Facilities Design  book cover
4th Edition

Facilities Design

ISBN 9781498732895
Published May 24, 2016 by CRC Press
616 Pages 431 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Now in Its Fourth Edition: Your Guide to Successful Facility Design

Overcome design and planning problems using the fourth edition of Facilities Design. Dedicated to the proper design, layout, and location of facilities, this definitive guide outlines the main design and operational problems that occur in manufacturing and service systems, explains the significance of facility design and planning problems, and describes how mathematical models can be used to help analyze and solve them. Combining theory with practice, this revised work presents state-of-the-art topics in materials handling, warehousing, and logistics along with real-world examples that emphasize the importance of modeling and analysis when determining a solution to complex facility design problems.

What’s New in the Fourth Edition:

The latest version introduces new material that includes handling equipment and systems, and presents relevant case studies in each and every chapter. It also provides access to Layout-iQ software, data files for many of the numerical examples that are contained throughout the book, and PowerPoint files for various chapters.

Additionally, the author:

  • Describes tools commonly used for presenting layout designs
  • Presents traditional models for facility layout including the popular systematic layout planning (SLP) model in detail
  • Provides a layout project involving the SLP model
  • Covers group technology and cellular manufacturing at the elementary level
  • Includes a project and case study on machine grouping and layout
  • Considers next-generation factory layouts
  • Discusses analytical queuing and queuing network models, and more

Facilities Design, Fourth Edition explains the ins and outs of facility planning and design. A reference for both student and professional, the book addresses facilities design and layout problems in manufacturing systems and covers layout, logistics, supply chain, warehousing, and materials handling.

Please visit the author’s website for ancillary materials: http://sundere.okstate.edu/downloadable-software-programs-and-data-files.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Facility Design
Case Study
Facility Layout
Types of Layout Problems
Engineering Design Problem Approach
Review Questions and Exercises

Product and Equipment Analysis
Product Analysis
Equipment Selection
Personnel Requirement Analysis
Space Requirement and Availability
Review Questions and Exercises

Process and Material Flow Analysis
Motivating Case Study
Data Requirement for Layout Decisions
Tools for Presenting Layout Designs
Guidelines for Data Development and Generation
Case Study: Application of Methodology at a Manufacturing Company
Review Questions and Exercises

Traditional Approaches to Facility Layout
Systematic Layout Planning
Special Considerations in Office Layout
Office Planning Project for a Mortgage Company
Code Compliance, OSHA, ADA Regulations, and Other Considerations in Facility Design
Review Questions and Exercises

Basic Algorithms and Software for the Layout Problem
Algorithms for the Layout Problem
Construction Algorithms
Improvement Algorithms
Hybrid Algorithms
Layout Software
Case Study Using Layout-iQ
Re-Layout and Multiple-Floor Layout
Review Questions and Exercises

Group Technology and Facilities Layout
Clustering Approach
Implementation of GT Principles
Design and Planning Issues in Cellular Manufacturing Systems
Project on Machine Grouping and Layout
Machine Grouping and Layout Case Study
Review Questions and Exercises

Material Handling

Material-Handling System in Action
Multimedia-Based Educational Software Module for Learning the 10 Principles
Material-Handling Principles
Types of MHDs
AGV Systems
Models for Material-Handling System Design
Operational Aspects of Material-Handling System
Review Questions and Exercises

Storage and Warehousing
Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems in Action
Warehouse Functions
Material-Handling and Storage Systems Used in Warehouses
Autonomous Vehicle Storage and Retrieval Systems
Warehouse Design
Warehouse Operations
Automatic Identification
Multimedia CD for Designing a DC
Review Questions and Exercises

Logistics and Location Models
Motivating Case Study
Logistics, Location, and Supply Chain
Important Factors in Location Decisions
Techniques for Discrete Space Location Problems
Hybrid Analysis
Techniques for Continuous Space Location Problems
Facility Location Case Study
Review Questions and Exercises

Modeling of Design Problems in Facility Logistics
Generic Modeling Tools
Models for the Single-Row Layout Problem
Models for the Multirow Layout Problem with Departments of Equal Area
Model for the Multirow Layout Problem with Departments of Unequal Area
Discussion of Models
Review Questions and Exercises

Advanced Algorithms for the Layout Problem
Optimal Algorithms
Heuristic Algorithms
Multicriteria Layout Problems
Optimal Approach to Solving CMS Design Problems
Next-Generation Factory Layouts
Traveling Salesman Problem Algorithm
Review Questions and Exercises

Advanced Location and Routing Models
Motivating Case Study
Location Models
Allocation Model
Location–Allocation Models
Review Questions and Exercises

Introduction to Queuing, Queuing Network, and Simulation Modeling
Basic Queuing Models
Other Variations of the Basic Queuing Models for Which Analytical Solution Is Available
Queuing Networks
Use of Simulation in Facilities Layout and Material Handling
Review Questions and Exercises


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Sunderesh S. Heragu is a Regents Professor and head of the School of Industrial Engineering and Management at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. Previously, he was a professor in the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. He was on the faculty of Industrial and Systems Engineering (previously called the Decision Sciences and Engineering Systems) department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute from 1991 to 2004. He has also taught at the State University of New York, Plattsburgh. He completed his BE in mechanical engineering at Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan, India; MBA at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, and PhD in industrial engineering at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada.


"… provides a rigorous, and yet succinct coverage of the modelling, analysis, and design of facilities. The book uses simple to understand language and provides illustrative case studies... The provision of software tools for layout, location, materials handling, warehousing, and other problems also make the book highly useful in helping students understand the practical aspects of implementing concepts covered in the book."
—Herbert Mapfaira, University of Botswana, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

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