1st Edition

Environmental Statistics with S-PLUS

    848 Pages
    by CRC Press

    846 Pages
    by CRC Press

    A clear, comprehensive treatment of the subject, Environmental Statistics with S-PLUS surveys the vast array of statistical methods used to collect and analyze environmental data. The book explains what these methods are, how to use them, and where to find references to them. In addition, it provides insight into what to think about before you collect environmental data, how to collect the data, and how to make sense of it after collection.

    A unique and powerful feature of the book is its integration with the commercially available software package S-Plus and the add-on modules EnvironmentalStats for S-PLUS, S+SpatialStats, and S-PLUS for ArcView. The book presents data sets to explain statistical methods, and then shows how to implement these methods by providing the commands for and the results from the software.

    This survey of statistical methods, definitions, and concepts helps you collect and effectively analyze data for environmental pollution problems. Using the S-PLUS software in conjunction with this text will no doubt increase understanding of the methods.

    "Introduction. Designing a Sampling Program, Part I. Looking at Data. Probability Distributions. Estimating Distribution Parameters and Quantiles. Prediction Intervals, Tolerance Intervals, and Control Charts. Hypothesis Tests. Designing a Sampling Program, Part II. Linear Models. Censored Data. Time Series Analysis. Spatial Statistics. Monte Carlo Simulation and Risk Assessment. References. Index.


    Millard, Steven P.; Neerchal, Nagaraj K.