Environmental Engineering and Computer Application: Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Computer Application (ICEECA 2014), Hong Kong, 25-26 December 2014, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Environmental Engineering and Computer Application

Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Computer Application (ICEECA 2014), Hong Kong, 25-26 December 2014, 1st Edition

Edited by Kennis Chan

CRC Press

476 pages

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The awareness of environment protection is a great achievement of humans; an expression of self-awareness. Even though the idea of living while protecting the environment is not new, it has never been so widely and deeply practiced by any nations in history like it is today. From the late 90s in the last century, the surprisingly fast development of computer science has brought many new technologies which have already been applied in countless fields like manufacturing, military, aerospace and pharmacy. Now, another important field-the environment engineering is welcoming the introduction of these technologies. The 2014 International Conference on Environment Engineering and Computer Application (ICEECA2014) has brought together researchers in environment fields and in computer fields, and encourages to find potential use for computer technologies in environment protection fields.

ICEECA2014, successfully held on December 25–26, 2014 in Hong Kong, is a grand gathering attended by experts and researchers from all around the world. The participants at ICEECA2014 have generously shared their inspiring work and exchanged their innovative ideas of how to help the environmental sciences benefit from the development of computer technology and vice versa. This book, as one of the many accomplishments for ICEECA2014, is the cooperative work of many people and organizations. It comprises all the papers accepted by ICEECA2014. These papers are accepted after careful review and they will prove to be valuable for the future.

Papers in this book are put under several different chapters including subjects like environmental engineering, remote sensing, GIS and application, graphic and image processing and computational science and application.

Table of Contents


Organizing committees

1. 1. Environmental engineering and resources

Environmental benefits of china’s conversion of cropland to forest program and its viability: A case study of meixian County of Shaanxi Province 3

H.Y. Han & S. Xia

Traditional forest knowledge, rubber plantation and climate change 9

Y.H. Du, L. Guo, D.Y. Xue, F. Liu & X.Z. Yu

Economic and thermal technical comparison of classical foundation and foundation on air gap–crawl space 15

Š. Korbelová, M. Vodicková & V. Šípková

Gold refining process and its impact on the environment 19

S. Kaspin & N. Mohamad

Semiempirical modeling of iron oxide pollution in the mine soil using geochemical analyses and spectroradiometric measurements 23

A. Khalil & A. Bannari

Research on the strategy of controlling Ordos industrialization and eco-environment system based on SD model 29

L.M. Li, J.H. Zhen, S.S. Luo & S.P. He

Environmental aspects of raw materials SMART processing 35

J. Spišák & M. Zelko

Variation of extreme Total column ozone events over Seoul, South Korea 41

D. Amrita, J.K. Park & J.H. Park

Application of artificial neural network ensembles for city ecology forecasting using air chemical composition information 45

D.I. Khritonenko & E.S. Semenkin

An improved method for calculating atmospheric refraction coefficient for eliminating influence of meteorological factors 51

L. Liu, C.L. Mi & J.S. Han

Cerium-induced genotoxicity in Arabidopsis at environmentally relevant doses 55

L.Z. Sun, P.D. Tai, W. Liu, X.J. Li, C.Y. Jia, Z.H. Liu & X. Wang

Determination of the cycle duration for 155 years in the Nikolaevsk-on-Amur meteorological station 59

E.E. Kholoden, O.M. Morina & S.A. Lobanov

Soil erosion spatial distribution simulation of the Jinghe river basin in the Loess Plateau of China 63

G.S. Wu, D.L. Wang, Y.C. Wu, X.Y. Chen & W.S. Wei

Predicting sinking resistance of jacked piles with CPT in a multilayer soil at the

pearl river delta alluvial plain 71

Y.Q. Hu, L.S. Tang, H.T. Sang & Z.Z. Li

Numerical simulation of oil spill caused by ship collision in Dongjiakou Port 77

R.J. Hu, N. Wang, S.H. Jiang, L.H. Zhu, J.Z. Wu & F. Ma

Statistics and analysis on causes for well blowout accident 81

W.F. Ge, L.F. Qian, F.B. Song, F. Zhang, H.G. Liu, X. Zhang & G.Y. Zhao

Water quality and growth trend of aquatic plant duckweed: Management and benefits 85

M.W. Shammout & H. Zakaria

Estimation of influence of mine waters of cassiterite-sulfide deposits on hydrosphere

in Komsomol’sk and Kavalerovo districts of the far east 89

V.P. Zvereva, E.A. Yastremskaya & A.D. Pyatakov

Effect of sodium sulfite and humic acid on CR(VI) content in artificial wastewater with or without CR-hyperaccumulator Leersia hexandra Swartz 95

Z.G. Cheng, X.F. Zhang & C. Tian

Low cost adsorbent to reduce disinfection by-products from drinking water in small communities 99

T. Husain & M. Ahmad

A submersible automatic monitoring system of water quality employing a spectral scanning sensor 105

