Engineering Technology and Applications : Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Engineering Technology and Applications (ICETA 2014), Tsingtao, China, 29-30 April 2014 book cover
1st Edition

Engineering Technology and Applications
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Engineering Technology and Applications (ICETA 2014), Tsingtao, China, 29-30 April 2014

ISBN 9781138027053
Published August 19, 2014 by CRC Press
346 Pages

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Book Description

Engineering Technology and Applications contains the contributions presented at the 2014 International Conference on Engineering Technology and Applications (ICETA 2014, Tsingtao, China, 29-30 April 2014). The book is divided into three main topics:
– Civil and environmental engineering
– Electrical and computer engineering
– Mechanical engineering

Considerable attention is also paid to big data, cloud computing, neural network algorithms and social network services. The book will be invaluable to professionals and academics in civil, environmental, electrical, computer and mechanical engineering.

Table of Contents


Civil and environmental engineering

Study on solidifying or stabilizing heavy metal pollution sludge with multiple additives and the leaching experiment
M.M. Li, D.J. Zuo, Y.T. Zhang & X.Y. An

Preparation and properties of CNT/Sn-Pb composite coating
C.H. Li & C. Chen

A study on polycrystalline material microstructure based on 3D simulation analysis
J. Xu

Research on application of water conservancy project bidding decision model based on BP neural network
L. Liu, H.R. Ji, X.Y. Guo & S.H. Sun

The influence of calcium content on hydrogen chloride emission during Refuse Derived Fuel combustion
M.M. Li, Y. Zhao, W.B. Pei, X.Q. Liu & W.D. Ji

Temperature control in quick construction of high roller compacted concrete dams
X.B. Du & B. Chen

Mechanical design of railway bed cleaning based on the virtual prototype technology of engineering machinery
C. Chen & C.H. Li

Influencing factors and control method of mudstone slaking in drilling coring
W.D. Ji, Y.T. Zhang, Y.F. Jin & X.Y. An

Research on the cause and control of cracks in reinforced concrete based on stress analysis
C. Yu

Study on coupling model for three-dimensional seepage and land subsidence of deep foundation pit dewatering
X.Y. An, D.J. Zuo, M.M. Li, W.B. Pei & J.D. Li

Electrical and computer engineering

Research and application of consumer power utilization monitoring in intelligent power distribution and utilization system
H.J. Guo & L. Shi

The design and realization of an HV breaker monitoring system
H.B. Li, Y.X. Liao & Z.Y. Li

An automatic white balance algorithm based on an improved method of specular reflection
W.Q. Chen, M. Yang, J.B. Duan &Y.L. Fan

Application of BP neural network to power prediction of wind power generation unit in microgrid
D.X.Wu & H.M.Wang

Internet consumption analysis based on impact factors: Model and experiment
Y.J. Guan

An intelligent monitoring system based on big data mining
C. Cheng, D.N.Wang & W.B. Shi

Study on the effect of nonlinear load on grid energy quality and its optimization
N. Yao, D.J. Luo & X.S. Zhang

Research on the detection of coal mine underground ventilation capacity based on cloud computing k-unth algorithm
Z. Lv

A privacy protection model for location-based social networking services
R. Tan, W. Si & J.Wang

Marine controlled source electromagnetic acquisition station with low power consumption technology
D. Zeng, H.M. Duan, M. Deng, K. Chen & S.C. Bu

Research on automatic monitoring system of medium and small size reservoirs based on internet of things
W.Q. Cui, S.L. Zhang, X.W. Qi & J.Y. Yu

An innovative framework for database web services
K. Yan, T.F. Jiang, Q.F. Tan & H. Liu

Comparison of A* and Lambda* algorithm for path planning
P. Li, J.Y. Zhu & F. Peng

Research on the comparison testing technique of induction coil sensor
X.H. Luo, Z.L.Wu, M. Deng, M.Wang & K. Chen

Applying data mining to improve faculty evaluation for educational organizations
W. Si, R. Tan, J.Wang, H.M. Liu & J.Y. Li

Research on the underground power quality optimization and control based on cloud computing TaskScheduler algorithm
Z. Lv

Evaluation modeling in English teaching based on frequent itemset mining algorithm
Y.X. Cui

Study on highway fire detection based on multi-information fusion technology
S.P. Liu

Adaptive beamforming technique based on neural network
Z.H. Fan, J.Wilson & A. Grey

Design of real-time digital chaos system based on FPGA
S.P. Liu & E.Wayne

Impact analysis on the voltage waveforms of the low voltage grid with respect to electronic equipment
Q.M. Li, L. Cui & H.L. Lv

Theory of automatic transformation from Computation Independent Model to Platform Independent Model for MDA
X. Chen, D.D. Zhou & L.G.Wu

The research on how to improve the reliability of county-level distribution grids using the TD-LTE process
J.L. Zhang, L.J. Xiong, J. Yuan, X.H. Duan & B.Wu

Service reliability evaluation of regional distribution networks using the AHP method
L.J. Xiong, H.B. Zhao, H.Y. Shang, H.F.Wu & J. Yuan

Reliability evaluation of distribution networks with DG connection using statistics simulation
C.X. Zhang, H.B. Zhao, L. Guo, X.Y.Wang &Y.T. Zhang

Maintenance strategy optimization of main transmission and transformation equipment in distribution networks based on integrated risk assessment
K.N.Wang, T.Z.Wang & S. Lu

Mechanical engineering

Research of vibrating cockpit systems about helicopter training simulator
Y.J. Gai, J.Q.Wang & Y.Y. Li

A high current recorder for marine controlled source electromagnetic method
Z.L.Wu, X.H. Luo, M. Deng, Y. Li, K. Chen & M.Wang

A fusion edge detection method based on improved Prewitt operator and wavelet transform
K.L. Yu & Z.Y. Xie

Using Directed-tree to control the production of remote sensing products
B. Zhou, S. Xu & X.X. Yang

Research on the testing technology of marine electric field sensor
L. Zhou & M. Deng

The testing technology of low noise chopper amplifier
X.Y. Shi, K. Chen, Z.Y. Lu & Y. Sun

A review on biomechanics and its applications in human movement
X.M. Lv, Y.Y. Hou & J.L. Yang

A generative and discriminative hybrid model for object detection and tracking
Q. Liu, J.Wang, Q.Y. Hou,W. Zhao, L. Mei, C.P. Hu & Y. Li

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