1st Edition

Environmental and Resource Economics Set

    3152 Pages
    by Routledge

    Capturing the economic value of natural resources has become an integral part of their successful management and conservation. The Environmental and Resource Economics Set contains seminal texts covering a range of ecosystems and valuation methods. In the last two decades, environmental threats and the challenge of sustainability have moved to the very centre of political, business and, increasingly, personal agendas.

    The Earthscan Library Collection has been created to bring back into print the seminal texts in sustainability from the past twenty-five years. The Collection offers a unique opportunity to gain broad, archival coverage of all aspects of sustainability. It allows the individual as well as institutional purchaser the ability to acquire volumes by many of the most well-respected thinkers and authors across the subject.

    Dryland Management: Economic Case Studies Edited by John A. Dixon, David E. James and Paul B. Sherman 9781844079636 292 pp Economic Analysis of the Environmental Impacts of Development Projects By John A. Dixon, Richard A. Carpenter, Louise A. Fallon, Paul B. Sherman and Supachit Manipomoke 9781844079537 148 pp Economics of Dryland Management By John A. Dixon, David E. James and Paul B. Sherman 9781844079544 324 pp Elephants, Economics and Ivory By Edward B. Barbier, Joanne C. Burgess, Timothy M. Swanson and David W. Pearce 9781844079551 178 pp Forests: Market and Intervention Failures: Five case studies Edited by S ren Wibe and Tom Jones 9781844079568 228 pp Guests of the Nation People of Ireland versus the multinationals By Robert Allen and Tara Jones 9781844079575 324 pp Paradise Los:t The ecological economics of biodiversity By Edward B. Barbier, Joanne C. Burgess and Carl Folke 9781844079582 290 pp Revaluation of Womens' Work By Sheila Lewenhak 9781844079643 284 pp Structural Adjustment, the Environment and Sustainable Development Edited by David Reed 9781844079599 420 pp Trading with the Environment: Ecology, economics, institutions and policy By Thomas Andersson, Carl Folke and Stefan Nystr m 9781844079605 160 pp Valuing the Environment: Six case studies Edited by Jean-Philippe Barde and David W. Pearce 9781844079612 292 pp Wetlands: Market and Intervention Failures: Four case studies Edited by Kerry Turner and Tom Jones 9781844079629 212 pp


    Various Authors who are experts in their fields.