594 Pages 651 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    594 Pages 651 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Why is rubber elastic? Why are leaves green? Why can a gecko climb a wall? Answering these and a myriad of other puzzles of nature, Exploring Integrated Science shows how the simplest questions that arise from our daily experiences can lead us through a chain of reasoning that explains some of the most fascinating principles of science.

    Written in a non-technical, entertaining style to engage those without a science background while maintaining the academic rigor required by more advanced readers, the book follows a unique format that enhances the learning process. Each chapter begins with a pertinent question that forms the basis for explaining a scientific principle. Step by step, the text then delves into the more sophisticated scientific matter necessary for providing insight into the question presented, elucidating key principles and concepts. Each chapter contains a summary highlighting the salient points, answers the question definitively, and concludes with a series of exercises to test readers’ assimilation of the material.

    Richly illustrated with more than 650 vibrant color images, this work captures the essence of our intuitive appreciation of nature, which is the starting point for the adventure of science. Presenting integrated scientific ideas that seamlessly blend biology, mathematics, chemistry, and physics, this volume brings the most complex and intriguing phenomena to readers in a manner that is both accessible and entertaining.

    The book has an accompanying website with more information.

    Our Universe: Where Are We?
    Numbers in Our World: How Do We Reach Infinity and Beyond?
    Energy: Why Can Sunlight Power the World?
    Atoms: Why Are the Elements So Different from Each Other?
    Combining Atoms: How Do Atoms Bond?
    Fluids: How Does Water Flow?
    Materials: Why Is Steel Strong and Glass Fragile?
    Polymers: Why Is Rubber Elastic?
    Sparks in Nature: What Is Electricity?
    Odor: Why Can We Smell Perfume?
    Sound: Why Can We Hear Music?
    Nature’s Solar Cells: Why Are Leaves Green?
    Vision: Why Can We See Sunlight?
    Biopolymers: Why Does Life Use Polymers?
    Proteins: Who Does All the Work?
    RNA: Jack of All Trades, Master of None?
    DNA: What Determines the Structure of DNA?
    Information: Does DNA Compute?
    Nanoworld: Why Can a Gecko Climb a Wall?
    Complexity: Why Do We Need Only a Small Number of Genes?
    Evolution: Why Are There Many Species?
    Relativity: Why Does E = mc2?
    Quantum Mechanics I: Why Are There Black Lines in the Spectrum of the Sun?
    Quantum Mechanics II: Is Nature Counterintuitive?
    Complex Numbers
    Periodic Table
    Electromagnetic Spectrum


    Belal E. Baaquie, Frederick H. Willeboordse