1st Edition

Evolution of the United Nations System An East Asian Perspective

    276 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Contributors from Japan, Korea, and China explore the reaction of the United Nations to emerging global issues.

    A collaboration between the Japan Association for United Nations Studies with the Korea Academic Council on the United Nations System and the China Academic Net for United Nations Studies, this book presents a range of perspectives from both academics and practitioners. The areas explored and discussed include global governance, peace and security, global health governance, global citizenship, nuclear disarmament, and the Sustainable Development Goals. In particular and among other issues it addresses both the coordination of COVID-19 management and responses to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    An invaluable, diverse, and concertedly non-Western approach to the challenges facing the UN.

    INTRODUCTION Evolution of the United Nations PEACE AND SECURITY 1. Securing Our Sustainable Future: the Role of the United Nations for Nuclear Disarmament 2. Efforts by the UN to Prevent Violent Extremism by Engaging and Empowering Civil Society in Southeast Asia 3. Peace and Conflict in Northeast Asia: A Liberal Perspective 4. Democratic Pacifism and Peace Solidarity in South Korea and Japan HEALTH AND COVID-19 5. Fostering the Role of Civil Society and NGOs towards Inclusive Global Governance for Conflict and Disaster Prevention during COVID-19 Pandemic, and beyond 6. Upgrading Global Health Governance: A Global Community of Health for All Perspective 7. Bottlenecks in the Theory of Good Governance: Reflections on the COVID-19 Crisis SEA AND SPACE 8. Clarifying the ‘Gap’ in New Legally Binding Instruments for the Protection and Sustainability of Marine Biodiversity (‘BBNJ Negotiation’) Under the UN System 9. Are Technologies a Panacea for SDGs? Earth Observation and Challenges for Global Governance HUMAN 10. Critical Analysis on Ending Statelessness and UNHCR’s #IBelong Campaign 11. Community Engagement and Education for Sustainable Development: Promising Cases 12. Rethinking global citizenship and the United Nations 13: The case for ‘global contestatory democracy’: Individuals’ contestation against global governance CONCLUDING NOTE United Nations and Confidence building in the East Asian Region. Appendix: Twenty Years History of the East Asian Seminar


    The Japan Association for United Nations Studies (JAUNS)

    This publication was edited by the JAUNS to commemorate the 20th anniversary of academic exchange with Korean and Chinese associations. The editorial board members: Mariko SHOJI (editor-in-chief, Keiai University), Kazuo TAKAHASHI (Former Prof., International Christian University), Hajime AKIYAMA (University of Tsukuba), Eka HIGUCHI and Masataka TAMAI (Tohoku University of Community Service and Science).