1st Edition

Essentials of Heat and Fluid Flow in Porous Media

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ISBN 9781466571082
Published November 5, 2012 by CRC Press
301 Pages

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Book Description

Knowledge of heat and fluid flow through porous media finds extensive applications in several engineering devices spanning four major divisions: mechanical, civil, chemical, and bioengineering. This textbook fills the knowledge-gap between available research monographs in porous media and basic thermo-fluids courses required to understand such monographs. Coverage includes fluid flow, conduction, convection, and radiation in porous media as well as porous medium aspects of biological systems. The book includes end-of-chapter problems and an appendix of useful convection correlations.

Table of Contents

Basic Concepts
Porous Medium Definition
Percolation and Tortuosity
Volume Averaging Procedure

Heat Conduction in Porous Media
Porous Medium Energy Equation
Effective Stagnant Thermal Conductivity
Unsteady Heat Conduction Aspects
Heat Generation Effects
Local Thermal Non-Equilibrium Effects

Fluid Flow through Porous Media
Historical Overview and Darcy Law
Permeability and Form Coefficient
Viscometry and Permeametry
Protocol for Permeability Measurement
Flow Transition
Brinkman Effect
Generalized Momentum Equation
Hydrodynamic Dispersion
Advanced Topics
Introduction to Turbulent Flow

Forced Convection through Porous Medium
Energy balance under flow
Forced Convection in Porous Medium over a Flat Plate
Forced Convection in Porous Medium Channel
Other Forced Convection Configurations
Transient Effects
Heat Transfer Enhancement Aspects

Natural Convection through Porous Medium
Basic Problem
Natural Convection Boundary Layers
Natural Convection inside Porous Enclosures
Mixed and Double-Diffusive Convection

Porous Medium Aspects of Biological Systems
Porous Medium Modelling in Bio-mass Transport
Porous Medium Modelling in Bio-heat Transport

Radiation Heat Transfer in Porous Medium
The Radiative Transfer Equation (R TE)
Radiative Property Measurement
Solving the RTE
Coupling ofRTE with other Heat Transfer Modes

Advanced Topics
Bi-disperse and Fractal Porous Media
Two-phase Flow through Porous Media
Variable Viscosity Porous Medium Flows
Upscaling Methodology
Applications in Manufacturing
Combustion in Inert Porous Media
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Dr. Arunn Narasimhan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India. His major research interests for the past ten years are heat and fluid flow in porous media and biological systems. His publications include six invited book chapters (two in the Handbook of Porous Media, Ed. Vafai), two invited review articles and over fifty peer reviewed research articles in international journals.