1st Edition

Environmental Hazards in the British Isles

By A.H. Perry Copyright 1981

    Environmental Hazards in the British Isles (1981) offers a comprehensive account of the various hazards affecting Britain. Based on a wealth of empirical data, it provides a balanced perspective on phenomena that are usually presented in a sensational way by the media and then quickly forgotten. A three-fold methodology is suggested for the study of environmental hazards, which concentrates on their incidence, their causes and their frequency, and their impact on both the individual and society as a whole.

    1. Some Perspectives on Environmental Hazard Research  Part 1. Meteorological and Hydrological Hazards  2. Storms  3. Snow, Frost and Cold  4. The Flood Hazard  5. The Drought Hazard   6. Fog  Part 2. Other Types of Environmental Hazards  7. Pollution Hazards  8. Seismic, Geomorphological and Pedological Hazards  9. Biological Hazards  10. Vulnerability and Risk


    A.H. Perry