1st Edition

Essays of a Citizen: From National Security State to Democracy From National Security State to Democracy

By Marcus G. Raskin Copyright 1991

    First Published in 1992. This volume includes Raskin's political essays on true democracy in running a nation's security affairs. He explores the arrogance of power, offers a commitment to constructive critique of government policy and alternative proposals to resolve problems of a nation trying to live up to the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

    Chapter 1 Democracy versus the National Security State; Chapter 2 The Kennedy Hawks Assume Power from the Eisenhower Vultures; Chapter 3 Ideological Premises of the United States' Cold War Policies; Chapter 4 A National Security Manager Tries to Explain; Chapter 5 From National Security State to Democracy; Chapter 6 American Idealism, War Crimes, and a Law of Personal Accountability; Chapter 7 Integrity and the State: Sartre, Solzhenitsyn, and Sakharov; Chapter 8 Ideology and the Arms Race; Chapter 9 Dealing with Gorbachev; Chapter 10 Post—Cold War Options: The New Order?; Chapter 11 Draft Treaty for a Comprehensive Program for Common Security and General Disarmament; Chapter 12 Fulfilling the Ideals of the French Revolution;


    Marcus G. Raskin