Environmental Impacts of Soil Component Interactions: Land Quality, Natural and Anthropogenic Organics, Volume I, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Environmental Impacts of Soil Component Interactions

Land Quality, Natural and Anthropogenic Organics, Volume I, 1st Edition

By P. M. Huang, J. Berthelin, Jean-Marc Bollag, William B. McGill

CRC Press

464 pages

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Hardback: 9780873719148
pub: 1995-03-29

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This book addresses the interactions of soil minerals with organics and microbes and their impacts on the dynamics, transformations, and toxicity of metals, metalloids, other inorganics, and xenobiotics that affect land quality and ecosystem health. It is the result of the work group on "interactions of soil minerals with organic components and microorganisms" in the International Society of Soil Science.

Table of Contents

General Soil Quality as Influenced by Interactions of Soil Minerals with Organics and Microorganisms

Organic-Inorganic Interactions in Soils and Their Effects on Soil Quality, M. Schnitzer

Sorption Phenomena between Inorganic and Organic Compounds in Soils: Impacts on Transformation Processes, K. Haider

Role of Aluminum and Iron in Accumulation of Organic Matter in Soils with Variable Charge, K. Wada

Sorption of Ions by Soil Organic Matter and Clay-Organics at Low Ionic Strength, R.L. Parfitt, L.K. Heng, and M.D. Taylor

Water Potential, Soil Microhabitats, and Microbial Development, M. Robert and C. Chenu

Effect of Citric Acid on Interlayer Absorption of Hydroxy-Aluminosilicate Ions by Montmorillonite, J.G.Q. Lou and P.M. Huang

Microbial Oxidation of Pyrites in Relation to Its Efficiency in Alkali Soil Reclamation, P. Sharma and A. Swarup

Modification of Gelation Properties of Collodial Solids from Oil Sands: Extraction Impact on Fine Tailings Formation, L.S. Kotlyar, B.D. Sparks, H. Kodama, and R. Schutte

Position Paper of Part I, M. Schnitzer, K. Haider, A. Herbillon, R.L. Parfitt, M. Robert, and K. Wada

Transformations of Natural and Anthropogenic Organic Compounds as Affected by Soil Minerals and Microorganisms

Natural Organics

Recent Advances in Organo-Mineral Interactions: Implications for Carbon Cycling and Soil Structure, J.M. Oades

The Role of Short-Range Ordered Mineral Colloids in Abiotic Transformations of Organic Compounds in the Environment, P.M. Huang

Catalysis of Iron and Manganese Oxides in Transformations of Amino Acids as Influenced by Pyrogallol, M.C. Wang

Photochemical Effect on the Abiotic Transformations of Polyphenolics as Catalyzed by Mn(IV) Oxide, J.S.K. Lee and P.M. Huang

Potential of the Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technique for Characterizing Organic-Inorganic Interactions in Soils, H.H. Cheng, J. Gan, W.C. Koskinen, and L.J. Jarvis

Dissolution and Fractionation of Calcium-Bound and Iron- and Aluminum-Bound Humus in Soils, X. Jian-Ming and Y. Ke-Neng

The Quality of Soil Organic Matter as Characterized by Solid CP/MAS 13C NMR and PY-FIMS, C.M. Monreal, E.G. Gregorich, M. Schnitzer, and D.W. Anderson

Extracellular Polysaccharides: An Interface between Microorganisms and Soil Constituents, C. Chenu

Low-Molecular-Weight Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids in Some Andisols of Japan, M. Tani, T. Higashi, and S. Nagatsuka

Relationship between Organic Acids and Microorganisms on a Long-Term Cropping Site in South-Eastern Australia, W.J. Slattery and P.M. Mele

Effect of the Addition of Plant Residues on the Mineralization of Sulfur in Costa Rican Soils, L. Delélon, R. Salas-Camacho, and J.A. Briceno-Salazar

Anthropogenic Organics

Sorption and Biodegradation of Organic Contaminants in Soils: Conceptual Representations of Process Coupling, P.S.C. Rao, C.A. Bellin, and L.S. Lee

The Role of Dissolved Metals and Metal-Containing Surfaces in Catalyzing the Hydrolysis of Organic Pollutants, A.T. Stone and A. Torrents

The Role of Abiotic and Biotic Catalysts in the Transformation of Phenolic Compounds, J.-M. Bollag, C. Myers, S. Pal, and P.M. Huang

The Role of Abiotic Interactions with Humic Substances on Environmental Impact of Organic Pollutants, N. Senesi and T.M. Miano

Adsorption Mechanisms and Abiotic Catalytic Transformations of Some Agrochemicals by Clay Minerals, G.G. Ristori and P. Fusi

Interactions between Managanese Oxides and Multiple Ringed Aromatic Compounds, G. Whelan and R.C. Sims

Mobility and Persistence of Metolachlor and Terbuthylazine in Field Lysimeters, C. Marucchini, C. Vischetti, R. Giovanardi, and P. Ceccon

Soil-Pesticide Interactions and Their Impact on the Volatilization Process, W.F. Spencer, M.M. Cliath, and S.R. Yates

Factors Affecting the Movements, Reactions, and Biotransformations of Xenobiotics, F. Andreux, M. Schiavon, C. Munier-Lamy, M. Mansour, and I. Scheunert

Effect of Soil Minerals on the Microbial Formation of Enymes and Their Possible Use in Remediation of Chemically Polluted Sites, Z. Filip and H. Claus

Position Paper of Part II, F. Andreux, J.-M. Bollag, S.A. Boyd, Z.K. Filip, P.M. Huang, J. M. Oades, P.S.C. Rao, N. Senesi, W.F. Spencer, A.T. Stone, and B.K.G. Theng

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