1st Edition

Evolving Innovation Ecosystems
A Guide to Open Idea Transformation in the Age of Future Tech

ISBN 9781498762793
Published June 1, 2017 by Auerbach Publications
268 Pages

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Book Description

While emerging technologies create massive opportunity, especially for investors and companies that seek more adaptable forms of economic growth than currently available, value is held inert by traditional approaches, patents, and other closed systems. Yet, open data, content, and information may be the key to mass innovation for future technologies, although they bring difficult challenges to private-industry models that depend on the established ideas of intellectual property.

It is from this foundational observation that OpenXFORM (a blending of the words Open and the engineering abbreviation for Transformation) was developed and is explored and described in this book. The intent of the model design is to synthesize an approach to the process of innovation, inspired by natural systems and human-centric design processes. OpenXFORM describes how an open system of innovation can adapt to the unregulated world of information, data, and content; can decompose its own information to release to the open world; and can discover ways to find the points of synergy among the studied and tested methodologies that put human relationships first.

This book presents an explicit innovation process that shows how to move from a breakthrough idea through a process that encourages innovative thinkers to test their assumptions, validate hypotheses, and tune and tweak their ideas, not only to drive solutions for users but also to meet the strategic goals of their companies. The anatomy of innovation through OpenXFORM contains the process for moving ideas from a flight of fancy to an explicit concept that is ready to produce.

Table of Contents

An Updated Perspective on How Open Source Works and Fails. The Roots and New Implications of the Open Source Movement. The Paradox of Incentives. The Problem with Intellectual Property. Emerging Open Source Models. The Role of Human Ingenuity in a Technocentric Culture. Why the Open Source Model is the Lynchpin to Future Tech Innovation. When Tradition is Rejected: The Tesla Model. The Big Guns Go All Open Source: Apple and other “Evil Empires”. An Unlikely Affair: Open Source Cybersecurity Software, Data and Global Security. The Collaborative Enterprise. The Virtual Reality of Open Source Living, Creativity and Gamification. The Practice: How Open Source Communities Incentivize and Self Regulate. The Role of Ethics, Law, and Enforcement in the Commons. What the Knowledge Commons Means to Future Tech. The Valley of Death: Commercialization Issues, Non cooptation, and Non-appropriation. How Open Source Allows Creativity to Flow and Changes Business. How Open Source is the Future of Sustainability for the Planet, People, Natural Systems, and Economies. A Thought Experiment: The Future Commons for Future Tech.

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