1st Edition

Experimental Cell Biology of Taste and Olfaction
Current Techniques and Protocols

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ISBN 9780849376450
Published July 12, 1995 by CRC Press
464 Pages

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Book Description

Experimental Cell Biology of Taste and Olfaction examines and adapts methods from a variety of established fields, such as neurophysiology, receptor biochemistry and cellular imaging to provide comprehensive coverage of current techniques and protocols in chemosensory cell biology. Written for both newcomers and established scientists, this volume offers numerous tips for problem solving and suggests ways to avoid the most common, and costly, mistakes made by researchers.
This book covers general aspects such as tissue collection and preparation, as well as specific, up-to-date methods used in taste and olfactory morphology, immunology, biochemistry, biophysics, electrophysiology and molecular biology. The explosion of knowledge and the increased interest in these areas make this book an important reference work for all scientists, students, and teachers in this and related fields

Table of Contents

General Methods in Chemosensory Research
Euthanasia, I. Ramirez
Collection of Taste Tissue from Fish and Amphibians, J. H. Teeter
Collection of Taste Tissue from Mammals, A. I. Spielman and J. G. Brand
Insects: Isolation of Olfactory Sensilla and Collection of Sensillum Lymph, G. Ziegelberger
Surgical Anatomy of Olfactory Organ and Tissue Collection Methods in Vertebrates, T. Kurahashi and D. Restrepo
Collection of Human Olfactory Tissue, L. D. Lowry and E. A. Pribitkin
Surgical Removal of the Vomeronasal Organ and Its Verification, C. J. Wysocki and L. M. Wysocki
Denervation and Reinnervation of the Tongue, B. Oakley
The Lingual Slice Preparation, Isolated Taste Cells, and Dye Injections in Mudpuppy, A. Bigiani, D. A. Ewald, and S. D. Roper
Cell Dissociation Methods for Patch Clamp Electrophysiological Studies of Vertebrate Olfactory Receptor Neurons, A. H. Kahn and S. Firestein
Tissue Culture of Rat Taste Buds, C. Ruiz, M. McPheeters, and S. C. Kinnamon
Olfactory Receptor Neuronal Cultures, G. V. Ronnett
Methods for Airborne and Aqueous Stimulus Delivery in Olfactory Research, J. S. Kauer and S. Firestein
Imaging Methods in Chemosensory Research
Videomicroscopy and Image Processing, I. J. Miller and S. L. Hayes
Transmission Electron Microscopy of Gustatory Epithelium, H. H. Crowley and J. C. Kinnamon
Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy of Olfactory Epithelia, B. Ph. M. Menco
Analysis of Taste Bud Ultrastructure by Serial Sectioning and Three-Dimensional Reconstruction, S. M. Royer and J. C. Kinnamon
Immunohistochemistry, C. DellaCorte
IP3 Autoradiography of Taste Receptor Cells, P. A. Hwang
In Situ Hybridization, H. Schmale and M. Behrens
Biochemical Methods in Chemosensory Research
Membrane Preparation and Subcellular Fractionation, D. L. Kalinoski
Preparation of Olfactory Cilia, R. R. H. Anholt
The Use of the Spiny Lobster as a Tool for the Study of Chemosensory Biochemistry, H. G. Trapido-Rosenthal
Receptor Binding and Solubilization, D. L. Kalinoski
Western Blotting, R. Bruch and Fe. C. Abogadie
Approaches for Monitoring Rapid Kinetics of Second Messenger Signaling, E. Tareilus, I. Boekhoff, A.I. Spielman, and H. Breer
Second Messenger Assays, A. I. Spielman, H. Nagai, G. Sunavala, M. Dasso, T. Huque, and J. G. Brand
Electrophysiological and Biophysical Methods in Chemosensory Research
General Methods
Reconstitution of Chemoreceptor Proteins in Planar Lipid Bilayers, A. M. Feigin, M. Zviman, and J. H. Teeter
Data Acquisition in Electrophysiology, V. E. Dionne
Whole Nerve and Single Unit Recordings
Taste Nerve Recording from a Voltage-Clamped Receptive Field, J. A. DeSimone, G. Heck, and Q. Ye
Whole Nerve and Single Fiber Recordings in Frog, T. Miyamoto and T. Sato
Single Unit Electrophysiological Recordings from Crustacean Chemoreceptor Neurons, C. D. Derby
Olfactory and Taste Recordings in Fish, J. Caprio
Taste Nerve Recordings in Rodents, M. E. Frank
Trigeminal Nerve Recordings in Rodents, B. P. Bryant
Whole Nerve and Single Fiber Recordings in Non-Human Primates, G. Hellekant and T. W. Roberts
Electrophysiology of the Vomeronasal Organ and Accessory Olfactory System, M. Meredith
Patch-Clamping of Taste Cells in the Mudpuppy, T. A. Cummings and S. C. Kinnamon
Patch-Clamping Recording from Taste Receptor Cells of Channel Catfish and Larval Tiger Salamander, J. H. Teeter
Patch-Clamping of Taste Cells in Hamster and Rat, T. A. Gilbertson
Patch-Clamping of Taste Cells in Mouse, J. F. MacDonald, I. Mody, M. W. Salter, and A. I. Spielman
Loose-Patch Recording from Taste Buds in Situ, B. Lindemann
Patch-Clamping Lobster Olfactory Receptor Cells, B. W. Ache, D. A. Fadool, and A. Zhainazarov
Patch-Clamping of Whole Olfactory Cilia, S. J. Kleene
Patch-Clamping Techniques for Vertebrate Olfactory Receptor Cells, G. Lowe, T. Nakamura, and G. H. Gold
Single Unit and Electroantennogram Recordings in Insect Olfactory Organs, K.-E. Kaissling
Patch-Clamping of Olfactory Cells in Insects, F. Zufall
Imaging of Intracellular Calcium in Chemosensory Receptor Cells, D. Restrepo, M. Zviman, and N. E. Rawson
Videorate Imaging of Potentiometric Dyes in Olfactory Research, J. S. Kauer
Methods to Study Flow Dynamics in Olfaction, P. W. Scherer, K. Keyhani, I. Hahn, and M. Mozell
Applications of Molecular Biology to Chemosensory Research
Cloning of Gustatory cDNAs and Analysis of Their Pattern of Expression, P. J. McKinnon, S. K. McLaughlin, and R. F. Margolskee
Cloning of Odorant Receptors, E. R. Liman and L. B. Buck
List of Critical References for Techniques Not Covered

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