1st Edition

Environmental Epidemiology Epidemiology Investigation of Community Environmental Health Problems

Edited By John R. Goldsmith Copyright 1986
    270 Pages
    by CRC Press

    280 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Published in 1986: This book tells the story of how various persons and groups have successfully dealt with a type of problem which may threaten the lives and health of every group of humans – every community. The problem is that of a polluted environment.

    Section 1: Background

    1. Communities: Their Study and Their Environmental Problems

    John R. Goldsmith

    Section 2: Exemplary Studies

    Part A

    2. The Broad Street Pump

    Inge F. Goldstein and Martin Goldstein

    3. Cholera Outbreak in Jerusalem 1970 Revisited: The Evidence for Transmission by Wastewater Irrigated Vegetables

    Badri Fattal, Perez Yekutiel, and Hillel I. Shuval

    4. Cholera Today

    John R. Goldsmith

    Part B

    5. The 20-Minute Disaster: Hydrogen Sulfide Spill at Poza Rica

    John R. Goldsmith

    6. Three Los Angeles Heat Waves

    John R. Goldsmith

    7. Planning, Analysis, and Preparation Can Save Lives

    John R. Goldsmith

    Part C

    8. Respiratory Problems Among Kawasaki School Children

    Toshio Toyama

    9. Critical Assessment of Epidemiological Studies of Environmental Factors in Asthma

    Inge F. Goldstein and Diana Hartel

    10. Asthma and Air Pollution in Los Angeles

    Roger M. Katz and Ron G. Frezieres

    11. Odor Pollution in Eureka, California

    Margaret Deane

    Part D

    12. Impact of Air Pollution in the Community

    John R. Goldsmith

    13. Nitrate Levels in Drinking water and Methemogloblin in Infants

    John R. Goldsmith

    14. Carbon Monoxide Exposures and Survival from Heart Attacks

    John R. Goldsmith

    15. Lead Exposures of Urban Children: A Handicap in School and Life?

    John R. Goldsmith and Herbert L. Needham

    16. Long term Health Effects of Photochemical Air Pollutants: Community Studies in the Los Angeles Basin

    Stanley N. Rokaw and Roger L. Detels

    17. Motor Vehicle Accidents: Michigan Cuts Toll from Youthful Drunk Drivers

    John R. Goldsmith, Alexander C. Wagenaar, and Allen B. Rice

    18. The Long View: Lessons from Experience

    John R. Goldsmith

    Part E

    19. Reproductive Effects of DBCP: It Takes Two to Make a Baby

    John R. Goldsmith and Gad Potashnik

    20. Reproductive Outcomes Associated with Occupational Exposures to Anesthetic Gases

    John R. Goldsmith

    21. Occupational Health as a Community Problem

    John R. Goldsmith

    Section 3: Environmental Epidemiological Studies as a Basis for Health Protection

    22. Environmental Health Decisions: The Impact of Evidence

    John R. Goldsmith

    23. The Ecological Imperative: Science as a Protective System Against Unintended Effects of Technological Change

    John R. Goldsmith

    24. Historical Postscript

    John R. Goldsmith


    John R. Goldsmith, M.D., M.P.H. is Professor of Epidemiology at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva Israel.