1st Edition

English Literature and Ideas in the Twentieth Century An Inquiry into Present Difficulties and Future Prospects

By H.V. Routh Copyright 1950

    English Literature and Ideas in the Twentieth Century (1950) looks at the British pioneers of a new style of writing in the twentieth century. Handling new material in new ways, their experiments in technique and presentation are examined by the light of what was passing in their minds, and in the minds of their readers – attitudes, aspirations and dreams which are sometimes uncongenial, always unconventional.

    1. Transition at about 1900  2. The Pioneers of the Twentieth Century  3. Humanists Who Accompanied the Leaders, But Would Neither Lead Nor Be Led  4. Poets Who Tried to Pour New Wine Into Old Bottles  5. Novelists Who Held Back and Dramatists Who Pressed Forward  6. The Crisis in Poetry and Its Would-Be Reformers  7. Movements Beneath the Surface  8. Impact of the Four Years War  9. The Interwar Atmosphere  10. Leading Interpreters of the Interwar Period  11. The Last Phase: Its Failures and Bids for Success  12. The Tendencies of Twentieth-Century Literature and Their Chances in the Future


    H.V. Routh