1st Edition

Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology of Aluminum

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ISBN 9780873711944
Published September 1, 1989 by CRC Press
350 Pages

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Book Description

This valuable new book examines the sources, fate, transport, and health effects of aluminum in aquatic and terrestrial environments. Concisely written by leading experts, Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology of Aluminum bridges numerous scientific disciplines that are conducting research on this once-believed innocuous element.

Included in this comprehensive publication are: the latest advances in the study of aluminum in the environment; toxicity research-aquatic and terrestrial biota; neurotoxicity and possible links to Alzheimer's disease; different forms of aluminum in soils and soil water; coordination chemistry; specification and analytical methods; mobilization into subsurface waters as a result of acidic deposition; aluminum chemistry in soils and plant toxicity; effects in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems; and aluminum research in drinking and ground water. This is an ACS Environmental Chemistry Division book.

Table of Contents

Coordination Chemistry and Speciation of Al(III) in Aqueous Solution, Arthur E. Martell and Ramunas J. Motekaitis. A Speciation Method for Partitioning Mononuclear and Polynuclear Aluminum Using Ferron, P.M. Jardine and L.W. Zelazny. The Stability of Aluminum Species in A Natural Audit Sample: Possible Application as A Quality Control Solution, L.J. Arent and T.E. Lewis. Modeling the Interactions of Al Species, Protons and Ca2+ with Humic Substances in Acid Waters and Soils, E. Tipping, C.A. Backes, M.A. Hurley. Chemistry and Transfer of Aluminum in a Forested Watershed in the Adirondack Region of New York, USA, C.T. Driscoll, B.J. Wyskowski, P. DeStaffan, R.M. Newton. How Aluminum Levels in Subsurface Drinking Water Supplies in Canada Can Be Used to Predict Possible Impact By Acidic Deposition, J.C. Meranger. Chemical Speciation and Plant Toxicity of Aqueous Aluminum, D.R. Parker, L.W. Zelazny, T.B. Kinraide. Dynamic Properties of Calmodulin in Response to Aluminum, Shixing Yuan, Chris Weis, Alfred Haug. Episodic Variations in Streamwater Aluminum Chemistry at Birkenes, Southernmost Norway, Hans M. Seip, Nils Christophersen, Timothy J. Sullivan. Aluminum Chemistry of Acidic Sandy Soils with Various Inputs of Acidic Deposition in the Netherlands and in Denmark, J. Mulder, N. Van Breemen, L. Rasmussen, C.T. Driscoll. Aluminum Speciation and Organic Carbon in Waters of Central Ontario, Bruce D. LaZerte. Aluminum Speciation and Toxicity in Upland Waters, A.J. Dobbs, P. French, A.M. Gunn, D.T.E. Hunt, D.A. Winnard. Chronic No-Observed-Effect Concentrations of Aluminum for Brook Trout Exposed in Low-Calcium, Dilute Acidic Water, Laverne Cleveland, Edward E. Little, Raymond H. Wiedmeyer, Denny R. Buckler. Composition and Consequences of Aluminum in Water, Beverages and Other Ingestibles, Roy U. Schenk, Johan Bjorksen, Luther Yeager. The Chemistry of Neurologically Active, Neutral, and Water Soluble Aluminum Complexes, William O. Nelson, Tammy G. Lutz, Chris Orvig. Neutotoxicity of Aluminum, Judith K. Marquis. Aluminum Neurotoxicity: Criteria for Assigning A Role in Alzheimer's Disease, D.R. Crapper McLachlan. Aluminum Neurotoxicity, Alzheimer Disease, and Alcoholic Encephalopathy, Leopold Liss, John Long, David Thornton. Possible Counteractive Steps in Aluminum-Dependent Encephalopathies, Johan Bjorksten. List of Authors. Index.

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