1st Edition

Extreme Environment Electronics

Edited By John D. Cressler, H. Alan Mantooth Copyright 2013
    1042 Pages 976 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    1042 Pages 976 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Unfriendly to conventional electronic devices, circuits, and systems, extreme environments represent a serious challenge to designers and mission architects. The first truly comprehensive guide to this specialized field, Extreme Environment Electronics explains the essential aspects of designing and using devices, circuits, and electronic systems intended to operate in extreme environments, including across wide temperature ranges and in radiation-intense scenarios such as space.

    The Definitive Guide to Extreme Environment Electronics

    Featuring contributions by some of the world’s foremost experts in extreme environment electronics, the book provides in-depth information on a wide array of topics. It begins by describing the extreme conditions and then delves into a description of suitable semiconductor technologies and the modeling of devices within those technologies. It also discusses reliability issues and failure mechanisms that readers need to be aware of, as well as best practices for the design of these electronics.

    Continuing beyond just the "paper design" of building blocks, the book rounds out coverage of the design realization process with verification techniques and chapters on electronic packaging for extreme environments. The final set of chapters describes actual chip-level designs for applications in energy and space exploration. Requiring only a basic background in electronics, the book combines theoretical and practical aspects in each self-contained chapter. Appendices supply additional background material.

    With its broad coverage and depth, and the expertise of the contributing authors, this is an invaluable reference for engineers, scientists, and technical managers, as well as researchers and graduate students. A hands-on resource, it explores what is required to successfully operate electronics in the most demanding conditions.

    Part I Introduction

    Big Picture and Some History of the Field
    John D. Cressler

    Extreme Environments in NASA Planetary Exploration
    Elizabeth Kolawa, Mohammad Mojarradi, and Linda Del Castillo

    Extreme Environment Electronics in NASA’s Heliophysics Vision
    Dana Brewer and Janet Barth

    Overview of the NASA ETDP RHESE Program
    Andrew S. Keys

    Role of Extreme Environment Electronics in NASA’s Aeronautics Research
    Gary W. Hunter and Dennis Culley

    Technology Options for Extreme Environment Electronics
    Jonathan A. Pellish and Lewis M. Cohn

    Part II Background

    John D. Cressler

    Physics of Temperature and Temperature’s Role in Carrier Transport
    John D. Cressler and Kurt A. Moen

    Overview of Radiation Transport Physics and Component Effects
    Robert Reed and Janet Barth

    Interaction of Radiation with Semiconductor Devices
    Ken F. Galloway and Ron D. Schrimpf

    Part III Environments and Prediction Tools

    John D. Cressler

    Orbital Radiation Environments
    Michael Xapsos

    CRÈME96 and Related Error Rate Prediction Methods
    James H. Adams, Jr.

    Monte Carlo Simulation of Radiation Effects
    Robert A. Weller

    Extreme Environments in Energy Production and Utilization
    Alexander B. Lostetter

    Extreme Environments in Transportation
    Peter Wilson and H. Alan Mantooth

    Part IV Semiconductor Device Technologies for Extreme Environments

    John D. Cressler

    Radiation Effects in Si CMOS Platforms
    Lloyd W. Massengill

    Wide Temperature Range Operation of Si CMOS Platforms
    Aravind C. Appaswamy

    Trade-Offs between Performance and Reliability in Sub-100 nm RF-CMOS on SOI Technologies
    Rajan Arora

    SiGe HBT Platforms
    John D. Cressler

    Using Temperature to Explore the Scaling Limits of SiGe HBTs
    Jiahui Yuan

    SiC Integrated Circuit Platforms for High-Temperature Applications
    Philip G. Neudeck

    Passive Elements in Silicon Technology
    Edward P. Wilcox

    Power Device Platforms
    H. Alan Mantooth

    CMOS-Compatible Silicon-on-Insulator MESFETs for Extreme Environments
    Trevor J. Thornton, William Lepkowski, Seth J. Wilk, Mohammad Reza Ghajar, Asha Balijepalli, and Joseph Ervin

