    Effect of environmental changes on local residentsf place attachment 627
    X.Y. Zhang, H. Yu, J.X. Sun & T. Chen
    Research on the relationship between energy minerals exploitation and economic growth: Johansen co-integration analysis and Granger causality test 635
    D.-Y. Zhu & J.-K. Sun

    2.4. Social engineering

    Comparative study of four etiquettes between China and the West 641
    Z.X. Zhou
    Historical aspect of the formation and development of German.Russian terminology of electrical engineering 645
    G. Beisembayeva, L. Dalbergenova, Sh. Zharkynbekova & M. Nurtazina
    The study of social hubfs influence on the whole network innovation resistance 649
    T. Chen & L. Xie
    Discussion on the non-intelligence factors influencing the psychology of creative thinking 655
    G. Cui
    Cognitive state of the subject in causal relations (in the cases of German) 659
    L. Dalbergenova, G. Beisembayeva & Sh. Zharkynbekova
    The studying path of newly built local universities inheriting and innovating local culture 663
    Y. Gao & X. Luo
    Significance of modern scientific and technological progress for the development of philosophical anthropology 667
    C. Ge
    The framework building of Chinese higher education social accountability system 671
    Y. Gu, M. Cai, Z. Wang & C. Luo
    A study on Dingxi potato brands population during evolution-stage recognition 675
    S. Hui, J. Bian & Y. Zheng
    Painting involved in psychological counseling work in vocational colleges 681
    X. Jin
    Confucian culture and the construction of harmonious campus culture 685
    L. Kang
    Sexism as reflected in the Chinese and English languages 689
    X. Li
    Non-standard cultural assignments of word problems: 6th gradersf preferences and performance 693
    H. Moraova & J. Novotna
    On importance of posters in psychological warfare dissemination 699
    W. Rao & T. Liu
    Connotation construction of leisure sports specialty with Sichuan characteristics 703
    L. Rui
    Preliminary exploration on Aristotlefs science aesthetic thought 707
    Z. Wang
    Confucianism and procedural fairness perceptions of applicants: A mediating model 711
    Q.J. Wang & Y.M. Zhang
    An excellent description of all kinds of characters in XingShiYan. The description of all kinds of characters of different classes in late Ming Dynasty 715
    H. Xu
    Review of studies on American female writer.Edith Wharton 719
    X. Zhou
    Analysis on the theoretical origin of Marcusefs theory of modern utopia revolution 723
    G. Zhou

    2.5. Information engineering

    Design and realization of official reception management system in Chinese universities based on C/S mode 729
    M. Cai, Z. Wang, Y. Gu & C. Luo
    Switching characteristics evaluation of corner using probabilistic model 735
    X.Y. Chen, L. Cai & L.X. Liu
    Performance evaluation of naval minesweeping and estimation of the number of remaining mines based on Markov process 739
    X. Chen, H. Lu, C. Zhu, Y. Ge, L. Li & Y. Zheng
    Research on the evaluation model of effect of naval minesweeping operation in complex conditions 743
    X. Chen, W. Zhang, Z. Tian, H. Lu, C. Zhu & C. Zhang
    Study on daily accounting profit feasibility of banking based on data center 749
    Y. Cheng
    Parallel task scheduling balancing algorithm based on clonal selection algorithm in cloud computing environment 753
    C. Fu, J. Ma, L. Liu & L. Yan
    The design and implementation of big data analysis system based on ocean RS 757
    Y. Gao, G.Y. Jiang, J. Xu & B. Zhang
    Analysis on the evaluation scheme of project-oriented course in computer application technology major 763
    W. He
    The design and implementation of medical image processing system based on DICOM format 767
    J. Hua
    Research on cloud computing-based aged care at home with a community service information system 771
    X.-Q. Li & J. Wang
    On importing computer games into course of Algorithm design and Analysis 775
    Sh.Q. Li & X.H. Yuan
    The application of concentrated computer technology in sports training 779
    Y. Li
    The study of corpus-based computer-aided learning of Chinese as a foreign language 783
    H. Liu
    Study on the development of e-sports games in China 787
    S. Liu
    Application and development of E-card in the gymnasium 791
    X. Mei
    A research and design on application of Genetic Algorithm 795
    P. Meng, Y. Shi & L. Sun
    Application of PostgreSQL in database courses 799
    Y. Peng & D. Liu
    On the differences between Chinese and westerners in non-language communication 803
    W. Wang
    Design strategy of public information facilities in the background of an aging society 807
    F. Wang
    Study on the technical solution for the comprehensive railway transport sand table simulation training system 811
    J. Wang & Y. Zhang
    Analyse the application of EU data protection law to the cloud computing in providing particular attention to the challenges to the existing legislative framework 815
    N. Xu
    Construction and application of oral English evaluation index system based on AHP 819
    Y. Yang & H. Li
    Research on IT-based autonomous English teaching mode for NCO 823
    Y. Yang
    Research on computer gray algorithm and image restoration 827
    H. Yang
    Spatial pattern characteristics of urban tourism efficiency.a case from Hainan International Tourism Island, China 831
    H. Yu, D.-F. Zhu & T. Chen
    Using on-board web camera for navigation of mobile robots 837
    D.A. Yukhimets & A.A. Novitsky
    Universal software platform for information control system of mobile robots 841
    D.A. Yukhimets, V.F. Filaretov & E.Sh. Mursalimov
    Calculation of performance indicators for passenger transport based on telemetry information 847
    M. Yurchenko, E. Kochegurova, A. Fadeev & A. Piletskya
    Application of corset element in fashion design 853
    W. Zhong
    Analysis on application of computer presentation in building scheme design 857
    Z. Zhu, H. Shi & Y. Xi
    Two kinds of combined tests based on two truncated summation statistics for high-dimensional normal populations with application to Rheumatoid Arthritis data 861
    J. Zhu, B. Zhang, D. Pan, P. Wang & Z. Li