Y.Q. Zhao, X. Li, J. Gu, F. He & Y.J. Fang

Characteristics of dissolved trace elements in the Jinshui River of the South Qinling Mts., China 111

H.M. Bu & Q.F. Zhang

Progress and prospect of migration character about insoluble sedimentary pollutants 115

L.X. Han, F.F. Yan & B. Chen

Toward a more sustainable future: A critique on the mainstream of coastal tourism development since the 1960s 121

H. Zhang, Y.B. Wei & C.H. Fu

Design of earthquake-data processing platform 127

S.Y. Zhang, Y. Li & Y. Zhao

Activated sludge model parameters calibration based on multi-objective PSO 133

R.R. Wang, L.L. Cao & M.D. Liu

Optimization of hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) reduction by granulated nano zero-valent iron (nZVI) 139

Y.J. Shih, C.W. Chen, K.F. Hsia & C.D. Dong

Effect of calcination temperature and time of thermo-hydrolytic TiO2 on photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue 145

C.W. Chen, C.C. Su, Y.C. Chen & C.D. Dong

2. Remote sensing, GIS and application

Simulation of soil moisture fluctuation based on the signal-to-noise ratio of GPS 153

R.H. Hu, Y.J. Hu & X.Y. Yu

Sorted run length coding-application to Meteosat image compression 159

M. Cherifi, M. Lahdir & S. Ameur

Application of GIS to Tibetan Buddhist monastery data platform 165

Z.M. Caiji, L. Guo, D.Y. Xue & Y.J. Wang

The application of GIS in electric vehicle charging/battery swap infrastructure and operation 169

D.S. Bai, G. Chen, X.Q. Li, J. Liu, W.F. Li & W.N. Yuan

Validation of LMSA and SAM for geological mapping: Comparative study among BGIS-2000, TM and ASTER 173

A. Bannari, G. Girouard & A. Saquaque

Monitoring of disaster and restoration of eastern Japan tsunami by satellite images 179

H. Hashiba

Application of PCA and KLE in high-rate GPS positioning 187

X.Y. Yu, Y.J. Hu, K.H. Ding & M.S. Ao

Spatio-temporal processing of geoinformation for decision making in critical situations 193

K. Janecka, L. Berardi & A. Cimbelli

Spatial distribution of ethnic villages in Qiandongnan mountainous region 205

D. Wang, L. Guo, B.S. Wu & L. Lv

Study of AIS beacon control system based on ARM 211

Q. Hu, X.J. Li & S.F. Zhang

3. Power electronics and energy engineering

Stochastic optimal dispatch model considering wind turbine shut down events under extreme wind condition 219

Y.X. Zhang, Z.Y. Dong & H.M. Yang

A machine learning approach to increase energy efficiency in district heating systems 223

F. Dalipi, S.Y. Yayilgan & A. Gebremedhin

Modeling of hypergene processes proceeding in the tailing dumps of Krasnorechenskaya concentrating mill of Dalnegorsky district in the temperature

range of 0 to 45°C using new thermodynamic data 227

V.P. Zvereva, A.M. Kostina & A.I. Lysenko

Research on steel industry, energy-saving efficiency evaluation of Tangshan 233

X.H. Wan, H.L. Wang & L.H. Zhou

Selected aspects of wind- power plants building influence on the operation of radio communications system 239

M. Džunda & N. Kotianová

Development of a solar cell robot optimization program GUI 243

M.J. Kim, T.W. Park, J.H. Lee, K.S. Sim, I.K. Hwang & D.I. Park

Research and design of a portable phase detector with power source based on the phase difference 247

T.K. Sun, D. Zhang, W. Liu & W. Liu

Three-level full-bridge bi-directional DC-DC converter 251

C. Yin, Y. Rao & K. Jin

Fabrication of n-DLC/i-SiC/p-Si photovoltaic cells by pulsed laser deposition at the electrical field 255

S. Kurumi, K. Suzuki & S. Yonekawa

Applying the technique of data analysis to estimate the electrical consumption for household in Taiwan 259

F.F. Chen & T.K. Lu

Design of electric vehicle charging battery swap station power quality data transmission system based on lab view 263

D.S. Bai, G. Chen, X.Q. Li, J. Liu, W.F. Li & H. Xing

Research on intelligent integrated charging equipment for electric vehicle 267

X.Q. Li, H.L. Wang, S.Y. Li & K.X. Li

Design and development of driver protection circuit of self turn off devices of electric vehicle DC charger 271

D.S. Bai, X.Q. Li, G. Chen, J. Liu, W.F. Li & H.L. Wang

4. Chemical, biological and agricultural engineering

Drying of agricultural products using thin layer principle furnace 279

J. Spišák, A. Olijár, M. Reisová & E. Oravcová

Effect of gamma irradiation on saccharification of Undaria sp. biomas 285

J. Choi

Pythium oligandrum colonization enhances wheat growth and resists disease caused by Pythium arrhenomanes 289

