Every Woman's Encyclopaedia  book cover
1st Edition

Every Woman's Encyclopaedia

ISBN 9784861661235
Published March 2, 2010 by Routledge
2700 Pages

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Book Description

This is a facsimile reprint of the largest encyclopedia of the late Edwardian period, the contents of which were first published as a bi-weekly periodical and widely circulated among middle-class British families. While following the example of its illustrious Victorian predecessors, such as Beeton’s Handbooks, it tried to appeal to a more modern readership, and featured various trendy subjects for the ‘new women’ in Britain. Including photographic illustrations (some in colour) on almost every page, this reprint is also a treasure-trove of visual source material for scholars and students of British culture in this period. The reprint is based on the cumulative edition and includes a general index.

Table of Contents

Woman’s Home  The House  Choosing a House.  Building a House.  Improving a House.  Wallpapers.  Lighting.  Heating, Plumbing, etc.  The Rent-purchase System.  How to Plan a House.  Tests to Plan a House.  Tests for Dampness.  Tests for Sanitation, etc.  Furniture  Glass.  China.  Silver.  Home-made Furniture.  Drawing-room.  Dining-room.  Hall.  Kitchen.  Bedroom.  Nursery, etc.  Housekeeping.  Cleaning.  Household Recipes.  How to Clean Silver.  How to Clean Marble.  Labour-saving Suggestions, etc.  Servants  Wages.  Registry Offices.  Giving Characters.  Lady Helps, etc.  Servants’ Duties etc.  Laundry  Plain Laundrywork.  Fine Laundrywork.  Flannels.  Laces.  Ironing, etc.  Woman’s Beauty Book  Beautiful Women in History.  Treatment of the Hair.  The Beauty of Motherhood and Old Age.  Two Effects of Diet on Beauty.  Freckles, Sunburn.  Beauty Baths.  Manicure.  The Beautiful Baby.  The Beautiful Child.  Health and Beauty.  Physical Culture.  How the Housewife may Preserve Her Good Looks.  Beauty Foods.  Beauty Secrets Mothers ought to Teach their Daughters.  The Complexion.  The Teeth.  The Eyes  The Ideal of Beauty.  The Ideal of Figure, etc.  Children  The Baby  Clothe.  How to Engage a Nurse.  Preparing for Baby.  Motherhood.  What Every Mother should Know, etc.  Education  How to Engage a Private Governess.  English School for Girls.  Foreign Schools and Convents.  Exchange with Foreign Families or Learning Languages, etc.  Physical Training  Use of Clubs.  Dumb-bells.  Developers.  Chest Expanders.  Exercises without Apparatus.  Breathing Exercises.  Skipping, etc.  Amusements  How to Arrange a Children’s Party.  Outdoor Games.  Indoor Games.  How to Choose Toys for Children.  The Selection of Story Books, etc.  Woman’s Work  Professions  Doctor.  Civil Servant.  Nurse.  Dressmaker.  Actress.  Musician.  Secretary.  Governess.  Dancing, Mistress, etc.  Woman’s Work in the Colonies  Canada.  Australia.  South Africa.  New Zealand.  Colonial Nurses.  Colonial Teachers.  Training for Colonies.  Colonial Outfits.  Farming, etc.  Little Ways of Making Pin-Money  Photography.  Chicken Rearing.  Sweet Making.  China Painting.  Bee Keeping.  Toy Making.  Ticket Writing, etc.  Marriage  The Ceremony.  Honey Moons.  Bridesmaids.  Groomsmen.  Marriage Customs.  Engagements.  Wedding Superstitions.  Marriage Statistics.  Trousseaux.  Colonial Marriages.  Foreign Marriages.  Engagement and Wedding Rings, etc. Woman’s Medical Book  Home Nursing.  Infants Diseases.  Adults Diseases.  Homely Cures.  Consumption.  Health Hints.  Hospitals.  Health Resorts.  First Aid.  Common Medical Blunders.  The Medical Chest.  Simple Remedies, etc.  The Lady of Quality  Presentations and Other Functions.  Court Balls.  The Art of Entertaining.  Dinner Parties, etc.  Card Parties.  Dances.  At Homes.  Garden Parties.  