1st Edition

Entrepreneurial Innovation in the International Business of Tourism

Edited By Maria Jesus Jerez Jerez, Pantea Foroudi Copyright 2024
    328 Pages 26 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This international case study book provides 28 expertly curated case studies on entrepreneurship and innovation in tourism, each with detailed implementation instructions for the instructor to maximise student participation and learning.

    The dynamic characteristic of the tourism industry under the influence of micro and macro environment factors requires future professionals to be equipped with appropriate skills and competencies to deal with change and development in real-life practices. Curated and developed by industry experts and practitioners, these case studies embody real-world scenarios with the aim of best preparing students for their future careers. This compelling set of case studies explores the dynamics of entrepreneurship in global context, analyses emerging markets and new business models, and elicits the implications of innovation and entrepreneurship in different contexts and within a transdisciplinary perspective. The cases illustrate innovation and entrepreneurship as an accelerator of tourism growth and development, under a sustainable perspective.

    With reflective questions throughout to aid both in-class discussion and self-study, this book is an ideal study resource for use in higher and vocational education, and its unique, teaching-led approach positions it as a vital study tool for instructors and students alike.

    Introduction: Entrepreneurial Innovation in the International Business of Tourism

    María Jesús Jerez-Jerez and Pantea Foroudi


    Section 1: Strategies and Insights for Emerging Markets


    1.     Exploring the Tourism Potential and Innovative Contributions of Social Enterprises in South-East Nigeria

    Maurice Ekwugha, Charles Oham, Nkechi Ojiagu and Robert Amadi


    2.     Exploring Destination Managers’ Approach to Shock Advertising: The Case of Southeast Asian Countries and Turkey

    Augusta Evans


    3.     Post-Brexit Tourism: Customer Perspectives

    Isabel Dolores Jimenez Jimenez


    Section 2: Sustainable Practices and Environmental Considerations


    4.     Environmental Sustainability in the Tourism Sector

    Claudia Sevilla-Sevilla, Ainhoa Rodriguez-Oromendia and Julio Navio-Marco


    5.     Water Use in Tourism

    Amelia Pérez Zabaleta and Ester Méndez Pérez


    6.     Smart Tourism: Advancing Sustainable ‘Smart’ Tourism by a Critical Analysis of the Disparity between the Factors Driving Consumer Decision-Making and the Offerings and Challenges within the Industry

    Saira Sultana


    Section 3: Innovations, Technologies and Branding in Tourism


    7.     Immersive Technology in Tourism: Applications of Immersive Technologies and Impacted Tourism Experience

    Carmen Arroyo


    8.     Destination Branding Authenticity: Building Relationship Orientation among Visitor Attractions, Tourism, and Millenials

    Ilma Aulia Zaim, Annisa Rahmani Qastharin and Agi Agung Galuh Purwa


    9.     Unleashing Innovation through Internal Branding and Resident Involvement

    Ioana S. Stoica


    10.  Transport: Digital Trends

    Pavlos Arvanitis


    Section 4: Management, Policy, and Research Insights in Tourism


    11.  Managing Cultural Diversity and Communication Inside the Tourism Industry

    Leszek Wypych and Ijaz Ahmad


    12.  Changing Government Attitudes: Development and Management of New Knowledge on Security and Safety in Tourism

    María Jesús Jerez-Jerez


    13.  Synergies to Promote Successful PMI in the Tourism Industry

    Leszek Wypych, Ijaz Ahmad and Sandhya Sastry


    14.  Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality Research: A Bibliometric Analysis

    Sanaz Vatankhah, Vahideh Bamshad and Sadaf Tallia


    María Jesús Jerez-Jerez is Senior in International Business at the University of Bedfordshire. Maria received her PhD in Business Management from Middlesex University, London, UK. She has a Master of Arts degree in International Hotel and Restaurant Management from London Metropolitan University, UK, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism, Madrid, Spain. She worked in the hotel and tourism industry in various functional areas and managerial roles before becoming an educator.

    Pantea Foroudi, Brunel University, London, UK, is the Business Manager and Solution Architect at Foroudi Consultancy, as well as a member of Brunel University London. Her primary research interest has focused on consumer behaviour from a multidisciplinary approach, with a particular focus on the concept of customer perception and its effect on corporate brand identity, design, sustainable development goals (SDGs). Pantea has published widely in international academic journals such as the British Journal of Management, Journal of Business Research, and European Journal of Marketing. She is the associate/senior/editor of the International Journal of Hospitality Management, Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Hospitality Management, International Journal of Management Reviews, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management and more.

    "The book Entrepreneurial Innovation in the International Business of Tourism, edited by María Jesús Jerez-Jerez and Pantea Foroudi, stands as an exemplar in the realm of tourism studies. Seamlessly interweaving empirical research with profound insights, Jerez-Jerez and Foroudi shed light on the complexities of today's dynamic tourism landscape. Each chapter, penned by experts in the field, delves into diverse geographies, cultural nuances, and innovative approaches to sustainable tourism practices. The book's comprehensive examination of technologies, sustainability concerns, and entrepreneurial strategies offers both academics and industry professionals a roadmap for navigating the intricate terrain of international tourism. I wholeheartedly endorse this meticulously crafted volume as a seminal resource, destined to influence the discourse and practice of global tourism for the foreseeable future."

    Prof. T.C. Melewar, Professor of Marketing and Strategy, Middlesex University

    "The book, Entrepreneurial Innovation in the International Business of Tourism, edited by María Jesús Jerez-Jerez and Pantea Foroudi, is a comprehensive and forward-looking exploration of entrepreneurial innovation in the ever-evolving tourism and hospitality sector. The authors provide fresh insights into the emerging trends and the multifaceted dynamics of entrepreneurial innovation by taking consideration of factors such as policy, society, sustainability, and technology. This book not only offers a rich theoretical foundation but also provides practical insights through numerous case studies. As a unique and timely addition to the literature, it serves as an invaluable resource and inspiration for students, researchers, academics, and industry practitioners."

    Prof. Yan, Professor of Information Systems, University of Bedfordshire