1st Edition

Environmental Biotechnology Sustainable Remediation of Contamination in Different Environs

    360 Pages 13 Color & 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    360 Pages 13 Color & 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    This book provides a review of innovative and novel biotechnological techniques that can be implemented to assess, analyze, and mitigate harmful pollutants and wastes that result from agricultural and industrial operations. It helps to meet the much-needed demand for improvement of low-cost technologies that tackle pollution problems scientifically for the safeguard of the environment, focusing on bioremediation solutions that also create useful and renewable forms of energy.

    The biotechnological interventions discussed in the volume include approaches involving genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, and fluxomics. In addition, biological agents such as microalgae, bacteria, fungi, and bacteriophage, which can also prove to be helpful in the elimination of wastes, are explored. Topics in Environmental Biotechnology: Sustainable Remediation of Contamination in Different Environs include the associated consequences and hazards from agricultural and industrial waste and a variety of bioremediation measures, including the use of bioaugmentation, biosensors, challenges of biofuel production, and more.

    The book is directed to researchers, scientists, industrialists, farmers, agricultural waste management authorities, as well as to faculty and students, and aims to help implement these novel technologies for environmental stability.

    1. Assessment of Some Hazards Associated with Dangerous Chemicals

    Monica Butnariu and Elena Bonciu

    2. Environmental Degradation as a Multifaceted Consequence of Human Development

    Zulaykha Khurshid Dijoo and Rizwana Khurshid

    3. Persistent Organic Pollutants: Sources, Impacts, and Their Remediation by Microalgae

    Dig Vijay Singh, Atul Kumar Upadhyay, Ranjan Singh, and D. P. Singh

    4. Microbial Intervention for Degradation of Agricultural Wastes

    Tawseef Ahmad Mir, Muatasim Jan, and Mir Sajad Rabani

    5. Microbial Consortium: A Biotechnological Tool for Enhanced Bioremediation in Pollution-Affected Environments

    Saba Mir, Moonisa Aslam Dervash, Asif B. Shikari, and Wasia Showkat

    6. Bioaugmentation: A Way Out for Remediation of Polluted Environments

    Mohammad Yaseen Mir, Saima Hamid, and Gulab Khan Rohela

    7. Biodegradable Waste: Renewable Energy Source

    Monica Butnariu and Elena Bonciu

    8. Intrusion of Biotechnology for Degradation of Organic Wastes

    Rubiya Dar, Baba Uqab, Shah Ishfaq, Saleem Farooq, Riasa Zaffar, and Hina Mushtaq

    9. Biotechnological Intervention for the Management of Agricultural Waste

    Tijjani Sabiu Imam, Hadiza Abdullahi Ari, and Adamu Yunusa Ugya

    10. Biofuels: Current Challenges and Possible Solutions

    Adeyemi Adesina

    11. Biotechnological Intercession in Biofuel Production

    Wasia Showkat, Moonisa Aslam Dervash, Khalid Z. Masoodi, Javeed A. Mugloo, S. A. Gangoo, and Saba Mir

    12. Biosensors: A Biotechnological Tool for Monitoring Environmental Pollution

    Irteza Qayoom, Zulaykha Khurshid Dijoo, and Mehvish Hameed

    13. New Insights of Bacteriophages: Potential Tool for Wastewater Treatment

    Saima Hamid and Mohammad Yaseen Mir


    Rouf Ahmad Bhat, Khalid Zaffar Masoodi