1st Edition

Espionage and Subversion in an Industrial Society An Examination and Philosophy of Defence for Management

By Peter Hamilton Copyright 1967

    First Published in 1967, Espionage and Subversion in an Industrial Society presents a comprehensive overview of the true significance of industrial espionage and its relationship with the struggle for economic supremacy of a nation. Industrial espionage is a growth industry and the new battlefield where nations and ideologies struggle for economic supremacy. This and subversive activity may seem relatively harmless in comparison with a ‘hot war’. It is however precisely because the temperature of an all-out war would destroy the civilization, we know that industrial espionage and subversion assume importance. In this book Mr Hamilton has combined his own extensive security knowledge with thorough research in his subjects. This is an interesting read for scholars of diplomacy, international economics, and international politics.

    Foreword by Sir Richard Jackson Introduction Acknowledgements Part I: The Attack 1. A General Survey of Industrial Espionage 2. The Parent Art -Intelligence 3. Espionage 4. Subversion and Sabotage 5. The English Way of Industrial Espionage 6. Industrial Espionage – The Contemporary Scene 7. Industrial Espionage- Techniques and Aids Part II: The Arena 8. The Acutely Anomic Society Part III: The Defence 9. The Science of Security – Part I: The Survival Discipline 10. The Science of Security – Part II: A Technology for Today 11. The Communal Task of the Manager 12. Intelligence as a Management Aid 13. Twenty- one Principles of Defence against Industrial Espionage 14. Management’s Defence against Industrial Espionage- Part I: Physical 15. Management’s Defence against Industrial Espionage- Part II: Personnel 16. The National Security Problem Bibliography


    Peter Hamilton