1st Edition

Exploring Diversity through Multimodality, Narrative, and Dialogue A Framework for Teacher Reflection

By Mary B. McVee, Fenice B. Boyd Copyright 2016
    134 Pages
    by Routledge

    134 Pages
    by Routledge

    Exploring Diversity through Multimodality, Narrative, and Dialogue awakens educators to the ways in which values, beliefs, language use, culture, identity, social class, race, and other factors filter approaches to teaching and expectations for students. Designed as a guide to help educators engage in dialogic interactions, the text articulates a theoretically grounded and research-based framework related to the use of personal narratives as learning tools. Educators are encouraged to consider their own positions, explore topics of diversity and social justice, and identify ways to better address student needs.

    Drawing on theories from multiliteracies, multimodality, embodiment, and narrative, chapters are framed around book discussions and the use of personal narrative to define and provide examples of dialogic interactions. Unique to this book is its focus on

    • embodied learning and multimodality as well as myriad artifacts produced by educators;
    • listening, not just dialogic talk;
    • writing (both traditional print texts and multimodal composition) that supports dialogic interaction; and
    • not merely responding to literature but developing empathic responses to texts, students, and others whose opinions may differ from one’s own viewpoints.

    The specific techniques and approaches presented can be used within educational and professional development settings to help readers enhance their journey toward greater awareness of others and of their own beliefs and experiences that lead toward social justice for all.



    CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION: Narrative, Multimodality, and Dialogue in Teaching and Teacher Education: An Introduction

    CHAPTER 2: Personal and Cultural Narratives: What We Can Learn and Do Through Story

    CHAPTER 3: Getting the Conversation Started: Principles, Structure, and Organization in Multicultural Book Clubs (with Taffy E. Raphael)

    CHAPTER 4: More Than Just Talk: Multimodal Composing and Embodiment in Explorations of Culture and Identity (with Jim Gavelek and Lisa Roof)

    CHAPTER 5: Talk that Works: Moving Toward Engaged Dialogue

    CHAPTER 6: The Relationship Between Words: Learning the Art of Listening

    CHAPTER 7: Exploring Hot Lava: Using multiple Texts to Reflect on Multiple Positions Around Challenging Topics

    CHAPTER 8: All the Stories We Have Yet to Hear



    Mary B. McVee is Associate Professor, Literacy, and Director of the Center for Literacy and Reading Instruction, Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA.

    Fenice B. Boyd is Associate Professor, Literacy, Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA.