European Research on Varroatosis Control  book cover
1st Edition

European Research on Varroatosis Control

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ISBN 9789061918462
Published June 1, 1988 by CRC Press
482 Pages

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Book Description

This book contains scientific papers covering the current situation of Varroatosis in Europe, the biology and behaviour of Varroa-mite, the parasite-host relationship, the secondary infection micro-organisms transferred from the Varroa in the hive, and diagnostic and therapeutic control methods.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2. Opening address — Research activities on Varroatosis promoted by the Commission of the European Communities 3. Welcome address on behalf of the German beekeeper’s association (DIB) Session 1. Current situation of Varroatosis in European countries 4. Round table on Varroatosis in Europe 5. Summary of the present status of Varroatosis in Europe 6. The spread, tracing and control of Varroa jacobsoni in Belgium 7. The beekeeper and Varroa-disease 8. Current status of Varroa-disease in Greece 9. Varroatosis -— The Irish situation 10. Current situation of Varroatosis in Italy 11. Present situation of Varroa jacobsoni Oud. in Italy 12. The situation of Varroa jacobsoni in Spain Session 2. Biology of Varroa jacobsoni Oud 13. Implied sensory signals in the honeybee-Varroa relationships 14. The lipids of worker and drone larvae of honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) 15. Reproduction of ‘standard’ Varroa mites in relation to their preceding stay in adult bees of different age and function 16. Reproduction of Varroa mites during successive brood cycles of the honeybee 17. Individual differences in Varroa jacobsoni of preference for drone larvae to worker bee larvae 18. The distribution of Varroa jacobsoni on honeybee brood combs and within brood cells as a consequence of fluctuation infestation rates 19. Invasion of honeybee brood cells by Varroa jacobsoni in relation to the age of the larvae 20. Natural transfer of Varroa jacobsoni among honeybee colonies in autumn 21. Searching for an accurate method to evaluate the degree of Varroa infestation in honeybee colonies Session 3. Microbes and laboratory techniques 22. The incidence of acute paralysis virus in adult honeybee and mite populations 23. Transmission of honeybee viruses by Varroa jacobsom' Oud. 24. The antibacterial response of haemolymph from adult honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) in relation to secondary infections 25. Some preliminary observations on the behaviour of Varroa jacobsoni Oud. on its natural host under laboratory conditions 26. An artificial diet for Varroa jacobsom' Oudemans (Acari: Varroidae) Session 4. Control methods 27. Bromopropylate decay and residues in honey samples 28. Reinfestation rates of Varroatosis after treatments in brood-free honeybee colonies 29. Experiments with mite resistance to varroacidal substances in the laboratory 30. Diagnostic and therapeutic methods adopted in Sardinia against Varroa jacobsom' Oud. 31. Chemical control with Coumaphos (Asuntol) and Amitraz against Varroa jacobsoni in Sicily 32. Thermo—chemical control of Varroa jacobsoni with minimal application of Amitraz 33. Comparative studies on the effectiveness of Folbex VAR, Amitraz and Formic acid in the control of Varroatosis in Poland 34. Treatment of Varroa—disease with Fumilat in the East region of Poland 185 35. Present status of the control of Varroa-disease in Greece 36. Malathion fumigation for control of Varroatosis 37. Effectiveness of aqueous solution of Malathion against Varroa mite applied in field experiments 38. Field observations on the trophallaxis of Apis mellifera ligustica Spin, using a systemic chemical product 39. Different modes of Perizin® application 40. Fluvalinate, an interesting molecule against Varroajacobsoni 41. A new approach to chemotherapy of Varroatosis 42. Economical aspects of the ‘trapping comb technique’ as a new form of bee management 43. Conclusions 44. Conclusions and recommendations on general discussion

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