1st Edition

Enhancing Intimacy in Marriage A Clinician's Guide

By Dennis A. Bagarozzi Copyright 2001
    166 Pages
    by Routledge

    166 Pages
    by Routledge

    Most people believe that intimacy is a unitary construct-that is, that it is made up of only one component. Dr. Bagarozzi demonstrates how intimacy is comprised of at least nine separate subcomponents. The degree to which partners can meet the intimacy needs of their mates in all nine areas is critical to marital satisfaction. Building upon the foundations of the author's Enhancing Intimacy Program, which he developed and utilized in his own practice with clients, Enhancing Intimacy in Marriage explores the ways in which intimacy is demonstrated and communicated between married partners. A simple questionnaire, the Intimacy Needs Survey, is used to help couples identify areas of satisfaction and areas where intimacy needs are not being met. Clinical strategies for helping couples improve their intimacy are presented in case examples. This book is unique in that it offers clinicians a step-by-step approach for both assessment and intervention


    1. Intimacy: Components of a Basic Human Need
    2. Intimacy: An Interactive and Dynamic Process
    3. The Intimacy Needs Survey: An Experimental Measure for Clinicians
    4. Assessment Considerations

    5. Practices and Procedures for Enhancing Intimacy: A Case Study of Clara and Ralph
    6. Enhancing Intimacy: Practices and Procedures with Clara and Ralph Continued
    7. Sexual Intimacy: Special Considerations
    8. Final Considerations

    Appendix A
    Appendix B
    Appendix C
    Appendix D


    Dennis A. Bagarozzi, Ph.D., is currently a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Georgia. He works in private practice in Atlanta and Athens, Georgia, at Human Resources Consultants, a consulting firm he formed in 1986. He has published widely, and has authored or co-authored seven texts. He is on the editorial boards of numerous clinical and scientific journals, and is the Editor of the Family Measurement Techniques section of the American Journal of Family Therapy.

    "In this practical book Bagarozzi presents a unique approach to couples therapy by breaking down the concept of intimacy into nine separate but interrelated components, each deserving individual assessment and attention. What results is a dynamic model of intimacy which takes into account the interactive nature of intimacy that must be addressed if intervention is to be successful." -- Family Therapy: The Journal of the California Graduate School of Family Psychology
    "This book takes us beyond our naïve, culturally determined concept of intimacy to explore the many dimensions and influences of this multi-faceted process [of creating intimacy]. It also offers the conceptual clarity of cognitive behavioral strategies and the kindness and sophistication of a seasoned clinician. Dr. Bagarozzi gives us an elegant framework for understanding how couples can and do live with their differing personal needs." -- Norman Brown, Ph.D., author of Love and Intimate Relationships
    "Intimacy has always been a one-dimensional concept that revolved around sex. Dr. Dennis Bagarozzi shows us clearly that intimacy is multi-dimensional, consisting of interrelated components, and can be learned as a skill. He should be congratulated for this useful and original book." -- Wade Luquet, Ph.D., author of Short Term Couples Therapy and Healing Relational Paradigm