Essays in Cultural Neuroscience

Series Editor:

Essays in Cultural Neuroscience showcases scholarly work over a wide range of areas taking a cultural neuroscientific approach. The series includes books that review theoretical, methodological and empirical foundations in cultural neuroscience. Essays in cultural neuroscience highlight foundations of the fields for interdisciplinary discovery that contribute to our understanding of the neurobiological bases of culture and the mutual construction of culture and neurobiology across evolutionary and developmental timescales. Themes and topics in cultural neuroscience may include a range of cross-disciplinary perspectives, including ethical, scientific and philosophical issues related to the study of the neurobiological bases of cultural processes. Essays in cultural neuroscience may include a review of the systematic study of theoretical principles, methodological approaches and empirical paradigms in the fields, including developmental and evolutionary perspectives.

The books in this series will be useful for advanced level undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, and academics across a range of disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, cultural studies, sociology and the social sciences more generally.