Environmental Technology and Innovations : Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Environmental Technology and Innovations (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 23-25 November 2016) book cover
1st Edition

Environmental Technology and Innovations
Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Environmental Technology and Innovations (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 23-25 November 2016)

ISBN 9781138029965
Published November 10, 2016 by CRC Press
350 Pages

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Book Description

 This book covers a wide range of topics within enviromental engineering and technologies including:

• General environmental engineering
• Clean energy and sustainability
• Water and wastewater management
• Public health and environment.

The application areas range from emerging pollutants of air, soil and water environment, remediation technologies, clean energy and sustainability of biofuels, waste to energy, water and wastewater management, public health and the environment, quality and safety of food production to environmental planning and management and policies for cities and regions. The papers cover both theory and applications, and are focused on a wide range of sectors and problem areas. Integral demonstrations of the use of reliability and environmental engineering are provided in many practical applications concerning major technological approaches.

Environmental Technology and Innovations will be of interest to academics and professionals working in a wide range of industrial, governmental and academic sectors, including water and waste management, energy generation, fuel production and use, protection of natural heritage, industrial ecology, man health protection and policy making.

Table of Contents

Keynote speeches

Sustainable sewage treatment for 21st century
J. Bartacek, P. Dolejs, V. Kouba, J. Hejnic & P. Jenicek

Biohydrogen—a green hydrogen
C.Y. Lin, C.H. Lay & H.C. Lu

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)—an important tool in marine and coastal environment management. A case study: SEA for socio-economic master plan for Tonkin Gulf coastal economic belt, Vietnam
T. Le

Metabolomics: A challenging research tool in biotic matrices characterization
J. Hajslova, M. Stranska, J. Pulkrabova & T. Ruml

Methodology for screening of HIV inhibitors applicable for in silico designed molecules and empirical testing of traditional medicinal materials
M. Rumlová, V. Spiwok, T. Ruml & R. Hadravová

Environmental engineering

Demonstration of an EFE-BROW model expost application on brownfields sites
B. Vojvodíková, Š. Vilamová, A. Király, K. Chuchrová, M. Piecha & K. Bařinka

Heavy metal contamination of mine area and their uptake by plants (Tailing pond Sedem Žien, Slovakia)
E. Remešicová, A. Király & P. Andráš

Emission factors of criteria pollutants from domestic thermal units
F. Skácel & V. Tekáč

Fabrication, characterization, and pervaporation performance of graphene oxide/poly (vinyl alcohol) nanocomposite membranes for ethanol dehydration
H.H. Nguyen & N.P.D. Ngo

Fabrication, characterization and antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli of zinc oxide/graphene nanocomposite
H.H. Nguyen, H.B.S.L. Nguyen, T.T.T. Nguyen & T.T. Nguyen

Application of Box-Behnken design for treatment of tannery wastewater
J.C. Beltrán-Prieto, K. Kolomazník & H.B.S.L. Nguyen

Effect of phosphate and nitrogen resources on lipid-rich microalgae cultivation from textile wastewater
J.Y. Wu, S.Y. Wu, J.J. Syu, H.L. Yeh, C.H. Lay, C.Y. Lin & C.C. Chen

Correlation of highway traffic and NOx concentration level
K. Maneva & F. Skácel

Sorption of heavy metals from aqueous solutions using different types of sorbents
M. Chlupáčová, H. Parschová & P. Kůs

Separation of noble gas from helium
M. Janák & K. Ciahotný

Study on physicochemical factors influencing sorption capacity in carbonate loop
M. Staf, K. Ciahotný, V. Vrbová & L. Jílková

Treatment of pig-waste slurry by a microbial fuel cell using different types of plate electrode
M.F. Lai & J.H. Lin

Anaerobic digestion of sludge in municipal wastewater treatment plant—example of European Solution
P. Jenicek, J. Bartacek, J. Kutil & J. Zabranska

Simulation of purification circuits of next generation gas-cooled nuclear reactors
T. Hudský, K. Ciahotný & J. Berka

Detection of diethylene glycol by polyaniline coated electrode in a voltammetry system
T.K. Tran, H.J. Leu & C.Y. Lin

Removal of ion Pb2+, Zn2+, Cu2+ in aqueous solutions by red mud of Bao Loc Bauxite
T.T.O. Truong

Clean energy and sustainability

Single-stage biohythane production via co-immobilized fermentative microorganisms
C.Y. Lin, D.T. Ta, C.Y. Chu & T.M.N. Ta

Anaerobic bio-hythane production in a single reactor
C.Y. Lin, P.C. Hung & C.H. Lay

Biomass fly ash application for AMD treatment
E. Remešicová, A. Király & P. Andráš

Application of staged biomass gasification for combined heat and power production
J. Brynda, S. Skoblia, Z. Beňo, M. Pohořelý & J. Moško

Assessment of the possibility of biogas technology development for farmers in Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City
M.T. Dang, T.L.C. Nguyen, M.H. Le & A.D. Pham

An overview of food waste management in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
N.B.D. Thi

Pyrolysis technologies and energy recovery from waste in the Czech Republic
V. Lapčík

Environmental impact assessment in branch of wind energy in the Czech Republic
V. Lapčík & V. Lapčík Jr.

