European Security into the Twenty-First Century : Beyond Traditional Theories of International Relations book cover
1st Edition

European Security into the Twenty-First Century
Beyond Traditional Theories of International Relations

ISBN 9781138736139
Published November 7, 2019 by Routledge
266 Pages

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Book Description

This title was first published in 2000:  Both NATO and the European Union are in the early stages of enlargement processes that will see both organizations expand to include a number of former Communist countries from Central Europe. Simultaneously, these processes ignore and exclude the interests and concerns of Russia and Turkey, respectively in the name of European security. Are both of these processes condemned to fail because of what was left out, rather than put in, to the organizational mix of both alliances? Is the leadership of NATO, for example, making the single largest, and costliest, blunder in the history of the organization? And is this being done, as well as that by the European Union, in part because of narrowly-held theoretical perspectives that define security in the most minimalist terms? Too often these processes of enlargement are discussed both out of context and in seclusion from one another, as if neither affects the other in any way, shape or form. This work brings together both processes of enlargement in order to examine whether or not similar mistakes are being made by both organizations, with grave practical consequences. This work will also examine both processes of enlargement from a critical perspective in that it will challenge the theoretically-driven conventional wisdoms of both processes. By doing so, this work will illustrate the need to go beyond these theories of International Relations and advocate the use of a number of non-traditional and very alternative positions that will assist one in developing richer, more comprehensive and inclusive explanations and understandings of these processes, as well as the field of International Relations in general. This work seeks to challenge the current state of International Relations, broadly defined, on its own ground in the hopes of presenting and developing, something newer and exciting for tomorrow.

Table of Contents

Contents: NATO, Russia and Eastern Enlargement: NATO enlargement: an initial assessment; Theorizing with Gramsci; NATO enlargement: a substantive Gramscian proposal. European Union, Turkey and Eastern Enlargement: IR theory and EPC/CFSP: the case for a different approach; Euro-Turkish relations: the saga; Putnam and Turkey: do the twain meet?; Endings: Conclusions; Bibliography; Index.

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’...succeeds in conducting a thorough literature review of international relations theories since 1945, as well as tackling some important issues, such as the enlargement of NATO. The book has a well-stuctured chronological arrangement and makes a very useful contribution to help those studying international relations.’ Aslib Book Guide ’...will be of great interest to academics and students in the field of International Relations.’ European Access Plus