1st Edition

Extreme Environments Unique Ecosystems – Amazing Microbes

Edited By Anita Pandey, Avinash Sharma Copyright 2021
    378 Pages 10 Color & 57 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    378 Pages 10 Color & 57 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    378 Pages 10 Color & 57 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The book Extreme Environments: Unique Ecosystems – Amazing Microbes is an attempt to showcase the uniqueness of extremophiles, the largely unexplored group that has the abilities to function in hostile conditions and represent the very ancient life forms that thrived on earth billions of years ago. The book covers a wide range of research achievements in the field of microbiology of extreme environments right from the conventional approaches of cultivation to recently evolved high throughput sequencing technologies. The book provides a broad spectrum of information about the taxonomy, physiology, ecology and biotechnological applications of extremophiles from various extreme environments across the globe.

    Bioprospecting Extreme Ecosystems Before They Vanish: The (Poorly Studied) Microbiology of Tropical Glaciers

    Luis Andrés Yarzábal

    The Microbial Diversity of Hot Springs Located in Himalayan Geothermal Belts (HGB)

    Sayak Das and Nagendra Thakur

    The Dead Sea: Lessons Learned From the Study of Microorganisms Isolated From a Dying Lake

    Aharon Oren

    The Wonderful Halophiles: Microorganisms Producing Useful Compounds

    Giuseppe Squillaci, Ismene Serino, Francesco La Cara and Alessandra Morana

    Exploring Microbial Diversity and Heavy Metals Resistance in an Active Volcanic Geothermal System

    Urbieta María Sofía, Lima María Alejandra, Massello Francisco, Lopez Bedogni Germán, Giaveno María Alejandra and Donati Edgardo

    Metallophillic Bacteria and Bioremediation of Heavy Metals

    Lily Shylla, Augustine LaminKa-ot, Macmillan Nongkhlaw and SR Joshi

    New Trends in Antarctic Bioprospecting: The Case of Cold-adapted Bacteria

    Carmen Rizzo, Maria Papale and Angelina Lo Giudice

    Yeasts on King George Island (Maritime Antarctica): Biodiversity and Biotechnological Applications

    Silvana Vero, Gabriela Garmendia, Ivana Cavello, Florencia Ruscasso, Angie Alvarez, Eloisa Arrarte, Mariana Gonda, Adalgisa Martínez-Silveira, Sebastián Cavalitto and Michael Wisniewski

    Bacterial Communities Associated With Macroalgae in Antarctica

    Sergio Leiva

    Antarctic Bacteria in Microbial Mats From King George Island, Maritime Antarctica

    Rocío J. Alcántara-Hernández, Luisa I. Falcón, Neslihan Tas, Patricia M. Valdespino-Castillo, Silvia Batista, Martin Merino-Ibarra and Julio E. Campo

    Physiological and Metabolic Basis of Microbial Adaptations Under Extreme Environments

    Saritha M, Praveen Kumar, Nav Raten Panwar and Uday Burman

    Shaping Microbial Communities in Changing Environments: The Paradigm of Solar Salterns

    Alyssa Carré-Mlouka

    Metabolic Pathways in Biodegrading Psychrotrophic Bacteria Under Cold Environments

    Shruti Sinai Borker, Swami Pragya Prashant, Anu Kumari, Sareeka Kumari, Rajni Devi and Rakshak Kumar

    Extremophiles Thriving in Extreme Ecosystems of Armenia

    Panosyan Hovik and Margaryan Armine

    Extremophiles Inhabiting Unique Ecosystems in Egypt

    Nashwa I. Hagagy, Amna A. Saddiq, Hend A. Hamedo and Samy A. Selim

    Microbial Life in Deep Terrestrial Continental Crust

    Sufia K Kazy, Rajendra P Sahu, Sourav Mukhopadhyay, Himadri Bose, Sunanda Mandal and Pinaki Sar

    The Insight into Deep Subsurface Microbial Life in Therapeutic Waters of Poland

    Agnieszka Kalwasińska and Edyta Deja-Sikora

    Multi-Omics Approaches for Extremophilic Microbial, Genetic, and Metabolic Diversity

    Tanvi Govil, Wageesha Sharma, David R. Salem and Rajesh K. Sani

    Impact of Microbial Genome Sequencing Advancements in Understanding Extremophiles

    Garima Suneja and Rajpal Srivastav

    Extremophilic Isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa as Biomarkers of Presence of Heavy Metals and Organic Pollution and Their Potential for Application in Contemporary Ecotoxicology

    Ivanka M. Karadžić, Milena G. Rikalović, Lidija T. Izrael-Živković and Ana B. Medić

    Moroccan New and Extremophilic Actinobacteria and Their Biotechnological Applications

    Ahmed Nafis, Anas Raklami, Brahim Oubaha, Salah-Eddine Samri, Lahcen Hassani and Yedir Ouhdouch


    Dr Anita Pandey is currently Professor of Biotechnology at Graphic Era Deemed to be University, Dehradun, India. Previously, she was Scientist at GB Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment, Almora, India for more than two and a half decades. Dr Pandey has extensively worked on Bioprospection of Microbial Diversity of Indian Himalayan region. Her research areas include Extremophiles, Rhizosphere, Biodegradation, Fermented Foods, Water microbes and Antimicrobials. She has been recipient of National Young Woman Bioscientist Award by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, New Delhi. She has hosted CV Raman International Fellowships for African Researchers twice.

    Dr Avinash Sharma is currently a DBT/Wellcome Trust Fellow at the National Centre for Cell Science, Pune, India. Over the last 10 years of his research career, Dr Sharma has extensively worked on understanding the archaeal and bacterial communities from various extreme environments using modern techniques in microbial genomics. Recently, in 2019, he visited Antarctica to carry out his research project on "Specific adaptations of previously unknown, psychrophilic prokaryotes from Antarctic Environment". He also served as Curator of International Depository Authority at NCCS, Pune from August 2011 to September 2019.