1st Edition

Ethical Leadership for a Better Education System What Kind of People Are We?

By Carolyn Roberts Copyright 2019
    170 Pages
    by Routledge

    170 Pages
    by Routledge

    What kind of people run our schools? What makes them behave as they do? What kind of an example do they set? How can headteachers live up to expectations? What makes them fail? What keeps the profession in good standing in the taxpayer’s eye, and what undermines it? Ethical Leadership for a Better Education System: What Kind of People Are We? sets out a new vision for school leadership, moving beyond ‘leadership styles’ and ‘best practice’, to the motivations of school leaders. It proposes a way for the profession to embrace, develop and maintain ethical standards.


    • Explore the 2017–18 Ethical Leadership Commission, considering the core values and virtues, principles and behaviour we should expect from our school leaders
    • Provide a clear, ethical code for thinking about reinforcing ethical standards among school leaders
    • Look at the tensions between professionalism, accountability and in loco parentis
    • Discuss structural change in the education system over 20 years
    • Open discussion and reflections on the dilemmas facing ethical leaders and how to tackle them
    • Demonstrate a way through the accountability pressures headteachers face, drawing on personal experience
    • Place practical issues within the context of the whole system

    Considering the future vision of educational leadership, Ethical Leadership for a Better Education System will appeal to all levels of school leaders, existing and aspiring. It should help everyone who leads in school, and everyone who cares about the models we set before the nation’s young.

    Acknowledgements; At the school gate; 1 Introduction; Why you should read this book?; 2 The Framework for Ethical Educational Leadership 2018; Part 1: Professional School Leaders; 3 The Headteacher as professional; 4 The professional for the child; 5 The professional for parents; 6 The professional for the state; Part 2 Ethics and schools; 7 Ethical thinking; 8 Ethics in Public Life; 9 Setting English Standards in Education; Part 3 Why is it difficult to agree about good educational leadership?; 10 Perverse accountability; 11 What should we do? Using ethics to make better decisions; 12 The theatre of education; Part 4 The Framework for Ethical Educational Leadership 2018; 13 A Framework for Ethical Educational Leadership 2018; 14 Using the Framework for Ethical Educational Leadership; 15 Leadership in the leadership group; 16 Governors and trustees; 17 Creating an ethical climate: learning and reflection; 18 Ethics and qualifications; 19. Who decides?; 20 Finally; Bibliography


    Carolyn Roberts is headteacher of Thomas Tallis School, UK, her third headship. She led the Ethical Leadership Commission in 2017–18.