1st Edition

Entangled Fictions Nonhuman Animals in an Indian World

By Suvadip Sinha Copyright 2023

    Entangled Fictions: Nonhuman Animals in an Indian World studies the ethical and affective relationships between human and nonhuman animals in Indian fictional worlds. While drawing upon existing theoretical and philosophical texts with nonhumanist underpinnings, Entangled Fictions argues that the corpus is limited epistemologically and politically when it comes to their examinations of the nonhuman in India. Deeply influenced by the political/existential expediencies of our times, the book traverses several genres, shifts from fictional to anecdotal, and transitions from autobiographical to spectra in effort to introduce readers to fictional worlds marked by human-nonhuman fluidity and trans-species contiguity that was imagined and lived much before the telos of human extinction became either a global or local concern.


    Chapter 1: Theoretical Possibilities and Provocations

    Chapter 2: Companionable Fiction: Unbecoming Human

    Chapter 3: Becoming More than Human: Poetic Metamorphoses

    Chapter 4: Towards a Stray Manifesto



    Suvadip Sinha is an Assistant Professor in South Asian Literature and Culture at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.