1st Edition

Ethnic Groups and the State

Edited By Paul R. Brass Copyright 1985

    First published in 1985, Ethnic Groups and the State examines the effects of the state, its official ideologies, its structural forms and its specific policies upon the formation of ethnic identity. It is argued that the formation of ethnic identity is viewed as a process that involves three sets of struggles. One takes place within the ethnic group itself for control over its material and symbolic resources. The second takes place between ethnic groups, as a competition for rights, privileges, and available resources. The third takes place between the state and the groups that dominate it on the one hand and the population that inhabits its territory on the other. This issue is viewed both from a historical and contemporary political standpoint, and the impact of ethnic issues in a wide range of cultures is assessed. This book will be of interest to students of history, sociology, political science and ethnic studies.

    List of Tables and Figures Notes on Contributors Preface 1. Ethnic Groups and the State Paul R. Brass 2. Ethnicity and the Colonial and Post-Colonial State in Africa Crawford Young 3. The Ethnicity Problem in a Multi-Ethnic National State: Continuity and Recasting of Ethnic Identity in the Ottoman State Kemal Karpat 4. Slovak Nationalism and the Hungarian State 1870-1910 David W. Paul 5. The Institutional Management of Cultural Diversity: An Analysis of the Yugoslav Experience Paul V. Warwick and Lenard J. Cohen 6. Castilians, Basques, and Andalusians: A Historical Comparison of Nationalism, "True" Ethnicity, and "False" Ethnicity Davydd J. Greenwood 7. Ethnic Conflict, Representation and the State in Belgium Maureen Covell 8. Legitimacy and the Institutionalisation of Ethnicity: Comparing South Africa Heribert Adam 9. Recent Government Attitudes Toward Indian Tribal Autonomy and Separatism in the United States Alvin J. Ziontz Index


    Paul Brass