    2.6. Bioengineering and chemical engineering

    Levels, sources and potential risks of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Futian Mangrove Wetland and in Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen, China 869
    L. Deng, A.-P. Lei & F.-X. Wang
    Preliminary studies on the anti-tumor activity of glycoprotein from scapharca kagoshimensis 875
    Y. Fu, X. Sui, Y. Han & X. Feng
    The impact heme oxygenase -1 on the regulating factors of hepatoma cellsf cell cycle 879
    H. Gao, T. Zhou, S. Li, C. Zhang & H. Chen
    University organic chemistry education technological innovation 883
    L. Han
    Increased activity of the human telomerase catalytic subunit promoter by the VEGF enhancer in human cancer cells 887
    W. Hu, X. Meng, Y. Tian & Y. Zang
    Prospects of the treatment of gastrointestinal tumors with the development of minimally invasive surgical techniques 891
    Z. Jiang
    Effects of Reynoutria japonica isoflavone on the serum lipid metabolism and endothelial dilation function of artery in ovariectomized rats 895
    X.B. Jing & X.M. Sun
    Effects of delayed PCI on the prognosis of ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction 899
    X.B. Jing & T.K. Liu
    On the methods of free throw percentage in basketball games 903
    T. Li & Y. Yang
    A comparative study of process parameter optimization and process of flavonoid in planted Trollius Chinensis through backflow method, ultrasonic wave method and microwave method 907
    Y. Liang
    Digital PCR absolute quantification of a DNA plasmid based on enzyme digestion 913
    W. Liang, L. Xu, Y. Li, Y.L. Wen, L. Li & G. Liu
    A comparative study of flavonoid water-ethanol extraction process in planted Trollius chinensis 917
    Y. Liang
    Diagnosis and treatment value of ultrasound for hepatobiliary and pancreatic disease 923
    H. Lin
    Effects of ursolic acid from loquat leaves on cough and inflammation in the mouse experiments 927
    G. Lin, G. Shen, J. Wu, Q. Lin, F. Cai, Z. Tang & Z. Wang
    Pharmacological effects of nuciferine from lotus leaves in the mouse experiments 933
    G. Lin, B. Wu, J. Wu, Q. Lin, Z. Tang, F. Cai & Z. Wang
    Research on the two-dimensional correlation between human STI and blood lactate
    concentration change in discontinuous incremental load 941
    Q. Liu
    Early prevention of exercise-induced tibia periostitis for long-distance runners in China's regular universities 945
    Y. Mao
    New theory of traditional Chinese medicine toxicology 949
    M.S. Miao, S. Tian & M. Bai
    Colloidal gold strip-NASBA technique for rapid detection of Shigella 953
    X. Ni, X. Wei & Y. Jiang
    Swimming training attenuates learning, and memory impairment induced by Trimethyltin chloride is linked to the increase of SYP and GAP43 expression of hippocampus in BALB/c mice 957
    Q. Qin & D. Wang
    Research on correlations between STI and blood lactic acid in increasing and intermittent workload 961
    T. Song
    Effect of food preservatives on the growth of spoilage bacteria 965
    Z.-L. Tan, T.-T. Wang, X.-Y. Wu, T.-J. Zhang, N. Zhou, Y.-Y. Cai, A. Tuohetiyusupu & S.-R. Jia
    Effects of Chinese traditional medicines on the TƒÀRII-mediated smads pathway in adjuvant-induced arthritis in rats 969
    L. Wan & J. Liu
    Neurofilament proteins hierarchical control and post-transcriptional regulation in neurodegenerative diseases and nerve regeneration 977
    L. Zhang, D. Wang & H. Wang
    Optimization of extraction conditions of papain in ionic liquid aqueous two- phase system using response surface methodology 981
    W.T. Wang, Y.H. Xu, H.D. Zhang, Z.G. Jiang, A.H. Dong, J. Peng & T. Cai
    Identification of a peanut protein as a novel peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase NIMA-interacting 4 987
    Q. Wu, X.Z. Wang, Y.Y. Tang, Q.X. Sun, F.G. Cui & C.T. Wang
    Effects of HIF prolyl hydoxylase-2 silencing on hypoxia-induced Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor expression in luteal cells 991
    Z. Zhang, Z. Tang, Z. Wang, X. Pang & D. Yin
    Effects of tachyplesin I on the embryonic development of zebrafish 999
    Q. Zhu, J. Dai, L. Zhang, G. Jin, Q. Jiang, X. Zhu & S. Li