The Fashionable Resorts of Europe.  Great Social Positions Occupied by Women.  Etiquette for all Occupations, etc.  Woman’s Dress  Home Dressmaking  How to Cut Patterns.  Methods of Self-measurement.  Colour Contrasts.  Home Tailoring.  Representative Fashions.  Fancy Dress.  Alteration of Clothes, etc.  Boots and Shoes  Choice.  How to Keep in Good Condition.  How to Soften Leather, etc.  Millinery  Lessons in Hat Trimming.  How to Make a Shape.  How to Curl Feathers  Flowers, Hat-pins, Colours, etc.  Furs  Choice.  How to Preserve, etc.  How to Detect Frauds.  Gloves  Choice.  Cleaning, etc.  Jewellery, etc.  Needle Work  Embroidery.  Embroidered Collars and Blouses.  Lace Work.  Drawn Thread Work  Tatting.  Netting.  Knitting.  Crochet.  Braiding.  Art Patchwork.  Plain Needlework.  Presents.  Sewing Machines.  Darning with a Sewing Machine.  What can be done with Ribbon.  German Applique Work.  Monogram Designs, etc.  Kitchen & Cookery  Ranges.  Gas Stoves.  Utensils.  The Theory of Cooking.  The Cook’s Time-table.  Weights and Measures, etc.  Recipes for Soups, Entrees, Pastry, Puddings, Salads, Preserves, etc.  Cookery for Invalids.  Cookery for Children.  Vegetarian Cookery.  Preparing Game and Poultry.  The Art of Making Coffee.  How to Carve Poultry, Joints, etc.  The World of Women  The Queens of the World.  Famous Women of the Past.  Women’s Societies.  Great Writers, Artists, and Actresses.  Women of Wealth.  Women’s Clubs.  Wives of Great Men.  Mothers of Great Men.  Woman’s Who’s Who, etc.  Woman’s Law Book  Marriage.  Children.  Landlords.  Money Matters.  Servants.  Pets.  Employer’s Liability.  Lodgers.  Sanitation.  Taxes.  Wills.  Wife’s Debt, etc.  Woman in Love  Famous Historical Love Stories.  Love Letters of Famous People.  Love Scenes from Fiction.  Love Poems and Songs.  The Superstitions of Love.  The Engaged Girl in Many Climes.  Proposal of Yesterday and To-day.  Employments in Olden Days, etc.  Woman and Religion  Women’s Work in Religion  Missionaries.  Zenana Missions.  Home Missions, etc.  Great Leaders of Religious Thought  Charities  How to Work for Great Charities.  Great Charity Organizations.  Local Charities, etc.  The Women of the Bible  Bazaars  How to Manage a Church Bazaar.  What to Make for Bazaar.  Garden Bazaar, etc.  How to Manage a Sunday-School  The Arts  Art  Art Education in England.  Art Education Abroad.  Scholarships.  Exhibitions.  Modern Illustrations.  The Amateur Artist.  Decorative Art.  Applied Art, etc.  Music  Musical Education.  Studying Abroad.  Musical Scholarships.  Practical Notes on the Choice of Instruments.  The Musical Education of Children, etc.  Literature  Famous Books by Women.  Famous Poems by Women.  Tales from the Classics.  Stories of Famous Women Writers.  The Lives of Women Poets, etc.  Women in her Garden  Practical Articles on Horticulture.  Flowers Growing for Profit.  Violet Farms.  French Gardens.  The Vegetable Garden  Nature Gardens.  Water Gardens.  The Window Garden.  Famous Gardens of England.  Conservatories.  Frames.  Bell Glasses.  Greenhouses.  Vineries, etc.  Woman’s Recreations  Golf.  Lawn Tennis.  Hunting.  Winter Sports.  Basket Ball.  Archery.  Motoring.  Rowing, etc.  Hobbies  Photography.  Chip Carving.  Bent Iron Work.  Painting on Satin.  Painting on Pottery.  Poker Work.  Fretwork.  Cane Basket Work, etc.  Pastimes  Card Games.  Palmistry.  Fortune Telling by Cards.  Holidays  Caravanning.  Camping.  Travelling.  Cycling, etc.  Woman’s Pet  Prize Dogs.  Lap Dogs.  Dog’s Points.  Dog’s Clothes.  Sporting Dogs.  How to Exhibit Dogs.  Cats: Good and Bad Points.  Cat Fanciers.  Small Cage Birds.  Pigeons.  Parrots.  Children’s Pets.  Uncommon Pets.  Food for Pets.  How to Teach Tricks.  Gold Fish, etc.

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