1st Edition

English Domestic Life during the last 200 years An Anthology...

By L.A. G. Strong Copyright 1942

    First Published in 1942, English Domestic Life presents an anthology that gives as complete a picture as possible of the English domestic scene during the last 200 years. With Fielding we accompany an eighteenth-century family to the theatre to see Mr Garrick in Hamlet; with Thackeray we see Mrs Rawdon Crawley going to Court; with Meredith we taste the delights of wine; with Galsworthy we enjoy a Forsyte dinner; and so on. The mass material from which L. A. G. Strong has made this selection is enormous; he has therefore been rigidly selective, and, believing that representation of the subject is more important than representation of authors, has made an anthology as entertaining as it is instructive. Among many others, selections have been taken from the work of Jane Austen, Dickens, Bennett, Walpole etc. This selection is a must read for scholars and students of English literature.

    Foreword 1. Samuel Richardson 2. Henry Fielding 3. Laurence Sterne 4. Tobias George Smollett 5. Oliver Goldsmith 6. Fanny Burney 7. Jane Austen 8. Thomas Love Peacock 9. Emily Eden 10. Robert Smith Surtees 11. Edward Bulwer Lytton 12. Benjamin Disraeli 13. Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 14. William Makepeace Thackeray 15. Charles Dickens 16. Charles Reade 17. Anthony Trollope 18. Charlotte Bronte 19. Albert Smith 20. Charles Kingsley 21. George Eliot 22. Anne Bronte 23. Thomas Hughes 24. Charlotte Mary Yonge 25. Dinah Maria Craik 26. George Meredith 27. Henry Kingsley 28. Mary Elizabeth Braddon 29. Rhoda Broughton 30. Thomas Hardy 31. Walter Raymond 32. George Gissing 33. Eden Phillpotts 34. Arthur Morrison 35. Herbert George Wells 36. Ernest Dowson and Arthur Moore 37. John Galsworthy 38. Arnold Bennett 39. William Somerset Maugham 40. Compton Mackenzie 41. Frank Swinnerton 42. Hugh Walpole 43. David Herbert Lawrence 44. Elizabeth M Delafield 45. Lettice Cooper 46. Elizabeth Bowen 47. Rosamond Lehmann 48. Norman Collins Acknowledgements


    L. A. G. Strong