A comparison of catalyst activity for methanation reaction
V. Šnajdrová, T. Hlinčík & K. Ciahotný

Evaluation of rice husks qualified for energetic utilization in Vietnam
V.M. Duong & F. Skácel

Water resources management

Ecological health monitoring used for river ecosystems in Vietnam: Challenges and prospects
A.D. Pham, T.M.L. Nguyen, T.T.H. Nguyen & T.S. Dao

Possibilities for drinking water supply in periods of drought in the Czech Republic
M. Kyncl & S. Heviánková

Benthic macroinvertebrates from Dongnai estuaries in Southern Vietnam
M.T. Dang, A.D. Pham, T.S. Dao & V. Lapčík

Flow simulation in Sai Gon-Dong Nai river system using TELEMAC 2D
Q.D. Dang & T.D. Nguyen

Toxicity of cyanobacterial extract from Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii and potential solutions for mitigation the cyanobacterial mass development in Xuan Huong Lake, Da Lat City, Vietnam
T.S. Dao, T.P.L. Nguyen & T.K.T. Vo

Zooplankton from Thi Vai River in Southern Vietnam
T.T.H. Nguyen, T.M.L. Nguyen, A.D. Pham, D.H. Vuong & V. Lapčík

Spatial distribution of macroinvertebrate assemblages in inland waters of Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam
V.M. Pham, T.T. Nguyen & A.D. Pham

Life cycle assessment of different constructed wetland systems in new Taipei City
V.M.T. Nguyen & T.M. Lee

Public health and environment

Comparison of purifying flue gas with selective catalytic and non-catalytic reduction in waste-to-energy plants with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
E. Picková & V. Kočí

The effects of reduction conditions on synthesis of graphene by modified hummers and eco-friendly methods
H.H. Nguyen

Assessment of body burden of Czech population to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
J. Pulkrabova, D. Lankova, K. Urbancova, A. Svarcova, M. Stupak & J. Hajslova

Estimation of environmental economic for sustainable cultivation of vines in Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
M.T. Dang, Q.T. Dinh & P.M. Dang

Working posture analysis and design using ergonomics methods and simulation software in brick production process at Truong Viet Company
P.L. Nguyen & D.K. Le

The methods for air pollution emission control from industrial boilers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
T.L. Phu, Q.V. Nguyen & V. Lapčík

Application of the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) for landslide susceptibility mapping: A case study in Yen Bai province, Vietnam
T. Trinh, D.M. Wu, J.Z. Huang, B.T. Luu, K.H. Nguyen & H.Q. Le

Measures of mitigating the negative impacts of the urbanization and industrialization to the land resources and environment in Vietnam
T.L.C. Nguyen

Identifying hazards at latex workshop of Ben Suc Rubber Factory, Vietnam
T.N.S. Tran & A. Bernatík

Building forecast maps of dust dispersion in the Song Hau 1 Thermal Power Plant, Vietnam
T.T.H. Nguyen, A.D. Pham, T.V. Nguyen & T.K. Do

Current needs for further developments toward a circular economy—specifically in the Central European Region
V. Kočí

Modern ecological—economic status and sanitary conditions in Vietnam
V.H.P. Nguyen & V.I. Chernusov

An overview of forest transition and its environmental impacts in Vietnam
V.V. Nguyen, T.T.T. Phan & N.B.D. Thi

Control of noise level and its effects on workers in Hiep Phuoc cement grinding plant, Holcim Vietnam
X.T. Thai & P. Kučera

Proposal of a method for predicting and taking measures against soil slips generating debris flows in a case study of the 2014 Hiroshima sediment disasters
Y. Ooka, H. Umezawa, R. Sawada, A. Tameike, Y. Ishikawa & Q.D. Dang

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Vladimír Kočí, PhD. is LCA and EPD expert, focused on research and practical application of the life cycle concept. He conducts life cycle based research connecting industrial activities with their environmental impacts. Vladimir is currently dean of the faculty of Environmental Technology and associated professor at the University of Chemical Technology Prague, teaches at Charles University and Czech Technical University, and is a chair of the council of the Centre of Environmental Declaration.