    3. Engineering management

    3.1. Decision support system

    A empirical study on impact factors of employeefs knowledge capital in supply chain: Social network perspective 1007
    L. Chen, M. Ma & L. Sun
    A kind of psychological crisis warning system based on C4.5 decision tree algorithm 1013
    Z.H. Huang
    Inspiration of the development of sports informatization for the management mode of sports in the university 1017
    A. Li
    The research of current situation and development countermeasures of
    Chinese animation industry 1021
    J. Li
    Research on industry cluster competitiveness based on DEA-ridge regression two-step method - Taking the Hunan automobile industry cluster as an example 1025
    J. Liu
    Study on the strategies of sports news reports from the perspective of media postmodernism 1031
    S. Liu
    Analysis on the prospect of developing the sports industry for the elderly in China 1035
    M. Men
    Study on the reform of sports based on institutional change theory 1039
    Z. Song
    The development of gymnasium management software 1043
    X. Tan
    Idea and method for improvement of scientificity of democratic decision-making in colleges and universities 1047
    T. Wang
    Impact of sports and leisure industry on urban development 1051
    X. Wu
    Risk management of compensations for mass torts by enterprises 1055
    D. Yu
    A study of crisis management based on life cycle 1059
    Q. Yue & Q. Guo
    Research of coal enterprises cost model design and optimization based on value chain analysis 1063
    J. Zhang & S. Zhang
    Optimization methods for sustainable development of cross-border E-commerce in China 1069
    Y. Zhang

    3.2. Project and quality management

    Integration and application of PDM System and logistics management system 1075
    L. Chen & J. Zhao
    Influence of product manufacturing, supplier and technology selection in the configuration of the UK composites supply chain 1079
    A.E. Coronado Mondragon, E. Mastrocinque & P.J. Hogg
    Study on status problems and development strategies of leisure farm in Shandong Province 1083
    X. Gong & X. Fang
    Research on the reform model of Chinafs government accounting based on performance management 1087
    J. Huang
    JCI international authentication application practice of Chinese tertiary hospital 1091
    J. Huang & G. Yue
    Review and prospect on the study of correlation between working capital management and enterprise performance in different industries 1095
    Z. Jiang & Y. Zhang
    Impact of Chinese social transformation on the reform of social sports management system 1099
    G. Li
    Administrative law studies policy based on public interest 1103
    X. Liang
    The study of folk culture and creative industry development strategy in hebei 1107
    B. Liu & J. Zhang
    The development and utilization of college sports industry 1111
    Y. Mao
    Development of Quality Management System and ISO 9001 integrated framework 1115
    T. Owee Kowang, A. Hurairah Abd Rahim, C. Sang Long & A. Rasli
    Analysis of diversified company management and relevant factors 1121
    H. Wang
    How PDCA cycle implementation improved surgical time-out compliance rate 1125
    H. Wang, J. Huang, Y.-F. Ren, H. Xu, Y. Chang, X.-F. Ma & Y.W. Pang
    Research on function of the project of villagers' photograph records by Shan Shui Conservation Center 1129
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    Deyao Tan