Evidence-based Parenting Education : A Global Perspective book cover
1st Edition

Evidence-based Parenting Education
A Global Perspective

ISBN 9781848725904
Published August 19, 2015 by Routledge
368 Pages

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Book Description

This is the first book to provide a multidisciplinary, critical, and global overview of evidence-based parenting education (PEd) programs. Readers are introduced to the best practices for designing, implementing, and evaluating effective PEd programs in order to teach clients how to be effective parents.  Noted contributors from various disciplines examine evidence –based programs from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, as well as web-based alternatives. The best practices used in a number of venues are explored, often by the developers themselves. Examples and discussion questions encourage application of the material. Critical guidance for those who wish to design, implement, and evaluate PEd programs in various settings is provided.

All chapters feature learning goals, an introduction, conclusion, key points, discussion questions, and additional resources. In addition to these elements, chapters in Part III follow a consistent structure so readers can easily compare programs—theoretical foundations and history, needs assessment and target audience, program goals & objectives, curriculum issues, cultural Implications, evidence-based research and evaluation, and professional preparation and training issues. The editor has taught parenting and family life education courses for years. This book reviews the key information that his students needed to become competent professionals.

Highlights of the book’s coverage include:

  • Comprehensive summary of evidence-based PEd training programs in one volume.
  • Prepares readers for professional practice as a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) by highlighting the fundamentals of developing and evaluating PEd programs.
  • Exposes readers to models of parenting education from around the world. 

The book opens with a historical overview of PEd development.  It is followed by 20 chapters divided in four parts. The initial six chapters focus on fundamentals of parenting education --program design, implementation, evaluation, the role of mediators and moderators, as well as the U.S. Cooperative Extension Parent  Framework. The three chapters in Part II review the latest status of parenting education in Europe, Asia, and web-based alternatives. Part III presents ten stellar, evidence-based parenting programs offered around the world. In addition to the learning goals, introduction, conclusion, key points, discussion questions, and additional resources that are found in all chapters, those in Part III also consider theoretical foundations and history, needs assessment and target audience, program goals & objectives, curriculum issues, cultural Implications, evidence based research and evaluation, and professional preparation and training issues. Part IV reviews future directions.          

Ideal for advanced undergraduate or graduate courses in parent education, parent-child relations, parenting, early childhood or family life education, family therapy, and home, school, and community services taught in human development and family studies, psychology, social work, sociology, education, nursing, and more, the book also serves as a resource for practitioners, counselors, clergy members, and policy makers interested in evidence based PEd programs or those seeking to become CFLEs or Parent Educators.

Table of Contents

Foreword R.M. Milardo Part 1: Fundamentals of Parenting Education Programs 1. Overview and History of Parenting Education J.J. Ponzetti, Jr 2. Program Design A.L. Jacobson 3. Program Implementation A.A. Baumann, P. Kohl, E. Proctor, B. Powell 4. Program Evaluation: What Works in Parenting Education K.M. Benzies, L.A. Barker 5. Moderators and Mediators of Parenting Program Effectiveness S. Stoltz, M. Deković 6. U.S. Cooperative Extension Parent Educator’s Framework K. DeBord Part 2: Parenting Education: A Global Perspective 7. Evidence-based Parent Education Programs: A European Perspective M.J. Rodrigo, A. Almeida, B. Reichle 8. Parenting Education in the Asian Pacific Region K.L. Kumpfer, M. Pinyuchon, R.B. Baharudin, N. Kannikar, J. Xie 9. Parenting Education without Borders: Web-based Outreach J.A. Myers-Walls, Jodi Dworkin Part 3: Best Practices in Evidence-based Programs 10. The Incredible Years® Parent Programs: Methods and Principles that Support Program Fidelity C. Webster-Stratton 11. Parenting Wisely: Using Innovative Media for Parent Education R.E. Pushak, D.A. Gordon 12. Supporting Father Involvement Project: A Value-added Co-parenting Program Kyle D. Pruett, Marsha Kline Pruett, Carolyn Pape Cowan, Phillip A. Cowan 13. Parent Management Training-Oregon Model (PMTO): A Program to Treat Children’s Behavior Problems Margrét Sigmarsdóttir, Laura A. Rains, Marion S. Forgatch 14. Nurturing Parenting Programs for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment Stephen J. Bavolek 15. Triple P—Positive Parenting Program Matthew R. Sanders, Karen M. T. Turner 16. Families and Schools Together (FAST) Lynn McDonald 17. The Parents Matter! and Families Matter! Programs Kim S. Miller 18. Strengthening Families Program K.L. Kumpfer, C. Magalhães, J.A. Greene 19. Nobody’s Perfect Program D.J. Kennett, G. Chislett Part 4: Future Directions and Conclusion 20. Future Trends in Parenting Education N. Long 21. The Future of Evidence-based Parenting Education around the World J.J. Ponzetti, Jr.

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James J. Ponzetti, Jr. is an Emeritus Faculty member at the University of British Columbia, Canada.


"Drawing on the work of a vast array of contemporary parenting education experts, this text is theoretically informed, research-based, and practically useful. A "must read" for both parenting education researchers and family life professionals." - Heidi E. Stolz, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

"This volume represents an invaluable resource in the burgeoning field of evidence-based parenting education programs. From initial chapters framing the field and helping to define key terms, to attention to implementation and well-written overviews of programs with strong empirical support across the globe, this is one of the few volumes that can guide both clinicians and academics through the ever more complicated world of parenting interventions." -Cheri Shapiro, University of South Carolina, USA

"A book that contributes to the development of knowledge in the domain of parent education in various cultures, an excellent source of inspiration for scholars and practitioners and a model of evidence-based parenting program analysis." -Daniela Cojocaru, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania

"With contributions from top parenting education experts from around the world, offering varied, multidisciplinary perspectives and a focus on evidence-based programs, this text is an important resource for students and practitioners of parenting education."- Colleen Vesely, George Mason University, USA

"Having a one-stop location for accessing information about proven, accessible programs will be of great benefit to students and practitioners. ...To date there is no book on the market that provides a comprehensive overview of evidence-based parenting programs. ... I would seriously consider... adopting it ... for my Parent-Child Relationships course. ...This book will be an important contribution to the field." – Rhonda A. Richardson, Kent State University, USA

"The main audience ... will be students in parent education courses. I teach such a course and can imagine using a text like this. ...There is a gap in the available resources for upper-level undergrads and beginning grad students. Students ... need a text that is heavily research based and helps the reader critically examine available curricula while also assisting her/him in learning to build the skills to assess resources. .... It would make a wonderful contribution to the field." – Karen S. Myers-Bowman, Kansas State University, USA

"This book will ... quickly become the "bible" for those seeking to learn about and implement parent education. ... A sourcebook focused on current evidenced based programs would be a wonderful resource for new (and old professionals) to guide their practice. ... I have been looking for a source exactly like this to augment my parent-relations course ... It would ... better prepare my students for post-graduation professional practice as a CFLE. ... I would ... adopt it for my course." – Jeffrey J. Angera, Central Michigan University, USA

"It will be a valuable resource and model for years to come. ... I would consider purchasing it for professional use … and adopting it for a relevant course. …The book will make a significant contribution to the [field]." – Wallace E. Dixon, East Tennessee State University, USA