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Ethnoepidemiology on Cancer

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ISBN 9780849377792
Published December 27, 1996 by CRC Press
223 Pages

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Book Description

Ethnoepidemiology, a new area of study in the field of cancer prevention and treatment, considers characteristic behavior patterns and physical and cultural factors that may be associated with some types of cancers. This exciting new field, which brings aspects of epidemiology, ethnology, ecology, virology, immunology, and molecular biology together in search of global cancer patterns, was the subject of a recent symposium of the Japanese Cancer Association. This book reports and expands upon the topics discussed at the symposium.

Table of Contents

Global Epidemiology
Cancer Prevention on the Basis of Ethnoepidemiology, K. Tajima
Intercontinental Epidemiology of Cancers, R. Miller
Characteristic Geographical Distribution of Cancer, S. Tokudome
World-Wide Comparative Studies on Risk Factors for Gastro-Intestinal Cancers, S. Kono
Immigrants and Cancers
Cancer Patterns Among Koreans in Japan and Korea, T. Hiyama, H. Tsukuma, H. Tanaka
Cancer Patterns Among Japanese Immigrants in Brazil, S. Tsugane
U.S.-Japan Comparative Study on Risk Factors for Hormone-Dependent Cancers, H. Shimizu
Ethnology and Anthropology
Interdisciplinary View of Epidemiology and Ethnology, E. Marui
Ethnic Pattern on the Basis of Bio-Anthropology, S. Yoshida
Epidemiology on the Basis of Ethnology, S. Yoshida
Molecular Anthropology
MHC Gene Variation Among World-Wide Ethnic Groups, T. Gojobori
Ethnic Variation of HTLV in the World, M. Hayami
Ethnic Variation on Mitochondrial DNA, S. Horai
Virus-Related Cancer and Ethnic Background
HTLV-Related Diseases, K. Tajima
EBV and Its Related Diseases, T. Ohsato
HPV-Related Malignancies, H. Zur Hausen
HCV and Liver Disease, K. Shimotohno
Genetic Susceptibility to Cancers
HTLV Infection and HLA, S. Sonoda, T. Fujiyoshi
EBV Infection and HLA, M. Masucci
Pathophysiological Features of Hereditary Cancers, O. Hino
Pathogenicity on the Basis of Cancer Suppressor Genes, T. Takahashi
Variation of P450 and Disease Susceptibility, T. Nakachi
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