1st Edition

Extra- and Intracellular Calcium and Phosphate Regulation
From Basic Research to Clinical Medicine

ISBN 9780849301889
Published February 21, 1992 by CRC Press
176 Pages

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Book Description

Extra- and Intracellular Calcium and Phosphate Regulation: From Basic Research to Clinical Medicine presents thinking and front-line research addressing calcium and phosphate homeostasis and related clinical problems. Major topics include calcium and phosphate transport in the mammalian body and some of its defects; several aspects of hormonal control of calcium and phosphorus metabolism, including PTH-related peptide; and basic and clinical aspects of bone and bone diseases. Other topics include calcium entry and extrusion mechanisms, secondary osteoporosis, how bone cells translocate phosphate needed to bone mineral, and the culture of renal and intestinal cells capable of transporting calcium in vitro. The book also features two prize-winning contributions; one deals with the characterization of a major calcium transport protein, calbindin D-9K, while the other discusses how the osteoclast, the bone-resorbing cell, is feedback-regulated.

Extra- and Intracellular Calcium and Phosphate Regulation: From Basic Research to Clinical Medicine provides plenty of useful information for basic and clinical scientists alike, including biochemists, physiologists, cell biologists, pharmacologists, internists, orthopedic surgeons, dentists, and pathologists.

Table of Contents

CALCIUM AND PHOSPHATE TRANSPORT. Calcium Entry and Calcium Channels (F. Bronner). Transcellular Calcium Transport Across Cultured Intestinal and Renal Cells (R.J.M. Bindels, J.A.H. Timmermans, A. Hartog, and C.H. van Os). Phosphate Transport in Osteogenic Cells: Regulation and Relation with Matrix Mineralization (J. Caverzasio, T. Selz, C. Montessuit, and J.-P. Bonjour). THE CALBINDINS. Analysis of the Rat Calbindin-D9K (CaBP9K) Gene: Structure, Tissue-Specific Expression and Regulation (M. Thomasset). The Intestinal Calcindins: Their Function, Gene Expression, and Modulation in Genetic Diseases (R.H. Wasserman). HORMONAL ASPECTS. The PTH/PTHrP Family (T.J. Martin). Physiological and Biochemical Roles of the Chromogranin Family of Proteins (D.V. Cohn and S.-U Gorr). Triiodothyronine and 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3: Action and Interactions at the Gene, Cell and Organ Level (H.S. Cross, K. Klaushofer, and M. Peterlik). BONE AND BONE DISEASES. Control of Cytosolic Calcium in Osteoclasts In Vitro (A. Teti and A. Zambonin Zallone). Side Effects of Drugs on Bone (P.H. Stern). Pathogenetic Mechanisms of Secondary Osteoporosis (L.G. Raisz). Risks of Drug Treatments of Metabolic Bone Diseases (R. Ziegler).

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