1st Edition

Ethical and Religious Classics of East and West

    1632 Pages
    by Routledge

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    In the belief that all the great religions have similarities that confirm and differences that enrich peoples’ spiritual outlook on the world, the editors inaugurated a series which they hoped would bring out the essential tenets of religion in what they perceived to be an age of doubt. The series was originally published in the 1950s and consisted of three kinds of books: translations of imaginative, devotional and philosophic works, with an introduction or commentary; reproductions of masterpieces of religious art; and background books showing the environment in which this literature and art arose and developed. The books overlap each other: Both Eastern and Western religious art often illustrates a religious text and many of the books seek the common ground in their cultural view of religion or philosophy.

    1. F. H. Hilliard The Buddha, the Prophet and the Christ. 978-1-032-14045-2

    2. George Kaftal St. Francis in Italian Painting. 978-1-032-14075-9

    3 David Marshall Lang Lives and Legends of the Georgian Saints. 978-1-032-14672-0

    4. Martin Lings A Moslem Saint of the Twentieth Century, 978-1-032-14681-2

    5. Israel I. Mattuck The Thought of the Prophets. 978-1-032-14705-5

    6. E. Allison Peers The Mystics of Spain. 978-1-032-14760-4

    7. Leon Roth God and Man in the Old Testament. 978-1-032-14794-9

    8. Arthur Waley The Poetry and Career of Li Po, 978-1-032-14804-5

    9. Emmy Wellesz Akbar's Religious Thought Reflected in Mogul Painting. 978-1-032-14817-5

    10. R. C. Zaehner The Teachings of the Magi. 978-1-032-14854-0.


    A. J. Arberry, S. Radhakrishnan, H. N. Spalding, F. W. Thomas.