Y. Zhu, Z.Y. Wang, H.S. Qi, H. Yang, J.P. Zhou & Z.B. Wang

Hyperspectrum detection for nitrogen content of apple leaves 295

J. An, G.Q. Yao & H.L. Deng

Effect of heavy metals on growth and metal accumulation of an energy crop, Pennisetum purpureum schum 299

C. Tian, X.F. Zhang, Y.H. Su, P.H. Tan, H.F. Zhang & G.Z. Zhang

Research in disproportionation reaction mechanism of methyltrichlorosilane and trimethylchlorosilane catalyzed by modified catalyst AlCl3/ZnCl2-ZSM-5 303

W.Y. Xu, J.X. Zhou, Y.P. Liu, H.H. Wan & S.G. Hong

The correlation studies about histone modification and H2A. Z nucleosome positioning 307

Z.H. Shan, J.H. Feng, P.F. Chen, H.H. Wei & H. Hu

Molecular cloning, overexpression, purification, sequence analysis of matrix Gla protein from the Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) 311

P.P. Wang, X. Ding, Y.L. Hou, Y.X. Zhu, H.Q. Zhu, L. Fu & N. Zhang

The kinetic and thermodynamic study on the OH-initiated degradation mechanism of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins 315

X. Zhang, C.X. Zhang, L.Y. Kang, C. Gon, X.M. Sun & J. Yu

Thermal, electrical and mechanical properties of Lead-free Tin solder alloys containing Bi and In 319

S. Attia

5. Computer algorithm, simulation and information technologies

A deletion cost based compression algorithm for linear vector data 329

Q.X. Chen, Y. Hou & N. Wu

A design of highly-available and cost-effective data center infrastructure 335

Y.J. Chen & W.J. Hsu

A method to detect memory leak of C++ class field member based on static analysis 343

S.W. Liu & D.H. Jin

SSD lifespan-oriented cache optimization in SSD/HDD hybrid storage system 347

X. Wang, Q.X. Zhang, Y.A. Tan & J.Q. Qu

A collaborative filtering algorithm based on the improved similarity measure method and rating matrix pre-filling 353

D.W. Cai, Y. Liu & T. Cao

Testing the radio proximity fuse with hardware-in-loop simulation 359

Y.J. Teng & H.Y. Liu

An improved moving object tracking algorithm based on Camshift for dynamic background 363

G.W. Yuan, H. Zhou, D. Xu, Y. Zhao & Q.S. Tao

Study on sustainability and life cycle assessment of RFID antenna 369

R.K. Kanth, P. Liljeberg, H. Tenhunen, L.R. Zheng, Y. Amin & H. Kumar

Probabilitics data model based on privacy tipping points 373

M.V. Rallapalli

Research on hybrid parallel computing model and key technology 377

J.P. Dai, L.P. Zhu, B. Hu & A.H. Zhou

Scheme study of construction of TSMDB 381

H.K. Tang, M.J. Liu, Y.L. Fan & C.W. Li

Damage diagnosis of derrick steel structures based on vibration parameters and improved genetic algorithm 385

D.Y. Han, S.M. Wei, N. Zhang & P.M. Shi

A resource allocation economic model for Diffserv network 391

B. Zeng, L. Yao & W. Hu

A study of active steering system for safety of a railway vehicle 397

K.S. Sim, T.W. Park, I.K. Hwang & M.J. Kim

A development of the wheel-rail dynamic analysis program model with two-point contact algorithm 401

I.K. Hwang, T.W. Park, K.S. Sim & M.J. Kim

Tight frames and iterative shrinkage based measurement matrix optimization for compressive sensing 405

E. Oey

Amplitude control of the flow tube based on PID control 411

J. Yu & Z.B. Gui

The noise reduction by the application of the vibration isolators 417

A.A. Igolkin, L.V. Rodionov & F.S. Pomatilov

Intelligent management platform of forestry based on LBS cloud services 423

F. Li, Y. Ma, X. Zhang, M.B. Zhang, X.W. Yu & P.F. Feng

Focus+context visualization with multi-resolution meshes 427

Y.P. Zha, Z.J. Li, Y.M. Liu, F.X. Li & K. Yang

Modeling channel variations at 433MHz for wireless sensor networks in indoor scenarios 433

M.W. Khan, T. Zahid, Y.M. Zhou & G.Q. Xu

A key management scheme for wireless sensor networks based on bridge and ECC 439

J. Zheng, F.F. Zhao, D.X. Wang & S.C. Xu

Proposal of a universal model for managing research and development center 447

J. Spišák, M. Reisová, E. Oravcová & S. Pol’aková

Research on human resources complex standardization system of large state-owned enterprises 453

L. Zhao

How to cope with the challenges of internet-based finance: New finance mode of commercial bank in China 457

P.H. Wang

The empirical study of construction of public rental based tenants’ attention 463

X.M. Yang & L.L. Zhao

Rhyme of ink: To composite effects of ink painting in after effects 469

Z.Y. Li, J. Kang & R.P. Cao

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