    III-Nitride Platforms
    Shyh-Chiang Shen

    Photonic Devices
    Cheryl J. Marshall

    Radiation Hardening by Process
    Michael L. Alles

    Rad-Hard Silicon Technologies at BAE Systems
    Richard W. Berger

    Rad-Hard Silicon Technologies at Honeywell
    Paul S. Fechner and Jerry Yue

    High-Temperature SOI Technologies at Honeywell
    Bruce Ohme

    Part V Modeling for Extreme Environment Electronic Design

    H. Alan Mantooth

    TCAD of Advanced Transistors
    Guofu Niu

    Mixed-Mode TCAD Tools
    Ashok Raman and Marek Turowski

    Mixed-Mode TCAD for Modeling of Single-Event Effects
    Kurt A. Moen and Stanley D. Phillips

    Compact Modeling of SiGe HBTs
    Guofu Niu and Lan Luo

    Compact Modeling of CMOS Devices for Extreme Environments
    A. Matt Francis

    Compact Modeling of LDMOS Transistors
    Avinash S. Kashyap

    Compact Modeling of Power Devices
    Ty R. McNutt

    Best Practices for Modeling Radiation Effects in Mixed Signal Circuits
    Jeffrey S. Kauppila

    Compact Model Toolkits
    Jim Holmes and A. Matt Francis

    Part VI Device and Circuit Reliability in Extreme Environments

    John D. Cressler

    Failure Mechanisms in Modern Integrated Circuits and Industry Best Practices for Reliability Degradation Predictions
    Fernando Guarin

    Considerations for the Reliability Estimation of SiGe HBTs
    Fernando Guarin

    Considerations for the Reliability Estimation of Silicon CMOS
    Stewart Rauch

    Qualification Methodology for Extreme Environment Electronics
    Yuan Chen

    Part VII Circuit Design for Extreme Environments

    H. Alan Mantooth

    Best Practices in Radiation Hardening by Design
    Jeffrey D. Black

    Investigations of RHBD Techniques for SiGe Devices and Circuits
    Stanley D. Phillips

    Best Practices in Wide Temperature Range Circuit Design
    Benjamin J. Blalock

    Achieving Invariability in Analog Circuits Operating in Extreme Environments
    Peter Wilson, Robert Rudolf, and Reuben Wilcock

    Part VIII Examples of Extreme Environment Circuit Designs

    H. Alan Mantooth

    Voltage and Current References
    Laleh Najafizadeh

    Operational Amplifiers
    Benjamin J. Blalock

    Cryogenic Low-Noise Amplifiers
    Joseph C. Bardin

    Active Filters
    Fa Foster Dai and Desheng Ma

    Analog-to-Digital Converters
    Benjamin J. Blalock

    Digital-to-Analog Converters
    Fa Foster Dai, Yuan Yao, and Zhenqi Chen

    CMOS Phase-Locked Loops
    T. Daniel Loveless

    Low-Voltage, Weakly Saturated SiGe HBT Circuits
    Sachin Seth

    Memory Circuits
    Richard W. Berger

    Field Programmable Gate Arrays
    Melanie Berg

    Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
    Ken Li and Michael Johnson

    Asynchronous Digital Circuits
    Jia Di and Scott C. Smith

    Characterizing SETs in Oscillator Circuits
    Stephen J. Horst

    Low-Voltage Power Electronics
    Mohammad Mojarradi and Philippe Adell

    Medium-Voltage Power Electronics
    Marcelo Schupbach

    SiC JFET Integrated Circuits for Extreme Environment Electronics
    Philip G. Neudeck, Michael J. Krasowski, and N. F. Prokop

    Using CMOS-Compatible SOI MESFETs for Power Supply Management
    William Lepkowski, Seth J. Wilk, Mohammad Reza Ghajar, Michael Goryll, Keith Hobert, Bertan Bakkaloglu, and Trevor J. Thornton

    Part IX Verification of Analog and Mixed-Signal Systems

    H. Alan Mantooth

    Model-Based Verification
    Jim Holmes

    Event-Driven Mixed-Signal Modeling Techniques for System-in-Package Functional Verification
    Chip Webber

    Part X Packaging for Extreme Environments

    John D. Cressler

    Electronic Packaging Approaches for Low-Temperature Environments
    R. Wayne Johnson

    Electronic Packaging Approaches for High-Temperature Environments
    R. Wayne Johnson

    Failure Analysis of Electronic Packaging
    Linda Del Castillo

    Silicon Carbide Power Electronics Packaging
    Jared Hornberger, Brice McPherson, and Brandon Passmore

    Part XI Real-World Extreme Environment Applications

    H. Alan Mantooth

    A SiGe Remote Sensor Interface
    Ryan M. Diestelhorst

    A SiGe Remote Electronics Unit
    Troy D. England

    Distributed Motor Controller for Operation in Extreme Environments
    Colin McKinney

    Radiation-Hard Multichannel Digitizer ASIC for Operation in the Jovian Environment
    Shahid Aslam, Akin Akturk, and Gerard Quilligan

    Approaches to Commercial Communications Satellite Design
    David A. Sunderland

    UHF Micro-Transceiver Development Project
    William Bill Kuhn and Yogesh Tugnawat

    Down-Hole Instrumentation Package for Energy Well Drilling
    Randy Normann

    Electronics Requirements for Collider Physics Experiments
    Alexander A. Grillo

    Cryogenic Electronics for High-Energy Physics Experiments
    Veljko Radeka, Gianluigi de Geronimo, and Shaorui Li

    Radar Systems for Extreme Environments
    Tushar Thrivikraman

    Part XII Appendices

    Appendix A: Properties of Silicon and Germanium
    John D. Cressler

    Appendix B: Temperature and Energy Scales
    John D. Cressler

    Appendix C: Planetary Temperature Ranges and Radiation Levels
    H. Alan Mantooth

    Appendix D: Ionizing Radiation Test Facilities
    Paul W. Marshall

    Appendix E: Radiation Testing Protocols and Mil-Spec Standards
    Ronald Pease

    Appendix F: Primer on the Semiconductor Transport Equations and Their Solution
    Guofu Niu

    Appendix G: Primer on MOSFETs
    H. Alan Mantooth

    Appendix H: Primer on Si and SiGe Bipolar Transistors
    John D. Cressler

    Appendix I: Compendium of NASA’s COTS Radiation Test Data
    Martha O’Bryan

    Appendix J: Compendium of NASA’s COTS Cryogenic Test Data
    Richard L. Patterson and Ahmad Hammoud



    John D. Cressler is currently Ken Byers Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech.

    H. Alan Mantooth is a Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and the holder of the 21st Century Endowed Chair in Mixed-Signal IC Design and CAD at the University of Arkansas.

    "It is an excellent reference book in a somewhat specialized field. ... This book details a lot of stuff not really documented anywhere else. It is likely to be ‘the’ book on this subject."
    —Marco Corsi, Texas Instruments, Parker, Texas, USA

    "This book is a comprehensive compendium of valuable information on the operation of electronics in extreme environments. It contains contributions from more than 100 experts in all of the appropriate fields of study. ... a very large number of practical examples and applications. It will be valuable for students and for practicing engineers, scientists, and technical managers."
    —Edward Petersen, Ph.D., IEEE Life Fellow, consultant, and author of Single Event Effects in Aerospace

    "… a very large and comprehensive collection of modern electronic circuits generally used in space applications. … the authoritative guide to extreme environment electronics. loaded with a wealth of information. It will provide engineers and scientists working in this field with up-to-elate information and provide a comprehensive listing of reference sources for further study. It could also be useful to graduate students studying electrical engineering, physics or material science."
    —IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine